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Simba Stratos Temperature Regulation Technology

image of our writer Filip Maric

Written By Filip

Sleep Advisor


14 June 2024 3 min read

Many of us struggle to keep cool during the night, and that is affecting our sleep. We toss and turn; we flip our pillow, uncover our legs – all because we just want it to be a little bit cooler. As you know, legs sticking underneath the blanket doesn't really do much as far as temperature regulation goes, so – what do we do?

Fortunately, Simba Sleep decided to tackle this problem and help us cool our heads instead of our feet. They've enriched two of their products, including the Simba Hybrid pillow with their patented, space-inspired temperature regulation technology called Stratos. Let’s find out a bit more about this technology and what it offers

What is the Stratos Technology that some Simba products use?

To put it simply, Simba Stratos is a newly designed and patented technology that will help you sleep better by regulating the temperature. So, it is not a cooling technology as many seem to believe. Stratos will also help you get warm if you are cold. It is temperature regulation at its finest.

A smba hybrid pillow infused by strastos technology

To better understand how this Stratos new ground-breaking technology came about, we have to understand what it actually does. So, let’s explore that a little bit further.

Astronaut-inspired temperature regulation

The idea behind Stratos is actually pretty ingenious. To develop this technology, Simba's team of scientists looked into technology that helps astronauts survive and handle drastic temperature changes. If there is anyone who knows how to properly regulate temperature, it is the people that send other people to space. So, Stratos is actually inspired by the brave space travellers and the ones that are allowing them to do so.

an illustration the structure of simba hybrid pillow with stratos technology

Phase Change technology

This astronaut-inspired technology is based on phase change technology. Essentially, Stratos works kind of like the ozone layer that is protecting our planet by keeping our temperature in check. Essentially, just like ozone, the Stratos absorbs all the excess heat and draws it away from your body. However, phase change technology works in both directions. If you place a cold cheek onto a pillow – it will release the absorbed heat to warm you up.

How do you avoid getting hot with Stratos technology?

As you know by now, Simba Stratos is regulating temperature with its phase change technology – it cools down the warm stuff and warms up the cools stuff. Now, when we're talking about products that are enriched with Stratos, you’ll easily spot the Stratos side.  It’s the one with the cyan-blue rim!

Now, whether you want to cover yourself with Stratos or rest your head on it – that is entirely up to you!

an illustration of the structure of stratos simba hybrid pillow

What Simba products do use Stratos technology?

As we’ve said in the beginning, Simba has added Stratos temperature-regulating technology to two of their products – the Simba Hybrid Pillow and the Simba Hybrid duvet with Stratos, which we reviewed earlier. Some products like Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress & Simba Hybrid Pro mattress do not use this technology directly – but rather offer an ability to use it with the removable cover that features this technology.

The pillow comes with a removable cotton cover or a pillowcase – however you want to call it. Both sides of the pillowcase are made from cotton. However, only one of them is enriched with the Stratos active temperature regulation. As we've mentioned before, the temperature-regulating side is easily identifiable by the cyan-blue rim.

a simba hybrid duvet with stratos technology

It's the same thing with the Simba Hybrid Duvet. Both sides of the duvet are made of high-quality cotton fibres, yet only one of them is enriched with the Simba Stratos active temperature regulating technology.

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FAQs about Stratos Technology

How does Simba Stratos Temperature Regulation Technology work?

Simba Stratos utilizes a combination of phase-change materials and adaptive fabric to achieve its temperature-regulating capabilities. The phase-change materials absorb and release heat as your body temperature changes during sleep. When you're warm, the materials absorb excess heat to keep you cooler. Conversely, when you're cold, the materials release stored heat to warm you up, maintaining a consistent and comfortable sleep environment.

Is Simba Stratos suitable for all seasons?

Yes, Simba Stratos Temperature Regulation Technology is designed to adapt to various seasons and temperatures. Whether it's hot summer nights or chilly winter evenings, Stratos works year-round to maintain an optimal sleep climate. It helps balance your body temperature, preventing overheating in warm weather and providing warmth during colder seasons, creating a comfortable sleeping experience throughout the year.

Is Simba Stratos safe and hypoallergenic?

Yes, Simba Stratos Temperature Regulation Technology is safe and hypoallergenic. The phase-change materials used in Stratos are non-toxic and have been extensively tested for safety. Additionally, the adaptive fabric is designed to be hypoallergenic, making it suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin. Simba prioritizes the safety and well-being of its customers, ensuring their sleep products meet high-quality standards.

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