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How To Remove Blood Stains From Sheets?

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Written Alex Petrović

Sleep Consultant

Featured image of how to remove blood stain from sheets.

8 November 2023 5 min read

Blood stains are permanent if they are not cleaned properly. The most important thing is to remove them before the stained fabric is washed and dried. Time is an equally important factor, the sooner you start cleaning the stain, the better results you will achieve.

Pet blood and menstrual blood stain your clothes just as easily as other fabrics in your home. Quick cleaning of blood stains, regardless of their origin, is essential to preserve your fabric. Sometimes, simple washing sheets will remove the blood stains.

This job does not have to be demanding, because you can remove the biological trace from the bedding with the means that are always at hand and are available in every home. In addition, there are special ways for removing this type of impurity.

No matter which method you choose, handle the fabric with care according to the following tips on how to remove blood stains and care instructions.

Removing blood stains from sheets

a woman holding a sheet in hands heet with blood stain.

Wet, blood stained sheets with a fresh blood spots should be clean with cold water. Otherwise, you will create an even bigger problem, because hot water binds the blood to the fabric so that’s the wrong way to remove blood stains.

Then it will be even more difficult to clean the sheets. At high temperatures, protein has a tendency to collapse and that's what sabotages your blood stain removal effort.

So, whatever you do, don't use hot water at any point until you can get rid of the stain!

Place the blood spots under cold water

Blood is quickly absorbed into the structure, and therefore it is necessary to act immediately, without waiting for it to dry, especially when period blood pouring out like water and you covered the whole bed. You will get the best result if you place the stained area under cold running water. In this way, you will more easily remove all stubborn stains. Avoid rubbing the fabric if you don't want to spread blood stains. Wait a few minutes and then dry the fabric, repeat the process if necessary.

Dab the blood stained area with a wet washcloth

Instead of aggressive rubbing, dab the blood stained area with a wet washcloth. All impurities can be removed with minimal effort and without difficulty. For this step, you need a cool, wet, clean cloth to gently press on the stained area. Rubbing speeds up the process of the blood changing from a liquid to a solid state. The tapping method removes any stain remains from the fabric that is still on the surface and has not penetrated the fabric. This is especially important if you have higher-end sheets, like silk sheets.

Soak the sheet in cold water

a woman hand washing sheets in cold water.

After you have removed the excess blood from the fabric, you can move on to the next step. To completely remove the stain, it is necessary to soak the fabric in cold water. This is especially important to do if it is a very delicate fabric like silk.

And the sooner you get the fabric into the water the better. As for how long you should let is soak, around 20-30 minutes is a safe bet. However, you can leave it in for a bit longer if that's more convenient for you. Just make sure not to take it out too early.

Dry the sheets & pour ½ of cup of hydrogen peroxide over the stains

If you've done everything we've told you, it's time to take the key steps in the process. Use a stain fighter such as hydrogen peroxide with water. Apply ½ of a cup of hydrogen peroxide over the stains and leave it on for 24 hours. For coloured fabric sheets, we recommend a spot test to ensure that hydrogen peroxide will not damage the fabric.

Pour cold water over and let the sheets soak 24 hours

When you have covered the fabric with hydrogen peroxide, soak it in cold water. The tool should work within the next 24 hours. If this does not happen, repeat the procedure. If the blood stain is quite small or faint, ten minutes is quite enough to keep the cloth in this liquid.

Once dry, machine wash the sheets

a woman putting white sheets in a washing machine.

A strong stream of water and hydrogen peroxide should remove all excess blood from the sheets. The dried fabric is now ready for the regular wash cycle. Since detergent is mostly used during washing, pay attention to the manufacturer. You will need a mild detergent. So, make sure that the detergent you're using isn't too strong so that you don't end up ruining the fabric.

Also, the water temperature must be low. This is once again just so that you can be sure the stain won't spread and that the fabric won't get ruined in the process.

Let them air dry

If you regularly use a dryer, don't do it this time. When it comes to removing stubborn stains from sheets, you must avoid high temperatures. That is why it is best to dry the sheets in the air. You can take them outside in the sun or blow dry them a bit if you want to speed up the process.

How to remove dried blood stains from sheets?

Dried blood stain removal is more difficult, but not impossible. All you have to do is be persistent and use a more aggressive approach. For this purpose, try different combinations of products. We are sure that at least one of the following several solutions will work for you.

Soak the sheets in cold water and leave overnight

a woman soaking up silk pajamas.

The first thing you can do in this situation is to soak the sheets in cold water and let the water do all the work. You may not be able to get everything off, but you won't be unhappy with the result. In this way, you will remove part of the blood stain, which means that it will be easier for you to finish what you started.

Like in the previous section, it's better to overshoot than to take out the sheets prematurely. So, leave them to soak for at least half an hour.

Pour the hydrogen peroxide on the stain and pat it in

Treat old stains with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Be very careful when handling coloured and colourful materials. First try with a 1% solution of this agent. Spread the fabric on a flat surface, apply peroxide to the problem area and wait for the reaction. When the product comes into contact with particles, foam will form. After it disappears, wipe the treated area with a cotton ball and repeat the process.

