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Pink Bedroom Ideas To Create Your Barbie Dream House

TSA reviewer Connie Hack

Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

A pink bedroom.

29 March 2024 5 min read

Our guide to pink bedroom ideas includes different colour schemes, interior design tips, and pink products. You can find a pink bed frame and a selection of pink decor, so we have the solution for you no matter how much or how little you want to decorate your bedroom.

With a brand new Barbie movie on the horizon, pink has become the colour of the summer. You have probably seen the Barbiecore trends circulating, so we couldn't resist doing a pink bedroom makeover this week.

There's no such thing as too much pink so you should embrace pink for your bedroom design. Pink bedrooms can lift the mood which is why everyone needs a pink backdrop in their house. Let's be honest, we've all looked at Barbie's dream house at some point in our lives and wished it was our own. Well, giving your bedroom an update is a good place to start.

What does pink represent?

The colour pink has two completely opposite meanings, depending on the shade. Overall, it has connotations of feminity, approachability and affection. Whilst on the flip side, it also represents a nurturing and playful nostalgia. Of course, many people will associate pink with Barbie so it instantly takes you back to your childhood and the toys you used to play with.

Bright and hot pinks are largely associated with love and romance because they're deeper and more vibrant shades. However, pale pinks have more of an innocence and sweetness to them. There are so many variations of pink so the representation can differ.

How does a pink bedroom help you sleep?

Pastel and pale pink shades in your bedroom can create a calming ambience. Softer shades are soothing on your eyes so they can help you stay relaxed at night. The lighter pinks can be comforting to be surrounded by as you start to relax. However, with brighter pinks, you might feel like they are too intense, but adding them in as pops of colour can really make a difference. The bold pink shades are great for putting you in a good mood before you go to sleep. You can't be unhappy when there's a splash of hot pink. So, pink is definitely a good colour to have in your bedroom.

Products to help you create your pink bedroom

Rather than using all the same shade of pink, you want to be using various pink tones to create your pink room. We would recommend finding deep pinks for the smaller features and lighter pinks for the bigger pieces in the room. Having a lot of hot pinks can make the bedroom a little too powerful for a sleep space.

Here are our top suggestions for your pink bedroom ideas.

Bed frame

In a pink bedroom, you don't necessarily need a completely pink bed but it does mean you can get it all to match. If you've already got the perfect bed frame you can just get a pink headboard to finish the look. It can create a pink accent in the room.

Etta Avenue Denzel Upholstered Bed Frame

Denzel Upholstered Bed Frame

We decided to go for a full bed frame for our pink bedroom. This bed has a tall headboard and a smaller footboard. The asymmetrical panel design gives a vertical illusion to open up the space, and the winged sides of the headboard keep things cosy. It's a grand bed frame in a beautiful baby pink colour and although it is simple, it makes for a good centrepiece to add to any decor you choose. You can work this bed into many interiors.


When it comes to bedding in your pink room, you could go with a crisp white set for a subtle contrast if you don't want too much pink. But, this is all about pink bedrooms so we opted for a pink set. Another option would be having grey bedding if you're looking for pink and grey bedroom ideas.

Fogarty Soft Touch Dusty Pink Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

Fogarty Soft Touch Dusty Pink Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

This duvet set comes in four sizes so you can find the right size to suit your bed. The set includes a duvet cover and pillowcase(s), so you'll just need to find a fitted sheet in a pink shade, or in a colour to match with the rest of your interiors. Those wanting dusty pink bedroom ideas will appreciate these bedsheets, but this pink works alongside any other pink colours. For a luxury touch, you could pair them with a pair of Oxford pillowcases from the same range.

Soft furnishings

The soft furnishings in your pink room can be as bold or as subtle as you like. These are the products that make the space cosy and homely. You could get some floor-length curtains so the pink drapes around the window, or stick with some simple blinds. And of course, you’ll want to have a couple of cushions and a throw.

Clara Cotton Velvet Square Cushion

Clara Cotton Velvet Square Cushion

We couldn't come up with pink bedroom ideas and not feature some hot pink. What better way to include it in the interior design than with the accent cushions? The velvet fabric is another soft touch to the bed that will sit perfectly in front of the pillows. Having a pop of colour on the bed will definitely bring you joy and lift your mood up – whilst making you extra comfy when you unwind.

Hot Pink Throw Blanket

Exclusivo Mezcla Throw Blanket for Couch

Now, this is a bold pink and statement product. Super fluffy on one side and a smooth surface on the other. It's the ideal throw to decorate your bed, by draping it over the end and it's snug for those cooler evenings too. For those wanting easy maintenance, you can just chuck this in the washing machine and it'll be ready to use again. You're definitely going to want one of these to snuggle up in – and it's Barbie approved.

Plain Blackout Roller Blinds

Plain Blackout Roller Blinds

We opted for a blind in our pink bedroom ideas, rather than a pair of curtains. It's always nice to have a blackout feature to give you the best chance of having a great night's sleep. This blind is in a blush pink shade, adding a different colour from the pink colour spectrum and bringing more depth to the room. You could add pattern designs to the products but the various pink shades create plenty of interest.


