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Sleeping Naked – Is It Good For Your Health?

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Written By Filip

Sleep Advisor

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20 October 2023 4 min read

Is sleeping naked actually good for you? Let's find out!

Some people think that sleeping naked is really good for your health. They say that it can help you sleep better, make you thinner, and feel more comfortable. But others say it's not always so easy to do because it can be a bit uncomfortable. It all depends on what you're used to and how your body feels when you're naked.

As far as we're concerned, if you could choose one way to improve your health, sleeping naked would be a strong contender. Mainly because it's easy, but also, sleeping naked has a slew of health benefits. They go from improving your sleep quality to helping you lose weight. Plus, it feels amazing! But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Anyway, if you’re looking for an easy way to boost your health or maybe change things up in the bedroom, sleeping in the buff is definitely worth considering. And, we're going to tell you all about why! Let's begin.

Is it comfortable to sleep without pyjamas and undies?

An image of a beautiful asian woman sleeping naked.

This is probably the first question you have about sleeping naked. And, the answer is… it depends! If you're used to sleeping in clothes, then it might take a little getting used to. But, once you get past the initial awkwardness, we think you'll find that it's actually quite liberating and comfortable.

On the other hand, if you're already comfortable sleeping in just your birthday suit, then congratulations! You're ahead of the game.

In general, though, we think most people would find it more comfortable to sleep without clothes.

That's because when you wear clothes to bed, no matter how comfy and lightweight, they can often get twisted and bunched up during the night – especially if you're a restless sleeper. This can lead to discomfort and even disturbed sleep.

Sleeping naked, on the other hand, gives your skin the opportunity to breathe. It also eliminates the risk of your clothes getting all tangled up during the night. As a result, you're likely to sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

There are also a few practical considerations to take into account when deciding whether or not to sleep naked and how comfy you'll be – body temperature, for instance. If you live in a cold climate, it might not be the best idea to ditch your pyjamas! In this case, wearing some light cotton or silk PJs should keep you warm without making you too hot..

On the other hand, if you live in a hot climate or tend to get night sweats, sleeping naked (or at least in very scarce clothing) is probably your best bet. This will help you stay cool and comfortable during the night.

So, there you have it – we didn't tell you anything. Jokes aside, whether or not sleeping naked is comfortable is really up to you and your personal preferences. But, we think it's definitely worth giving it a try – and here's why!

How does sleeping naked improve sleep quality?

a man sleeping on stomach in his bed.

There is a growing body of evidence linking sleep and chronic disease. Most notably, poor sleep has been linked to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

While the exact mechanisms are still not fully understood, it is believed that poor sleep can lead to chronic inflammation. That in turn contributes to the development of these diseases.

With that in mind, sleeping naked may just be the key to better sleep and improved overall health. We'll demonstrate it by listing out all the benefits of sleeping naked. Of course, saving money on pyjamas isn't one of them.

Improved skin health

An image of a young woman closed her eyes.

Sleeping with clothes on, especially tight clothing, can cause all sorts of skin problems. These include rashes, fungal infections (if we're talking tight underwear), and general irritation. This is because when you sleep with clothes on, you're sort of trapping sweat and bacteria against your skin and you're not allowing it to breathe.

On the other hand, sleeping naked allows your skin to breathe and stay cool, which can help prevent skin problems. In fact, one study found that sleeping under optional conditions (which could be sleeping in the nude), can help improve eczema symptoms.

Fewer vaginal infections

A handsome woman laying down in her bed flat on mattress.

There are a few possible explanations as to why sleeping in the nude might help reduce the likelihood of developing a yeast infection caused by Candida.

One possibility is that sleeping without clothes allows your skin to “breath” better, which could help to reduce the amount of moisture in your private area that can lead to fungal overgrowth.

Additionally, it's possible that underwear worn (tight and synthetic panties) at night might create a warm and moist environment that is favourable for yeast growth. So, once again, sleeping in your birthday suit might help.

Better fertility

An image of a happy couple due to positive pregnancy test

It's not a secret that male fertility has dropped significantly over the last 15 to 20 years, and some of it is certainly associated with overly tight clothing like skinny jeans, tight boxers etc.

Tight clothing can overheat the testicles, which is not good for sperm production, sperm count or testicular function in general. In fact, studies have shown that higher scrotal temperatures are associated with lower sperm quality.

So, if you and your partner are trying to conceive, it might be a good idea for him to ditch the tight underwear and sleep naked instead.

Boosted self-esteem

An image of a woman putting on her face a face cleanser.