Machine wash with mild detergent

a woman pouring a fabric softener in a washing machine

The detergent is chosen based on the type of fabric, but during the blood stain removal process, always wash the sheets with the mild version. This is to ensure that you don't end up ruining your favourite sheets. And it's especially important if you have silk sheets.

After you have tried to remove the excess blood from the fabric and repair the damage, you should wash it. In this way, you will wash all the residues that you were not able to remove with the previous methods.

Air dry

Proper drying is an equally important step in this process. This includes avoiding dryers and using other sources of high temperatures. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process, but do it quickly and on low heat. It is best to leave the sheets in the sun or next to an open window.

Repeat until the stains are gone

Do not despair even if the stain does not go away. Blood stains can be very persistent, but so must you. Repeat the process until you see improvement. Finally, you can always use bleach when it comes to white sheets.

If you stained dark-coloured sheets….

With coloured sheets, you must always be careful with the use of certain agents in order not to damage the fabric. Hydrogen peroxide is known to be one of the most effective products for removing this type of stain. On the other hand, it can be very inconvenient to apply it on coloured sheets, because you risk tinting the fabric. In order not to destroy the sheets, do a spot test.

Test the hydrogen peroxide on a small section first

a plastic container with hydrogen peroxide

Simply wet a cotton swab in a 3% hydrogen solution. Apply it on a small part of the sheets to see the reaction. This is just a safety percaution as a hydrogen solution might yield some unwanted results. In most cases it should be fine but it's typically better to play it safe.

After half an hour you will know if it is safe to use this product on your sheets or if you should try another alternative.

What else can you use instead of hydrogen peroxide?

If you don't have hydrogen peroxide at home or it simply doesn't work, try other options. You can use popular soaps for stains or another product designed to remove blood. If you want to use only natural ingredients, make sure you have sea salt, aspirin, ammonia and other powerful allies in the fight against stubborn stains in your home.

Meat tenderiser

a wooden meat tenderizer.

If you want to try this method, first wet the stained area of ​​the fabric with water. Then, use a meat tenderiser and don't overdo it. You will get a paste texture that you will leave on for half an hour. Afterwards, rinse the fabric as you normally would.

You can use something else in order to “beat” the stain out of the fabric but a meat tenderiser is usually going to be the best option. Also, make sure that the cloth isn't on anything fragile as you don't want the force of your blows to carry over and break something.

White vinegar

a bottle of white vinegar

If you're into DIY cleaning, you'll know the power of white vinegar! And it's no different here.

Dip a cloth in a little white wine, and dab it directly on the stain. Repeat the process until you notice a change. After that, put the fabric under cold water and rinse well the white wine residue. If you notice improvement, you can wash the sheets as usual.

In this way, you will be able to remove the remaining impurities.

Lemon juice

a glass of lemon water next to two lemons on a table.

After soaking the sheets in cold water, use a lemon. It will perfectly clean stains on more sensitive types of fabrics.

Gently massage the liquid into the stain and then rinse the fabric with cold water. Repeat the process until you get the desired result. With natural products, you have to be patient, because the results are somewhat slower, but they are not absent. It will also leave a pleasant smell of freshness and lemon.

Plus, you don't have to worry about any dangerous chemicals being caught up in the mix!

Sea water

a sea water.

Sea water contains numerous vital elements, such as sodium, magnesium. It is a more natural, cheaper and faster way to remove stubborn stains like blood even in particularly difficult cases. Add a few teaspoons of sea salt to a bowl of cold water.

Then dip a cloth in that solution and gently soak the blood stains. After that, rinse and put the sheets in the washing machine to wash them in the standard way. You can try salt and dish soap as well.

Cornstarch & baking soda

a spoonful of baking soda on a wooden table

Cornstarch and baking soda are known for their absorbent properties. They also neutralise unpleasant odours and successfully remove blood stains.

Mix these two ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Gently rub on the problem area and leave the mixture to work in the sun. After some time you can wash the sheets. Just like with lemon juice, this is a good alternative for people who don't want to use harsh chemical.


Make a mixture of water and ammonia. You will need 1 cup of ammonia and 1 gallon of water if it is a large stain. Apply the mixture to the sheets with a sponge or another gentle surface that will not damage the fabric. After removing the stain, wash the sheets in the washing machine.


a housewife holding a bleach and an iron.

You will have much more success with colour sheets. There won't be a need to worry about hydrogen peroxide leaving marks and ruining the look of your fabric. You will also be able to use bleach, which will surely remove even the most stubborn blood stains.

You will mix the bleach with water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply the mixture to the stain and leave it on for 40 minutes.


a blood stain on white sheets.

Cleaning blood out of sheets is relatively easy if the blood is fresh. First, it is necessary to remove as much accumulated liquid as possible. Cold water and a cloth are used for this purpose. After that, the stained area is pre-treated. You can use a small amount of stain remover. There are also alternative solutions such as products that are in your home. For example, it is hydrogen, baking soda or coca cola.

Whichever product you choose, be patient and wait for it to start working. If you notice a difference, you can wash the fabric with a suitable liquid laundry detergent.

Sensitive fabrics are quite demanding, so check the manufacturer's instructions first. For example, such fabric should not be treated with detergent but only with warm water. Don't forget the difference between fresh and old blood on the fabric. Each type requires a different approach. And that's all you need to know on how to remove blood stains from sheets!

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