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Does your zodiac sign like to sleep?

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Written By Alex Petrović

Certified Sleep Consultant


1 April 2024 10 min read

We are going to delve into whether your zodiac sign has an affect on your sleeping habits. There could be factors that make it harder for you to fall asleep.

A detailed and precise description of all zodiac signs will help you better see your friends, acquaintances, partners, and yourself. Some people need three to four hours of sleep to regain strength, and others around nine or even more.

Meanwhile, astrologers are sure that it is connected not only with the body of each of us but also with the date of birth. The characteristics of your sign can help you figure out how many hours of sleep a night you need to be rested and productive.

Overview of the zodiac signs

Sleep is a prerequisite for a healthy life because, during this process, the body rests and regenerates. Sleep quality is affected by many factors, which means that sleep can be disturbed for many reasons. Frequent causes are inadequate temperature in the room, noise, late dinner, stress, or energy drinks. Everyone has different reasons for not sleeping, and your zodiac sign may explain. For example, certain zodiac signs can't sleep because they constantly think about how others perceive them. Such are Aries, they often get tired of other people's opinions about themselves.

On the other hand, Taurus try to control every situation, and because of this, they can roll over in bed and stay awake until morning. Some also have a good sleep, like Gemini. In the end, people born under the sign of Virgo often get used to the lack of sleep and push through the day. 

Have you ever wondered what affects your sleeping habits? The main prerequisites are genetics and lifestyle. Other important factors include the conditions in which you sleep. For example, it is the bed and mattress quality, the room's lighting, the temperature, and the state of health. If you want to improve your sleep habits, learn more about the characteristics of your zodiac sign. That may be the solution to the problem.

Zodiac signs that enjoy sleep

Cat naps and sleeping time are special things in the lives of the following zodiac signs. Some are emotional sleepers, others gather energy for intense daily activities, and others just follow their schedule.


Their hyperactive mind is constantly thinking about something. Even while lying in bed, the brain continues to replay their life situations that day. They love to analyse the past and think about the future. Although they know health advice about the amount of sleep they need, they will try to meet the quota, but their thought processes will hinder them from doing so. It happens to them that they wake up after an hour or two of sleep and look at what's new on social networks or the news. The result of increased mental activity is vivid dreams, after which you will not feel completely rested.



Another sign that cannot fall asleep from thinking is the bull. On the other hand, they especially enjoy first-morning coffee. It is also the best part of the day, but they need rest and enough energy. They go to sleep before 10 pm. Taurus strives for high standards and healthy values and loves a comfortable life. People born under this sign are very calm and able to ignore any hint of nervousness around them. For months and years, they can maintain perfect balance and control because they can ignore any hint of anxiety. Taurus are responsible and decisive.



Because of their nature, Cancers like to go to sleep early but are reluctant to get up in the morning since they love sleeping and getting extra hours of sleep. Although it is difficult for them to wake up before 11, they feel the benefits of quality sleep. They are known for making big plans for the future but are also very emotional. Because of this, they are often under stress which leads to exhaustion. They need quality sleep because this sign is full of worries. A natural guilt complex also accompanies them, so if they have done something wrong, they will have insomnia from guilt.



Libras like balance in every aspect of their life and will aim for 8 hours of sleep at night – this is why they tend to enjoy sleep because they keep their day balanced. Being a Libra means a lot of people pleasing and peacemaking during the day so they need good sleeping habits to recharge. They need the time to rest before facing the world. If they do not fall asleep at a reasonable time or get enough sleep, they are not the best people to be around due to their mood. However, they will always compensate for the lack of sleep by making it up at the weekend or having quick naps during the day. Having a neat and comfortable sleeping environment is important to a Libra to rest. 



With this astrological sign, you will notice discipline. They are responsible by nature and never delay their duties. They wake up early to get the best out of the day. That's why they need a good rest. It is best to have a bedtime of 10 pm. It's not too early, it's not late, and there's time for a good night's sleep. Although he is not a carefree type who likes socialising and receptions, he is resilient, dexterous and reliable. Capricorn is equally self-confident and a good communicator. It is always careful to avoid obstacles. And, of course, it rarely stumbles. Capricorn works diligently on the present and protects it from confusion and confusion, all to build a secure for what lies ahead. Therefore, the order makes this sign happy, otherwise, it loses its mind.