Body image is a huge issue for many people, particularly women. In fact, numerous studies have shown that poor body image can lead to anxiety, low self-esteem and life satisfaction, and even depression.

Sleeping naked might help increase your confidence and overall body satisfaction. It's not uncommon for women who sleep naked to have higher levels of self-compassion and body satisfaction than those who sleep in their underwear.

Additionally, experiencing skin-to-skin contact with your partner, each night when you go to sleep, will do wonders for your self-esteem and your relationship. You might start consuming your relationship even more, which will definitely lead to some boost in your self-esteem, or at least that's what “Self-soothing behaviors with particular reference to oxytocin release induced by non-noxious sensory stimulation” study had concluded.

Reduced anxiety and stress

A happy young man due to healthy sleep hygiene.

Studies have shown that people who feel more comfortable in their own skin have lower levels of anxiety and stress. This makes perfect sense when you think about it.

If you're constantly worrying about how you look or how others perceive you, it's going to be very difficult to relax. However, if you're comfortable in your own skin and you're not self-conscious about being naked, it'll be much easier for you to relax and de-stress.

This is one of the reasons why sleeping in the nude can be so beneficial.

It allows you to relax and feel comfortable in your own skin, which can help reduce anxiety and stress levels. And, if your partner is in there with you, also in the nude – the results will be even better.

Reduced weight gain

We know that quality sleep can lead to weight loss, but did you know that sleeping in the nude can also help you reduce weight gain? Well, theoretically, at least. you see, there haven't been any studies that would prove sleeping in the nude and losing weight are connected.

However, there was a small study done in 2014, that monitored brown fat activity during sleep in regard to the room temperature. The study found that the lower the temperature, the greater the brown fat activity. Since brown fat has been linked to preventing weight gain, one could argue that sleeping naked could lower your body temperature and result in weight loss. How significant? We can't tell.

A quick guide for sleeping naked

Now that we've gotten familiar with the benefits of sleeping naked, you might be wondering how exactly do you do it? How do I transition from PJs to the birthday suit? Here are a few quick tips:

Change the sheets often

an image of a woman arranges bed and changes sheets

First things first, you're going to have to take better care of your sheets. If you're used to sleeping in PJs, you probably don't change your sheets as often as you should (don't feel bad about it, almost no one does).

However, if you're going to be sleeping in the nude, it's important that you change your sheets at least once a week since you can't rely on pyjamas to absorb all the sweat, skin cells and all that stuff. Sleeping in the clean sheets will help prevent any skin irritations or infections that might occur due to sweat or bacteria build-up.

Use comfortable & natural bedding materials

High-quality bedding is always a good choice – regardless of the way you sleep. However, in this case, we'd argue it's even more important.

If you're sleeping in the nude, you want your bedding to be as comfortable and soft as possible. No one wants to sleep on a scratchy surface. Secondly, try to avoid synthetic materials such as polyester since they can irritate your skin. Instead, go for natural materials like cotton or bamboo linen.

Always shower before hitting the bed

This goes without saying, but you should always shower before hitting the bed – regardless of whether you're sleeping in the nude or not. Not only will it help you relax and feel refreshed, but it'll also remove any dirt, sweat or makeup that might be on your skin. And, if you happen to have sensitive skin, showering before bed will help prevent any breakouts or skin irritations.

Have a bedtime ritual

An image of a young & handsome man sleeping in deep sleep in his bed.

As a part of healthy sleep hygiene, it's important to have a bedtime ritual that helps you get enough sleep and say goodbye to poor subjective sleep quality and waking up feeling unrested. This means that you should do the same things every night before going to bed in order to signal to your body that it's time to wind down and rest.

Your bedtime ritual doesn't have to be long or complicated. It can be something as simple as brushing your teeth, reading a book or taking a warm bath. Just make sure that it's something you can do every night without fail and you'll fall asleep faster and wake up well-rested.

Is sleeping naked during the winter good?

An image of a man sleeping naked.

Here's where it gets tricky – or at least you'd think it does. Most of us sleep in air-conditioned, temperature-regulated bedrooms, so when you think about it, does it really matter whether you're sleeping in the nude or not?

The simple answer is – no, it really doesn't. If you're comfortable sleeping in the nude and your room isn't freezing cold, then by all means – do so. However, if you tend to get cold easily or simply don't feel comfortable sleeping nude, then there's no need to force it. While sleeping naked helps in many ways, if you tend to get cold – just wear your favourite pair of cosy PJs and call it a night.


And that's all you need to know about sleeping naked! So, do you play on trying it out or have you been a pyjama denier for years? Let us know about your experience, or any tips we might've missed out on, in the comment section!

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