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Preppy Bedroom Ideas For a Fun and Decorative Space

TSA reviewer Connie Hack

Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant


29 March 2024 4 min read

With preppy bedroom ideas, we wouldn't say there's a perfect example of what your room should look like. The design is down to each individual and the things they love most. There are plenty of ideas for you to choose from – we're here to give you tips and decorating inspiration.

Preppy rooms are for the master bedroom, where you can invest in the details that are going to make your classic room turn into a fun-filled bedroom. We recommend leaving the simple bedroom design for the guest bedroom… Of course, nothing is stopping you from making any room in the house a preppy room. Go wild with combining your favourite ideas, taking elements of each one to create your dream bedroom.Preppy rooms are for the master bedroom, where you can invest in the details that are going to make your classic room turn into a fun-filled bedroom. We recommend leaving the simple bedroom design for the guest bedroom… Of course, nothing is stopping you from making any room in the house a preppy room. Go wild with combining your favourite ideas, taking elements of each one to create your dream bedroom.

Without further ado, let's get into it.

What are the characteristics of a preppy bedroom?

A preppy aesthetic is not for those who like to keep things minimal. Preppy bedrooms are full of fun, bright colours and patterns. This design can mix elements to fit your own personality. You could choose animal motifs – think cow prints or zebra stripes. Let your hair down with a preppy style by picking out a gingham duvet cover and bold wall decor.

There are no set rules when it comes to preppy bedroom ideas, but a good place to start is with brightly coloured patterns, rather than following trends. For a contemporary look, you can pair it with muted colours or for a more sophisticated look you can add small preppy touches to your room. Don't be afraid to play around and combine any inspiration you find.

How does a preppy bedroom help you sleep?

The preppy look can create the ideal sleep space. It'll be made up of all the things you love so you know you'll be in a good mood before you sleep. You will find in a preppy room, there's the use of navy blue and green which are both cool, calming colours. As well as yellow tones that are warming. A combination of these will create a good balance for a sleep space.

Products to help you create your preppy-style bedroom

From pattern choices to luxury furniture and fun decorative pieces – you'll find every aspect of your preppy aesthetic to tweak to your taste. A preppy design is one-of-a-kind and you cannot go wrong with it. It's definitely worth exploring. Creating a moodboard is always a great idea with this type of style – it may seem random but all products still need to work well with each other.

Now, it's time to note down what you want in your preppy room and get creative.

Bed frame

The bed frame for a preppy aesthetic can be quite simple to make the colours in the room pop and the decorations the main focus. There is no particular style of bed for it to be preppy – it's all about the styling of the bed. If you're wanting to keep your bedroom contemporary, the bed frame can do that for you.

Recommended reading:

Ascot Bouclé Ottoman Storage Bed


We picked out this beautiful off-white storage bed with a curved headboard. The curves in the design keep the appearance soft and easy on the eyes. Having it in an off-white makes it so easy to pair any soft furnishings or decor with it. The frame may be simple but that means you can go as bold as you like with all the accessories. Using bouclé fabric adds more texture and depth to the room. This bed even has storage underneath so anything that isn't preppy can be hidden out of sight.


Every preppy room needs preppy bedding. We suggest finding one with funky patterns like stripes or gingham (in bright colours, obviously). You could look for ones that have a fun repetitive design or any ones that spark your interest. As we picked a simple frame, we want the bedding to be more exciting.

Skinny Dip Peachy Pink Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set


This bedding set looks like it has polka dots scattered on it, but when you look closely there are plenty of peaches dotted around the duvet cover. This is an example of a fun repetitive design that you could choose. It has a soothing pink background colour that will look gorgeous against the off-white frame and headboard. You may feel like you want more extravagant patterns, but we think this is just the right amount to suit the rest of the bedroom accessories. We're building our way up to the bold ideas to let your personality shine.

Soft furnishings

Your choice of curtains and cushions can change the whole preppy aesthetic so choose wisely. This is your chance to have fun with the colours and designs to give you a style to work with. We've picked out a few that can be used as inspiration or the real deal – we personally think they should make the final makeover.

Pop Multi Cotton Tufted Cushion Cover


We've mentioned adding a pop of colour and this Pop Cushion Cover does exactly that. The background is a neutral tone that brings out the lettering and stars. This cushion is great because it gives you more colours to work with – pink, purple, blue and yellow. Every time you see this in your bedroom, it will bring you happiness. Having a tufted design adds texture to the overall look which creates visual interest – especially when it's close to the bouclé frame.

