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Adjustable Bed Frame - Everything You Need To Know

Adjustable bed frame is any bed frame that allows you to personalize the upper and / or lower part. This can be very useful for people with health problems as well as for the general population to have restful sleep.

Adjustable bed base have been used in hospitals for decades for better sleep health. But it is only recently that this type of bed frames has become common in homes as well. According to available information, almost 10% of people have an adjustable bed. Since adjustable beds have become mainstream, you have probably noticed more and more of these products on the UK sleep market.

They have a lot of benefits because they allow you to solve some problems you have with regular bed frames. As much as the bed frame and mattress are comfortable and fit your sleeping position, it will always happen that at some point you will not be comfortable due to back pain, for example. When you have an adjustable bed, then this will not be a problem but you will just change angle at which you sleep and rest.

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    How is an adjustable bed frame made?

    Unlike regular bed frames, which are made of non-movable parts, adjustable base is made of movable panels. Now you’re probably wondering if it’s the same as slats moving under your weight, but it’s certainly not the same. Parts of adjustable beds can completely change their angle, while slats are essentially stable, and their moves are only small variations, but their primary position will not change.

    An image of adjustable beds for pool.

    How does an adjustable bed frame work?

    The adjustable bed must also have a base that is stable and does not move. Panels are mounted on this base, and panels are connected by joints, both to each other and with base. Without joints it would be impossible to create different angles. Also, an important role is played by the retainer bar, which keeps your bed in the position you want. All this is connected to the motor you control via remote. Newer models of adjustable electric bed has a wireless remote, and some remotes are wired to the motor. Either way, they work the same way, and you can create an angle of 0 degrees up to 70 degrees in some cases. Some models even have massage features.

    When do we need the adjustable bed frame?

    There are many reasons why we need the adjustable bed frame. The primary reason why someone may need this type of bed is various health problems. That is why adjustable bed frames were designed for hospitals in the first place.

    We will talk more about that in a later part of our article, but now we will focus on other reasons why we need one. A regular bed can be very uncomfortable and impractical for anything but sleeping, while an adjustable bed is multifunctional.

    Watching TV or working from home

    Even before the coronavirus pandemic, remote work was an increasingly popular option, but during the pandemic it became practically the only option for a large number of people. It turned out to be a very good option for both employees and employers, so many continued to work from home even after the lockdown.

    An image of a man working from home in his bed.

    For many, that was a dream come true – working from bed. Laptop and headphones are all you need to work from home. You don’t even have to get up from the bed, but without an adjustable bed you will be uncomfortable. When you buy an adjustable bed, you can have an ideal work space in the bedroom. Also, many prefer to watch TV before sleep. But to avoid falling asleep since you are lying down, adjust the angle so that you are in a semi-sitting position.

    Reaching Zero Gravity position

    Zero Gravity position is the position that astronauts take before launch. In this position your muscles are relaxed and the spinal vertebrae decompressed. Also, the airways are completely open and there are many more benefits. It can even relieve pressure points. That’s why Zero Gravity position is another thing, after the memory foam, which the sleep industry “borrowed” from NASA. In order to be in Zero Gravity position, your upper and lower body need to be raised in relation to your abdomen. Adjustable bed is perfect for that.

    An image of adjustable bed positions.

    What are the benefits of the adjustable bed frames?

    The opportunity to be in a Zero Gravity position is certainly great, but not everyone will find that position comfortable. However, an adjustable bed can also be helpful in treating many other health related problems, such as apnea, sleep paralysis and RLS.

    An image of empty adjustable bed in a hospital.

    Treating Restless Leg Syndrome

    Restless leg syndrome is a nervous system disorder, which affects sleep significantly. The symptoms of RLS can be very mild, but many people suffering from RLS feel overwhelming urge to move limbs constantly and this will lead to insomnia and many other problems.  To find a proper cure for restless leg syndrome, it is first necessary to determine whether there is an underlying medical condition or not. If there is underlying medical condition, that condition should be addressed and RLS will disappear after treatment. But sometimes RLS is not connected with any other disorder. Anyway, the elevation of the legs is very helpful. This will improve circulation and reduce urge to move limbs and then it will be much easier for you to fall asleep.

