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Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic Pillow Review

In order to sleep comfortably and to maintain a healthy neck and spine, it is essential that you have a quality pillow that fits your sleeping position. Learn all about Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic Pillow in a review brought to you by The Sleep Advisors.


  • High level of breathability

    The breathability you get is at the highest level. It means you won't get hot ever.

  • Removable cover

    Remove the cover and keep your pillow fresh all the time.

  • Cooling

    Stay cool all the time. Even during the hot summer months.


  • Not for stomach sleepers

    Stomach sleepers will find it too soft for them.

  • Slight off gassing

    Do expect some slight off gassing issues for the first few days.

  • One size only

    The pillow is available in one size only.

Who is Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow for?

Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow is for side and back sleepers. The memory foam from which this pillow is made of is shaped according to the weight and warmth of the head and body. It therefore provides ideal support to all side and back sleepers. 

Also, it is suitable for hot sleepers who like memory foam pillows because it is 8 times more breathable than a regular memory foam pillow.

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    What do we use this product for?

    We use Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow to support our neck while we sleep and keep our spine aligned. This will reduce the pressure on the pressure points and then you will be able to maintain a deep night’s sleep, and in the morning you will wake up pain-free. In a nutshell, we use it for:

    • Keeping the spine aligned
    • Neck, shoulder & back pain treatment
    • Improved breathability.

    Features you should know about Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow

    Most important features you should know about Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution pillow are visco-elastic material, Octasrping technology and washable cover.

    An image of Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow structure illustration.

    Visco-Elastic material

    As soon as you hear the name visco-elastic material, it certainly associates you with some material that is shaped towards your body. The visco-elastic material is just like that, because it shapes perfectly towards everyone’s body. Plush memory foam layers will take the contours of your head and neck. The heat of your body as well as the weight of your head will shape this material. We should also mention the bounce which is great, so the pillow will return to its original shape every morning.

    Breathable Octaspring technology

    Octaspring technology is designed to solve one of the biggest problems of traditional memory foam pillows and that is breathability. Instead of a single block of memory foam that prevents air circulation, memory foam springs will allow completely free airflow due to its 3D shape. Breathable Octaspring technology plus mesh sides make this pillow 8 x more breathable than pure memory foam.

    Washable cover

    Dead skin, oil and more from your face end up on the pillow while you sleep. That’s why you have to maintain it regularly, in order to avoid acne, allergies and have hygienic night’s sleep. You can easily do this with a removable cover that is machine washable. It has a zip, so removing it is very quick and easy. Also, the cover is highly breathable.

    Review of Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow

    If you are a side or back sleepers, Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow is the right choice for you because of the great support it provides and the ability to mold very quickly. Instead of monolithic memory foam, advanced Octaspring technology was used, which greatly improved breathability, so this pillow can also be used by hot sleepers. And you will still get classic memory foam comfort since this pillow offers complete relaxation.

    An image of Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow.

    You get a removable cover that is machine washable. The cover is breathable, which makes this pillow suitable for the whole year.

    • Fill:  Memory foam
    • Material: Polyester
    • Removable cover: Yes
    • Size:  55 x 44 cm
    • Weight: 1.6 kg

    What we like about Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow

    • Two heights provide perfect support to back and side sleepers
    • Unique honeycomb structure affects greater air circulation, so this pillow is very breathable for memory foam pillow
    • The cover is very soft, comfortable, removable and machine washable.

    What we didn’t like about Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow

    • Off-gassing is something you will notice as soon as you unpack it and it will probably be there for a couple of weeks
    • Stomach sleepers will not be able to sleep comfortably on it because it is designed for the other two sleeping positions
    • Only one size available, and some customers complain that it is too big.

    What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

    The support it provides is fantastic and all side and back sleepers will be thrilled with it. Also, the improved breathability makes it better than other similar memory foam pillows.

    An image of a woman sleeping on Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillow.

    How did we test the product?

    There are different types of delivery that you can opt for, and based on that the delivery price will be formed as well as the time frame for your delivery, so you will see it for yourself when you order. Everything is very simple and transparent in the process of buying and ordering, so you will need only a few minutes. Also, if for some reason you notice that this product does not suit you, you can return it for free.

    When we got our pillow, we have to say that the first thing we noticed was off-gassing. However, as this is a normal occurrence for all memory foam products. It is important that no harmful chemicals are used in the production, and off-gassing is only a consequence of the type of material. The quality of the pillows looks good and after the first few minutes we were very pleased with the comfort.

    However, the overnight test is the only authoritative one. We tried all three sleeping positions on it. Side and back sleepers, as indicated by the manufacturer, were very pleased after a good night’s sleep on this pillow. It provides great support. And it’s also not too hot like most memory foam pillows. However, stomach sleepers should choose another pillow.
    The cover is soft and pleasant for facial skin, and it is removable. All you have to do is unzip it and wash it in the washing machine, and when it dries put it back on the pillow.

    FAQs about your Octaspring True Evolution Anatomic pillows

    Learn even more about this pillow by reading our answers to frequently asked questions.

    Yes, it comes with removable and machine washable cover.

    No, Octaspring TrueEvolution Anatomic pillow is not waterproof.

    We really recommend Octaspring TrueEvolution Anatomic pillow to every back sleeper.

    Yes, Octaspring TrueEvolution Anatomic pillow is great for side sleepers and even manufacturer indicates that.

    No, it is most certainly not good choice for stomach sleepers because it will keep neck too high causing neck pain and thus making restful sleep almost impossible.

    Both memory foam and cover are hypoallergenic which makes this pillow hypoallergenic.

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