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Sleeping Positions And What They Say About You

image of our writer Filip Maric

Written By Filip

Sleep Advisor


13 June 2024 2 min read

Do you know that all sleeping positions can be used to identify personalities? Check them out!

For example, I have always believed I am a passionate tummy sleeper. I always talked to other people proudly stating that I cannot fall asleep in any other position – which is true. Little did I know, my body actually prefers another position, which I was unaware of. I only found that out once I started sharing a bed with my partner, who is pretty much a night owl. He was astounded at how I slept – on my back, with both legs straight up, bent in the knees. In shock, I asked for proof – and he delivered a few (embarrassing to say the least) photos which proved his statement.

That led me to believe that there is much more to sleeping positions than we know. There is our conscious – the position we fall asleep in, and the subconsciousness – which is of course, the position we actually sleep in.

Science of sleeping positions

Many scientists believe that our sleeping positions can say a lot about our personalities. They have analysed numerous positions and found common points among people who share a same sleep position. All of this research isn’t conclusive or indicative of any mental health issue, or some underlying medical condition. Some sleeping positions can and may cause an issue, but they aren’t a direct symptom. It’s simply interesting to see how similar people sleep in similar positions.

How to do the test?

The test is simple: To analyse your consciousness and how you present yourself to others during waking hours, simply find your preferred sleeping position below. However, to analyse your subconsciousness, you will have to have a partner/sibling look at you or a handy camera. Go to sleep separately and let your partner turn on the alarm at the time around you're going to be in deep sleep. Then they can see it for themselves if you stay in the same position or change.

What your sleeping position says about you?

Find the list below and locate your preferred and exact sleeping position. Once you do, learn more about yourself! Here are some of the most common sleeping positions.

The fetus

an illustration of fetus sleeping position

This position is present in twice as many women than in men and is the most popular sleeping position. It includes sleeping on your side with your knees bent towards your chest – similarly to curling up in a ball.

Personality: This position is associated with people who don’t tend to open up quickly. They like to build their trust and relationships steadily, but permanently. It is also a sign of presenting yourself differently to the world, with a tougher exterior, hiding your soft spots and vulnerabilities from people you’ve just met. These people are kind and nurturing and have a strong sense of creativity.

The hugger

a hugger sleeping position

This position is similar to the fetal one, but the Hugger is particular because it involves hugging a pillow or a plushie tightly. This is a clear sign of an affectionate snuggler. These people like to feel safe, warm and protected, but they can also provide strong emotional support.

Personality: These people value strong and long-lasting friendships, are very close to their family and they are nurturing to their partners. This sleeping position is also associated with absent-mindedness. They love to daydream, think of new possibilities and are good problem-solvers.

The soldier

An illustration of a soldier sleeping position

This is a classic back-sleeping position, with arms down or one arm raised above the head, similar to a soldier saluting. The hand rests on either the forehead or above the head with the head slightly tilted. This position is best for rest and body posture, unless you have snoring issues.

Personality: Although the ‘Soldier’ position might consequently indicate that these kind of people are ‘stiff’, it’s far from the truth. These people might have strict moral codes and hold on to their beliefs but that isn’t a bad trait. They are quiet thinkers but excellent doers – and can be loyal friends and partners. They are also self-aware so they can be very critical, especially towards themselves.

The reacher

an illustration of reacher sleeping position

This is a sleeping position which includes sleeping on your side with your arms out, as if you’re trying to reach something or for someone. It is very similar to the Log position which we will describe next. This position can be tricky as it can cause numbness to the arm that’s below your body. If you have problems with that, try finding a pillow that can provide enough support.

Personality: These kind of people are analytical. They need time to process all of the information they’ve gathered, so many people think of them as indecisive. That’s not the case though. These kind of sleepers also have a clear and open mind. They don’t mind expressing their opinion and views, and they often appear as cynical.

The log

an illustration of a log sleeping position

These people sleep similarly to the Reacher, but with hands by their body, on the side. After the fetal position, this is the most popular sleeping position. This is also one of the healthiest sleeping positions, provided that you have a mattress and pillow that can align your spine appropriately.

Personality: These sleepers are open-minded, social and great company. They have no trouble facing head-on with their problems and obstacles. In life, they often appear stubborn, but they are very resilient and tactical, especially in the case of an emergency. They also like to help people around them, however that might come at the cost of trusting people too easily, and people taking advantage of that.

The starfish

an illustration of starfish sleeping position

This may look as the funniest sleeping position. These people sleep on their back or stomach, but with their arms and legs spread out, taking up most of the space in the bed. It’s also not-so-practical position for couples, as one always ends up at the edge of the bed.

Personality: This sleeping position indicates a people-pleaser and natural leader. These kind of people are very good at organising things like events, projects, and managing work-related stuff. They keep to themselves but they don’t have an issue with being the center of attention. They are also great listeners and give very good and in-depth advice.

The faller

an image of faller sleeping position

The Faller position is lying on your stomach with arms below your pillow or resting upwards. It’s similar to when you’re free-falling, so that’s where the name originates. These people usually need a firmer mattress because they need extra support for their hips.

Personality: Fallers like to keep someone company or be accompanied. They are afraid of being alone and they need someone close to rely on. They are stubborn on the inside, however it may appear that they are soft on the outside. The downside to this personality is that they often take criticism to heart and get easily offended.

The flamingo

an image of flamingo sleeping position

This sleeping position is very similar to a flamingo standing on one leg, only horizontal. It’s sleeping on your side with one leg bent. It can be tricky to sleep in this position because of the spine’s curvature, but a pillow below the leg can easily solve that problem.

Personality: These kind of people are true adventurers. They are very curious about the world and its mysteries. Because of that, they often seem unpredictable. These people make quick choices, and act fast – sometimes leading to a mistake. Many people often don’t know what’s going on in their heads. Things they find really serious though is their work. They are very tactical and meticulous when it comes to their job.


Have you found out your best sleeping position? Does the description match your personality? We bet that in most cases it will. Although all of the research we based this article on is inconclusive, it’s always a plus to get to know yourself a little bit better, or gain a new perspective on your partner. Some sleeping positions are more common, side sleeping have some slight drawbacks, but one thing is for sure – each position is different and tells a lot about you and your personality.

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Comments (1)

Sebi 24/08/2023

First and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to the dedicated researchers who have embarked on this journey to understand the nuances of sleeping positions. Their efforts have brought to light a myriad of insights that can greatly impact our well-being. The collaboration between sleep experts, orthopedic specialists, and even psychologists has enriched our understanding of how our chosen sleeping posture can affect our physical health and mental state.

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