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Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog Duvet Review

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Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

Featured image of Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog Duvet review.

2 April 2024 7 min read

Finding the right duvet is very often challenging, as everyone has different preferences. Some customers want an all-season duvet, and some other ones need separate duvets for warmer and colder periods of the year. Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 TOG duvet seems like a duvet that might be suitable for most customers, and whether that is the case, find out in this review by The Sleep Advisors.

Who is Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet for?

Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 TOG duvet can generally be for everyone. 10.5 TOG rating means that in the temperate climate that is present in most of the United Kingdom, many customers will be able to use it throughout the year. Also, it is made of polyester and cotton, so it is also suitable for people with allergies.

  • Allergy sufferers
  • Cold sleepers
  • Couples.


An icon depicting an all season product
Suitable for year-round us
It's a great duvet for the entire year.
An icon depicting a leaf indicating hypoallergenic properties
The synthetic filling is safe for people with allergies.
An icon depicting a washing machine, illustrating a product that is suitable for machine washing
Machine washable
Super easy maintenance.


Not for hot sleepers
Not for hot sleepers as they might get overheated.
An icon representing a non-removable cover
Non-removable cover
It would be easier to have a removable cover that you wash.

What do we use this product for?

We use Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 TOG duvet to make our night's sleep enjoyable. It will warm us up, but it will not be too hot because it is breathable and 10.5 TOG rating suggests that it is not a duvet for very cold winters, since winter duvets have a TOG rating between 13 and 15. We also use it to sleep in a clean environment because it is machine washable and unsuitable for allergens like dust mites.

Features you should know about Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet

In this part of our review, we will break down most important features you should know about Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 TOG duvet. Those features will help you make a decision whether this duvet is right one for you.

Sateen-cotton material

You will immediately notice extremely soft touch feeling of the cover. The reason is high quality satin cotton material. If you do not know the difference between sateen cotton and for example Egyptian cotton, it would be most accurate to say that sateen is weave pattern rather than a material. Sateen can be crafted from a variety of materials, and in the case of this duvet it is cotton. That's why this duvet has a smooth, silky feel.

350TC density

High quality sateen cotton is not the only reason for the soft, smooth and silky texture of Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet. Another reason is the 350 thread count rich woven fabric. Thread count is a measure of the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric and is a good indicator of the softness. However, don't consider thread count the most important parameter, because you will find 800 thread count on the market for example, but that doesn't mean that fabric is better than this. Such a high thread count is usually fake.

Synthetic & lightweight filling

There is no doubt that natural duvets filled with down are one of the best. But a lot of people can’t or don’t want to buy them. One reason may be an allergy to feathers and down, and the other reason is cruelty. Vegans and others who buy exclusively cruelty-free products must look for an supremely soft touch alternative to down duvets. And that’s exactly the synthetic material light filling found in Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet. It’s equally soft and light as down, but it’s hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly.

10.5 TOG rating

Whenever you buy a duvet you will see TOG rating among the features. TOG is ‘Thermal Overall Grade', which is a unit of measurement for calculation of thermal insulation. It is used generally in the textile industry, not just for duvets.

Almost all duvets on the United Kingdom market have a TOG rating between 2.5 and 15, where 2.5 is a very light summer duvet, and 15 is a duvet for harsh winters. 10.5 TOG rating of this duvet tells us that this can be an all-season duvet. It will not be too hot in summer and it will make you warm enough in winter.


Always check care instructions whey you buy new sleep product. Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet does not come with removable cover but is fully machine washable so it is easy to maintain. Don’t iron it, but you won’t need to iron it anyway. You can tumble dry it on low heat, so it will be ready to use soon after washing.

Review of Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet

An image of Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog Duvet close up.

Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 This duvet belongs to the category of all-season duvets. This means that most will be able to use it throughout the year. In general, the TOG rating between 9 and 12 suggests that it is an all-season duvet. Synthetic filling, that is light, soft and breathable, is a vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to down and feathers. The exterior of this duvet is 350 thread count sateen cotton which is soft and cozy so you will be very comfortable sleeping without using the duvet cover.

It is fully machine washable, so the only reason to use a duvet cover is if you have a small washing machine drum and you can't wash the whole duvet all the time.


What we like about Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet

What we didn’t like about Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet

The common problems with Dorma Dream Deluxe duvet & how to solve them

Although it could fall into the all-season duvet category, it can be too warm for summer or too cold during December and January. These are common problems, but in general we don't think it will deter a single customer because the duvet is overall great. Breathability is fine, but some hot sleepers will want even better. Also cover is not removable, so you have to wash it whole every time, but you can prevent that by buying a duvet cover.

Check the alternative to Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet

Here's a mighty alternative that could even be slightly less expensive if you catch it on sale!

Nectar Duvet

Product image of Mulberry Silk Duvet.

Nectar Duvet is a premium duvet. It has a TOG rating of 10.5 and is therefore an (almost) all-season duvet. Its Smartfil technology and Modal material also help make it breathable and suitable for pretty much year-round use.

With the Nectar duvet, you'll never have to readjust the filling or be uncomfortable because of uneven weight distribution, bunching, or cold spots. Though it's not made of cotton, the microfiber duvet cover is just as smooth (if not smoother) and cosy – guaranteed to give you a good night's sleep!


An icon depicting an all season product
Suitable for all seasons
Great for an all year-round use.
An icon depicting a magnifier indicating high quality
High quality
High quality & durable. it will last long time.
An icon depicting a washing machine, illustrating a product that is suitable for machine washing
Machine washable
Easy maintenance due to being washing-machine friendly.


An icon depicting no trial or warranty
No trial
You do not get a trial period for this one.
Not for summer
It can cause overheating during the hot summer days.

What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 TOG duvet is a high quality duvet which, unlike many similar ones advertised on the market as all-season duvets, can really serve you 365 days a year. You will not be sweaty in summer, nor will you be cold in winter when you cover yourself with it. Also, the polyester from which the filling is made is one of the best down alternatives we have tested so far. Cotton casing is great, so soft and luxurious.

How did we test the product?

Our testing process is simple, yet effective. We take into account the customer reviews, product materials, and of course – how the product actually performs. Our methods are:

An image of Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog Duvet on a bed.

This is our durability testing process:

Is Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet eco-friendly or sustainable?

Two-thirds of this duvet is made of polyester, so even though the cover is 40% cotton, the Dorma Dream duvet does not deserve a high position on the sustainability scale.

Information on the type of polyester, whether it is virgin or recycled, is not available, but in any case, polyester is neither sustainable nor eco-friendly. The positive thing is that polyester can be recycled, and the certain proportion of cotton in the cover also makes the situation somewhat better.

Overall impressions of the product after the testing

All in all, this was a great duvet! We didn't have any big issues with it and it definitely performed well in our tests.

The only thing that we could say is it could do better in the sustainability department, but overall, it's a great product!

An 8/10.

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FAQs about your Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet

Is Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet good for hot sleepers?

It is good for hot sleepers since it is breathable and not too warm, but they will need to find another one for summer.

Is Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet an all-around duvet?

For everyone except hot sleepers, Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet is going to be all-season duvet.

How do I clean my Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet?

Dorma Dream Deluxe 10.5 Tog duvet is machine washable at 40 degrees C, so maintenance is quite simple.

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