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Sleeping Alone: Pros & Cons & How To Sleep Alone?

Sleep is so important for our well-being and that is why the discussion about every aspect of sleep is always relevant. How many hours of sleep do you need, what to eat for dinner, what is the ideal room temperature, whether to sleep alone…

Whether to sleep alone is a question that until recently, almost exclusively, was asked by parents with children. But lately, the growing trend is that partners are also sleeping separately, not to mention roommates. 

Comfort is cited as the primary reason.
While this certainly makes sense, we cannot say that there are no certain downsides. This is natural, because whatever we analyze has pros and cons. So we decided to break down this topic for you. 

Find out what are the pros and cons of sleeping alone, as well as what to do if you have no choice but to sleep alone, and you find that experience scary.

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    Why is sleeping alone good?

    We believe that positive thinking is very important, so we will start with the benefits of sleeping alone. There are unquestionably a lot of benefits of own bed and that is why more and more people are choosing not to share a bed nor same room with anyone.

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    You have a blanket for yourself

    One of the most annoying things that can happen to us during sleep is that our partner steals our blankets. Then we wake up uncovered in the middle of the night, and if we like to sleep in a cold room, then that is an even bigger problem because we will probably wake up sick in the morning. This can certainly be solved by having a separate duvet, but even in that case, your partner may inadvertently uncover you. When you sleep alone, the whole duvet is all yours and you will easily maintain the necessary body temperature for restful sleep.

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    No night disturbance

    Issue with blanket is just one of the many disturbances that your partner may cause during the night. For example, if your partner suffers from restless legs syndrome, it is certain that he or she will wake you up several times during the night. Restless sleep in general causes problems for many people, both those who suffer from it and those who share a bed with them. Especially if you are a light sleeper and it is very easy to wake you up. Nightmares are another potential issue. Some people have very vivid nightmares during which they scream and emit other types of sound, and make various sudden movements.

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    Screaming during the nightmare we have already mentioned, but that’s not all. Snoring is something that affects almost half of the adult population in the UK. That means over 15 million people snore at least occasionally. Snoring can be so loud that even earplugs can’t help it. When snoring is chronic, it may imply that the person is suffering from sleep apnea and needs treatment. Bruxism, teeth grinding during sleep, is also very common. Many people talk in their sleep and all of these are things that disturb the silence significantly.

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    Why is sleeping alone not good?

    There are many who can’t wait to hug their partner and fall asleep right away. They think that is the highlight of the day. We believe that all of them immediately thought of at least some of the following reasons why sleeping alone is not good.

    Less heat

    During the summer, you will probably be more comfortable sleeping alone. But in winter you will feel that you are missing a partner in bed. The warmth of the other person is not unimportant. Even if you use a warm, winter duvet that has a TOG rating over 10, you will still find the proximity of your partner very pleasant. Women especially enjoy warming their feet by placing them on their boyfriend or husband. So you will quickly realize that you lack that advantage of a co-sleeping experience.

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    No one to talk to before bed

    It’s not just about physical comfort, but intimacy before bed is also very beneficial for the quality of a night’s sleep. Intercourse is beyond doubt one of the main types of intimacy in bedroom, but conversation is equally important. Before bed you two can engage in relaxing conversation about the day behind you.

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    The topic is not as important as it is important to feel the presence of a loved one. When you sleep alone, you may feel lonely, and loneliness can lead to anxiety and depression. If you feel lonely, take advantage of phone and call someone, although you should avoid blue lights before bedtime.

    You can get scared easily

    It is not a shame to admit that you are afraid of the dark. The fear of the dark is a consequence of evolution, because our ancestors could not detect the danger when it is night and hence the fear of the dark. It is practically a fear of the unknown. Some very famous and successful people, such as Rafael Nadal, are afraid of the dark. But when you sleep with someone, you are much less likely to be scared. Even if your partner is sleeping, you will feel safe.

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    Is sleeping alone a problem for you?

    Let’s be honest, most people do not feel completely relaxed when sleeping alone in an apartment. But there is a significant difference between mild unpleasantness that does not affect night’s sleep and real fear that trouble sleeping and falling asleep. If you can’t sleep unless the light is on, then you should address that problem before it cause insomnia.

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    If you can’t start sleeping alone…

    An adult must be prepared to sleep alone, at least occasionally. Even if you have a partner, it happens that the partner goes on a business trip or to visit his or her parents. Then you will be alone for a couple of days and that is why you have to find a way to overcome fear.

    Look for the problem deeper

    In most cases, the fear of the dark is just an indication that there is a deeper problem. These can be childhood traumas, anxiety due to current unfavorable events or fear of losing a loved one. Try introspection. If this does not help, seek help from a psychologist, psychiatrist or some other mental health expert. Talk therapy is the best way to learn to deal with this fear and all the other fears that are inevitable in life.

    Avoid horror movies

    One of the most popular film genres is horror. There are so many legendary horror movies like Saw, The Shining, Hereditary, The Exorcist and The Conjuring. Most people enjoy watching these movies. But if you notice that you can’t fall asleep after watching one such movie or that you have nightmares, avoid them, especially when you are alone to avoid secretion of stress hormone cortisol and to sleep peacefully.

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    Make your room more secure

    Today’s apartments and houses are generally safe due to numerous locks, cameras and other safety measures. But we are not talking here about whether you are safe from burglary, but more about feeling of security that do not depend only on real circumstances. You can make the bedroom feel safer by buying a few pillows and a weighted blanket.

    Get a pet

    A pet is recommended in many life situations, and this is definitely one of them. The presence of another living being, even if it is not human, will give you a sense of security. Many people like to feel the warmth of their pet when they lie down at their feet. If you are very scared in the dark, buy a big dog that will be your guardian. For first few nights, it may be strange to have a pet in bedroom, but after initial period, pet will be able to help you get rid of sad emotions and sleep worry free.

    An image of a dog waking up due to noise due to lack of rug in bedroom.

    Meditate before sleep

    Meditation will help you connect with your inner self on another level. Then you will be able to see all your problems and start solving them, instead of projecting it on the fear of the dark. Practice yoga, meditation and physical activity for sake of a good night’s sleep.

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