    Minimizing sleep paralysis

    Sleep paralysis is not dangerous, but it is very unpleasant. It is a state between dream and reality, in which you are aware of most things, but you cannot move or speak. Sleep paralysis can be accompanied by various types of hallucinations, because although it seems to you that you are fully awake, in fact you are not. Research has shown that when you slightly tilt your upper body, you are less likely to develop sleep paralysis, which is most common for back sleepers. So take the remote and increase angle of upper part of the bed to improve sleep quality.

    An image of a young woman sleeping in bed without a sleep paralysis.

    Support for your entire spine

    It is recommended to place a pillow under knees to reduce the pressure on the spine. An even more effective thing than a pillow under knees is an adjustable bed frame. You will lift lower part of the bed and that will provide much better support to the legs than a pillow can do.

    Reduced snoring

    Snoring is an obstruction of the airways that leads to a harsh sound during each breath. If there are long or short breaks in breathing during sleep, then it is obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially very dangerous health condition. There are many reasons why someone snores or suffers from apnea, but everyone is advised to have their upper body slightly raised so that the airways are clear.

    It is much more comfortable to have your upper body raised by adjustable bed frame than with the help of numerous pillows that are not stable at all. So adjustable beds worth the price.

    An image of an older couple in bed sleeping well without snoring issues.

    How do I adjust height with my adjustable bed frame?

    The process of adjusting height is very simple, as we have already mentioned. All you need to do is use the wireless or wired remote and raise / lower the part of the bed you want. However, you will probably need some time to learn which angle is most comfortable for you to watch TV or work and which one to sleep. It happens that the first night you raise some part of the adjustable bed too high and then you think that the bed is uncomfortable, but in fact it is up to you.

    How to assemble the adjustable bed frame?

    Although it seems much more complicated, assembling an adjustable bed frame is very similar to assembling any other bed frame. The most important thing is to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Also, you should not try to assemble any bed frame yourself, but seek the help of at least one other person. 

    An image of adjustable bed frame assembly guide.

    This will significantly speed up the process, and most bed frames cannot be assembled alone at all, but have to be done by two people. Pay attention to the parts that will move, including adjustable legs, avoid tightening the screws too much, as this can make operating significantly more difficult. If it has under bed lighting, that is one more thing you have to pay attention.

    How to choose the adjustable bed frame?

    When choosing an adjustable bed frame, you should consider all the factors you are considering when buying another type of furniture. First think about the functionality and your needs. Do you have a health problem or do you just want to be more comfortable watching TV? This will affect the type of adjustable bed frame you will buy, as prices vary significantly. Also pay attention to some general things, such as reviews, manufacturer’s reputation, free delivery and assembly.

    Do adjustable bed frames ruin mattresses?

    Adjustable bed frame may reduce the service life of the mattress, but not significantly. Mattresses are generally very durable, and the adjusting bed frame is not violent. However, if you do not use a mattress suitable for this type of bed frame, you will not enjoy all the benefits. Our advice is to choose a foam mattress, because the foam adapts best but there are more adjustable mattresses on the market.

    Can any bed go on the adjustable bed frame?

    Not every bed can go on the adjustable bed frame, but many can. It depends on the dimension and stability. It is best to contact the manufacturer and check what he has to say about it. This will give you an insight into some things that may not be available online.

    An image of an adjustable bed without a mattress.

    Can I use my headboard and footboard with the adjustable bed frame?

    In general, it is possible to use headboard and footboard with each adjustable bed frame. What is different is the process of attaching the headboard and footboard to the adjustable bed. You will either need bolts or hooks. For bolts it is necessary to drill holes, if they are not already drilled, and hooks can be attached to the part intended for that.

    It is important that the dimensions are appropriate, and do not forget the design. If the bed frame and headboard are completely different in appearance, then it will not be beneficial for you interior.

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