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Simba Nanocubes - What Are These & What Do You Get From Them?

Constant improvements are necessary in the sleep industry. Every company that pays a lot of attention to its reputation will always implement new things and Simba sleep is certainly one such company.

The oldest pillow we know of dates back to Mesopotamia and was made almost 10 thousand years ago. Interestingly, from the time of Mesopotamia until about 50 years ago, pillows and other sleep products were made from mostly the same materials. Of course, the level of craftsmanship has advanced significantly, but wool, cotton and similar natural materials have been used.

Natural materials certainly have many advantages, so they are still in use today, even many premium sleep products are made from them. But nothing has revolutionized the sleep industry like memory foam. Memory foam was developed during the 60s by NASA for the needs of astronauts and the aviation industry. And then during the 80s it started to be used commercially in the sleep industry and today it is by far most popular material. 

Simba is a premium UK sleep company that uses memory foam for all its mattresses and pillow, but they have made numerous efforts to overcome the shortcomings of memory foam. By creating Simba Nanocubes Simba made huge step forward towards perfect night’s sleep.

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    What are Simba Nanocubes?

    If it is not possible to adjust the loft and firmness of the pillow, then certainly that specific pillow will not suit everyone, because each person has its own preferences, and also for each sleeping position a different loft and firmness is necessary. So Simba decided to make nanocubes, to be able to offer the perfect pillow to every customer.

    An image of Simba nanocubes.

    Simba Nanocubes have another advantage. Unlike pillows that have a single block of memory foam and have big problems with breathability and heat retention, small cubes do not interfere with air flow and do not retain heat, so even hot sleepers, would be perfectly comfortable sleeping. All you have to do is add or remove a certain amount of nanocbues.

    What are Simba nanocubes made of?

    We have already mentioned that nanocubes are made of foam, but instead of the traditional memory foam Simba opted for open-cell foam. In this way, Simba made the pillow even more breathable, because not only the filling as whole is breathable, but each nanocube individually also allows maximum airflow. What many customers don’t know is that open-cell foam has other benefits. For example, open-cell foam is more elastic than traditional memory foam, so bounce and response rates are even better.

    the structure of simba hybrid pillow with stratos technology

    What Simba products do use nanocubes?

    Simba is focused on product quality, not quantity, as is the case with most other high-end UK sleep companies. That is why Simba pillow is the only product that contains nanocubes. The company also offers mattresses, bed frames, duvet, topper, mattress protector, weighted blanket and bed linen, and none of these products need nanocubes.

    Simba Hybrid pillow

    We were thrilled when we got the Simba Hybrid pillow to test and we were not disappointed when we finished testing, on the contrary. The performances of this pillow are nothing short of spectacular. It is very comfortable, which is the most important feature of any pillow. The category where this pillow has no competition is temperature regulation. Breathability plus Statos technology, space inspired fabric technology, gives perfect results. The pillow is completely safe and eco-friendly, because BCI sourced cotton is used and it also has a CertiPUR certificate.

    an image of simba pillow review

    Can I buy more nanocubes for my Simba products?

    The answer is yes, you can buy more nanocubes for your Simba product. However, before you decide to buy more nanocubes, remember to shake the filling ever 10 to 14 days to have a perfectly plump pillow every night. If you still want a firmer pillow or a higher loft, you can buy nanocubes as well as nanotubes on Amazon. One bag of additional Simba Nanocubes weighs approximately 100g.

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