No sign thinks as much about interpersonal relationships as Pisces. Whatever their love status, the field of relationships will always give them a reason to think about love. Numerous questions run through their heads; therefore, they analyse the conversations repeatedly. And the goal of all analyses is to penetrate into the emotions that others have towards them and those towards others. Therefore, they often escape into fantasy and are consequently not morning types. They are always grumpy in the morning and stay in bed as long as possible. They want to relax after a long day. Well, the best time to lie down is at midnight.


Zodiac signs that prefer to be active

The zodiac sign in which you were born affects your personality, desires and how you look at the world. It also determines your sleep habits. If your zodiac sign is active, you'll definitely want to keep reading.


Geminis tend to have a complicated sleep routine and can vary from having a few hours of sleep to 12 hours of sleep. They may need some background noise to help them sleep because the silence can make them focus on their thoughts instead, making it hard when falling asleep. It is always a good idea for them to take a moment away from their phone before going to sleep, so they can disconnect from the world and spend time relaxing – whether that is meditation or doing some exercise. Geminis are naturally chatty and like to have a conversation before they go to sleep, but this also means they are prone to thinking about different scenarios and tend to be restless at night.



Leo is stubborn, especially regarding his ideas. He is aloof, independent, and always a bit defiant. You must share his opinion, or he will consider you disloyal. Since the day is short for their wide range of interests, they often steal a few hours from the night to cover whatever they are mentally engaged with. Leos cannot go to bed early because they have more responsibilities in the evening. They want to talk with their friends or watch a series or movie.



Virgos always plan everything in advance. To make the most of the upcoming day, you have to wake up very early, so it's best to go to bed around 8 p.m. Even though it's early, Virgos need to be at their best in the morning to fulfil the most important duties. They are too busy to daydream, while they are too tired to fantasise at night. Virgo is too critical, petty, constantly nagging, asking, objecting, instructing and correcting. However, it only seems that way. Virgo wants to help, point out mistakes, teach you for your own good and give free advice.



Scorpios are actual nocturnal birds. They hate mornings and usually wake up tired. They work best at night, so it's best to go to bed at one in the morning. Call Scorpio if you want a friend who will fight by your side. Scorpio is moody, strong and determined, unusually self-sacrificing, but also reckless, vindictive, quarrelsome and irreconcilable. What gives Scorpio an advantage in many cases is a deep and strong intuition that enables her to distinguish truth from lies and to separate evil from good. It is also mobile and dynamic. People born under this sign are hardworking and ambitious, which is why they are generally successful in business and interpersonal relationships.



Sagittarius is dynamic, impatient and loves action. If possible, he likes to take the lead. Sagittarius is also known for his drive, optimism, and impulsiveness. Such characteristics adorn most fire signs; because of them, Sagittarius is focused exclusively on himself. He often does not take enough care even of his fellow man, and the price does not play a role. However, he is not selfish, which is why he is easily forgiven for his lack of tact. In love, Sagittarius is romantic and passionate, but the obstacles and difficulties are what give fire to his love game. This is a very active sign, meaning they need a lot of sleep. Sagittarius’s need to have enough hours of sleep to recharge their energy, so they have to go to bed early.



Aquarius is an individualist, both combative and shy, a born rebel with an independent spirit who constantly questions friends and enemies, events and things. It is an unusual combination of coldness, spirit prudence, and moody instability. They are full of surprises, their reactions are unexpected, and their behaviour is unpredictable. They do not see the night as a time that should be devoted to rest. For them, it is an opportunity to turn over various contents in their heads in peace, make plans and come up with possible scenarios for the future. When the dream finally comes to their eyes, they will be restless regularly, which is contributed to by their habit of immersing themselves in an exciting book or an action movie before going to bed. That's why they usually go to bed around midnight.



If your zodiac sign doesn't like to sleep, take a walk in the evening. Mild physical activity in the fresh air will help you relax your mind and drive away negative thoughts that can prevent you from falling asleep. You can also take a warm bath and use essential oils for relaxation. Adopt healthy habits before bed, such as reading a book or journaling. Such actions will divert your mind from worries and problems, making you fall asleep more easily. Listening to music or meditating will also clear your mind of negative thoughts. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, wind the alarm and let natural light fill the bedroom. Come up with morning routines, shower or go for a short run. Do whatever your zodiac sign likes.

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