Let’s face it, if you’re wanting a pink bedroom, it’s very likely that you’ll want your own dressing table to get ready at every morning. To go with that, you're going to want a comfortable seat – especially if you enjoy taking your time.

Izzy Armchair

Izzy Armchair

The armchair that is going to provide you comfort day after day. This has the same vertical line panels as the bed frame which ties them nicely together. It's such an elegant design with a curved back that gives a relaxed feel. The velvet texture matches the bright pink cushion and it makes the chair look lavish. This is a must-have for your pink bedroom ideas.

Home decor

For your home decor, you can play around with the aesthetic and the colours you want to feature in your bedroom. An easy way to add a hint of pink is by having pink roses in a glass vase that you can place on your bedside table or dressing table.

Mahina Pink Ceramic Desk Table Lamp Shade

Mahina Pink Ceramic Desk Table Lamp Shade

Nothing beats natural light in a bedroom, it can bring the space to life but it can be lovely to have a smaller lamp on your bedside. When it gets darker in the evening, you can switch to one of these table lamps for a soft glow so there is less intensive light when you're trying to wind down before going to sleep. This gorgeous lamp has a design of three pinks (reminding us of a Fab ice cream) from light to dark. We're obsessed.

Elements Round Wall Mirror

Elements Round Wall Mirror

For small spaces, you will want a mirror on the wall to make your bedroom feel bigger. It can really open up the space. You could get a giant mirror but if it's a small room, that will take up too much of the wall. This is why we have chosen this round wall mirror instead. It's an ideal size to enhance the room without taking over the whole bedroom. You can hang the mirror above your dressing table for doing your hair and makeup or you can put it above your bed. You'll know the right spot for it as your bedroom is near to completion.

Love Scented Candle

Love Scented Candle

We did mentioned earlier that pink can represent affection and the proof is in the pudding (candle). Candles not only smell good, but they are a great way to include more decor into the room. It's a sweet and delicate floral scent with notes of jasmine and wild rose. Lighting this every night as part of your bedtime routine is sure to be soothing and encourage you to fall asleep. You'll be able to stop and smell the roses (literally…).

The Little Guide to Coco Chanel: Style to Live By Book

The Little Guide to Coco Chanel: Style to Live By Book

You've got to love a little display book to add colour and style to dress your shelves. Even if it's purpose is to have it for decor, this doesn't mean you can't read it. The book still has interesting facts about the brand so you can flick through it before bed and put it back on the shelf to look pretty. It's a small product but it can make a difference to the aesthetic of your pink room. Plus, it's a cute little book to own (there's also other colours/brands available too).

Additional features

Onto the walls, floor and ceiling. With the walls, you could have completely pink walls but another idea would be to have a dado rail to split the wall into two. One half can be pink and the other half can be white for contrast. There is the obvious choice of keeping the walls white too.

As for the floor and ceiling, we recommend keeping it quite light to balance out the pink shades. You could add a rug to the floor if you wanted something different, but it's not essential to the design.

We have got a selection of wall art and paint for you to browse.

Wall art

We have picked out two types of wall decor so you can find what suits you and your vibe. Whether you're looking for bright pink or soft pink or complementary colours – you're sure to find exactly what you like.

Pink Neon Heart Wall Light

Pink Neon Heart Wall Light – it wouldn't be pink bedroom ideas without a neon pink sign. And again, to reflect affection, this light fits in well with the theme.

Pink Sea Art Print

Pink Sea Art Printsand and sea has a calming feel which is what this print can bring to your room. The pink coloured sea merges into the white shoreline that flows onto the warming sand – perfection.

Pink Art Print

Pink Art Print – for something more abstract using a soft pink. This printed large would look incredible above your bed or on the feature wall.


The paint colour you choose can be simple and neutral, like white, grey or beige. However, if you want to keep to the pink theme you can always paint walls pink – which is what we decided to go for in our suggestions.

Pink 03 Matt

Pink 03 Matt Paint – a comforting bubblegum pink. It has grey and white undertones for a more muted shade.

Pink 05 Eggshell

Pink 05 Eggshell Paint – a warm, hazy pink with earthy undertones. This one is more of a dusty blush pink for a chilled shade.

Pink 07 Matt

Pink 07 Matt Paint – a romantic, muted pink. Another shade with grey undertones that's neutral enough to work with any interiors.

What colour scheme should I choose for a pink bedroom?

When you're thinking of having a pink bedroom, there are a handful of colour schemes you can consider and each one brings a different aesthetic. There’s a choice of many pink shades which opens up the choices for colour schemes.

From soft pink to coral pink you have plenty of pinks with different undertones to decide your colour palette. You could go with the idea of having all the shades of pink or you can come up with something else. For example, you could pair it with cool contrast like cobalt blue if you're going for an art deco bedroom design.

The other alternatives are sage greens, pastel green and pastel blue. Or you could include orange for a warmer feel.


Once you've found the right pink for you, there's nothing stopping you from designing your dream bedroom. Always remember there's never too much pink so go as wild as you desire. Live your Barbie fantasy – be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Of course, amongst the blush pinks you can have cooler or neutral tones.

Get in the Barbie spirit with our pink bedroom ideas, and you can even add a modern twist.

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