Flower Pink Velvet Reversible Ready-Filled Cushion


A soft velvety flower cushion is sure to catch your attention – especially when it's in bright pink. You can place it between your pillows or you could throw it onto an armchair. Either way, there's always a place for a flower cushion. This cushion is also available in four other colours, so if the pink isn't for you then there's a handful to choose from. All of the colourways will tie in beautifully with the Pop Cushion.

The soft furnishings are already starting to bring the look together.

Wiggle Blue Velvet Reversible Ready-Filled Cushion


To add another splash of colour, we think this Wiggle Cushion will do the job. We have opted for the blue colourway but there are other options that mix and match colours so it depends on how preppy you're feeling. The contrasting piping gives a bold statement against the cushion cover. What's not to love? It's another addition that will instantly make you feel happy. And of course, the blue is really calming and the wiggled piping brings a soothing vibe.

Textured Pom Pom White Slot Top Voile


Back to the neutral side of your preppy room. This pom pom voile is delicate and contemporary but with a hint of joy. Add pom poms to any design and suddenly it's no longer boring. If you hang these in front of the windows it'll allow natural light to come in throughout the day and keep things relaxed in the evening. A voile is what you need to fill large wall space without overcrowding the room.

It's so unique but a must-have for any bedroom ideas.


For the preppy furniture, you want to have a funky nightstand and a curved desk to keep to the joyous yet sophisticated vibe. Aside from those, there aren't any must-have pieces for your preppy bedroom. You can decide if you'd like to/have the space to have any other furniture in your bedroom.

Cloud Side Table


This is probably our favourite product from our list of ideas. Stand this side table next to your bed and it will look incredible paired with the bouclé frame. A cloud-like bedframe with a cloud-patterned table. The cloud side table keeps to the same theme whilst still being preppy. It's a dreamy, circular, glazed finish table that is a great size for a candle and any trinkets.

(Instantly adds to basket).

White Modern Round End Table


Picture the small round table standing next to the cloud table – they make a lovely duo. This piece of furniture will emphasise the modern and sophisticated side of your preppy bedroom ideas. It's a simple white table that coordinates with the clouds of the table above. Everything about this mushroom-silhouette table works well for a bedroom as it brings a sense of calmness. It gives you space to keep your sleep essentials – like your current ready book or your eye mask.

Home decor

What's a preppy room without bedroom decor? Basically, these smaller accessories are going to reinforce your preppy style. Try introducing a small light to create an ambience or a quirky desk accessory – whichever is going to look best in your room.

2 Pack Wire Wall Grid Panel With Accessories


These are perfect to hang above your desk for you to pin any notes, reminders or photos to. It could be a place to keep your memories or it could work as a manifestation board. The wire grids can become a space where you can really show your personality. The black wires will work with any colour scheme and allow brighter colours to pop. What we also love about it, is it comes with pegs so you can switch out the pictures as much or as little as you like.

Lightning Neon Sign


This is what we mean by adding a light to create an ambience. A neon light can change the whole mood of the room and this one can change the overall colour of the room. We have picked the pink neon sign because it will look the best with what we have chosen so far. However, there is the option of blue or white too – both would fulfil a preppy bedroom.

Place this on your white bedside table and the pink glow will be reflected all around the room.

Irregular Aesthetic Vanity Mirror


A quirky wavy mirror is the addition you need for your preppy aesthetic. It matches the styling of the Wiggle Cushion we mentioned above, so the design ties together nicely. It's a great size to put on any surface space in the room and can be moved around depending on where you want to get ready for the day. Even if you decide to give your preppy room a new makeover in the future, this mirror will be able to work with many other bedroom ideas.

Wall art

The most obvious way to fill the walls is by putting wallpaper up to create a feature wall. If this isn't for you then you can make a collage out of prints and posters as your wall decor. Of course, there is always the choice to paint the walls but it isn't essential.


50pcs Preppy Aesthetic Wall Collage Kit – The easy way to make a collage wall is with this collage kit. There are plenty of patterns and colours that perfectly suit the other design ideas. You could even work backwards and use these prints as your inspiration or moodboard for the preppy aesthetic.


Preppy Canvas Wall Art Prints – With a combination of pink, green and blue the colours match the rest of the decor. This set of six prints can brighten up your room and can be hung in a grid format or as part of a gallery wall.


Gather a collection of design ideas that will help you achieve your preppy room. Plan the colour scheme and style to complete your aesthetic. Preps need to stick with what they know works in a bedroom and keep to the classic styling – there's no need to follow the trends when you're a prep. Take our inspiration and find what you truly love – we know the preppy bedroom design is amazing for everyone and it's so easy to find things you can imagine having in your bedroom.

Enjoy bringing your preppy bedroom ideas to life and creating a room that has everything you could want.

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