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Duck Feather Pillows 101: Everything You Wanted To Know

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Written By Alex Petrović

Certified Sleep Consultant

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29 April 2024 11 min read

Feather pillows are known for their ultra-plush feel, fantastic support and easy maintenance. They can last a very long time if properly maintained.

For a very long time, everyone knows that duck feather is a high-quality filling material for pillows because of numerous positive characteristics. Since a person spends a third of life using the comfort of bed, the quality of the pillow is very important. It has a great impact on the development, health and vitality of adults, and especially children.

Natural materials are favorite choice of many and all those people claim natural materials are superior compared to synthetic and other materials. We would say it depends primarily on personal preferences, because both natural and synthetic materials have numerous pros and cons.  Many people use bed linen where pillow is made of natural materials, while duvet is synthetic.

Natural bedding materials are soft to the touch and easy to shape, but they also have many other advantages. They do not contain mites and have a great thermal insulation ability. They are also suitable for people who often change their sleeping position and can adjust the height of the pillow accordingly. Thread count is one more important characteristic, but not the most important one.

What’s the difference between feather and down pillows?

When it comes to duck down pillows, they are made by taking feathers from the chest and underbelly of geese and ducks. Down pillows do not contain a pen and that is why it is so soft to the touch. That is exactly the reason why down pillows are more expensive and luxurious compared to feather ones. They also have a longer lifespan than feathers. On the other hand, feather pillows are a cheaper option. We must mention that a combination of these two is usually made in order to get additional softness. There is almost no 100% down pillow on the market, only the down and feathers ratio varies. Most common style is mixture of 80% feathers and 20% down.

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It happens that the feathers sometimes come out of the pillow because it is sharper, but it is enough just to pull it out and you will not destroy anything. However, there is no major difference between down and feather pillows and both options are equally good. The choice mainly comes down to personal preferences, and how you want to lay your head during sleep. The UK market has both of these categories – so make sure you inspect both these before opting for one.

What do you get from duck feather pillows?

Duck feather pillows provide their users with durability over standard pillows. In addition, they can be shaped and thus easily adjusted to individual requirements which is very important especially for stomach sleepers. People also like the cuddly moment while at the same time offering great support. They also provide natural insulation and breathability so duck feathers are suitable during every season. This prevents the feeling of excessive heat, and also accumulating of microbes and other allergens.


The durability of your pillow is determined by the care and quality. Feather pillows tend to be durable. The average lifespan is two to three years if you take proper care of them. That’s why maintaining a pillow is most important, especially if you’re allergic to dust. You know that washing pillows is necessary then. Follow the instructions of the expert to thoroughly clean the pillow and remove dust and dirt from it. This applies to the use of sensitive washing mode at temperatures of 30 degrees if you have to do it at home. You must also have a tumble dryer. A much better option is to take it to dry cleaning.


The pillow supports you from the neck all the way to the shoulders, so that the blood flows freely and easily, and tension and potential headaches are reduced. That is why it is best for your body that the neck lies properly on the pillow. This way you will be in the best position during sleep. The height of the pillow should be equal to the width of your shoulders, and from the bottom of the neck to the top of the shoulders. Feather pillows are great because they have a firm base that is soft to the touch and also mold according to your body. In this way, it represents a sufficiently strong structure for the correct position of your body while providing a feeling of softness.


A comfortable and supportive pillow allows you to sleep well every night. This means that with the help of this pillow, you will sleep peacefully or without pain in your shoulder or neck. Therefore, when choosing a pillow, personal preferences should be taken into account. This refers to the desired thickness, softness, temperature regulation and sleeping position. According to the many reviews, sleepers who prefer softer pillows prefer feather pillows. The reason is its large support structure while the lower part is much softer. They match the shape of the head and neck.

Natural insulation and breathability

So, a million small hairs on one feather retain a large amount of air – you have seen a goose landing on water but still staying completely dry. In this way feather pillows have thermal insulation ability and also such pillows are so breathable. We can say that no other pillow filling material has such an ability to regulate humidity. Our pillows have a big task, because we release a large amount of moisture in just one night. This is a basic rule to keep a comfortable microclimate in bed. In addition, there is no smell of the new product like it is the case with furniture or memory foam products.

an image of scooms hungarian goose down pillow review

Hypoallergenic properties

Thanks to the completely natural bedding, these pillows are a very healthy choice. Let us recall the function of feathers on birds. They use it precisely to protect and prevent allergic reactions, etc. So, this material is anti-allergic. It does not attract bacteria, fungi and other microbes compared to some materials. Duck feathers allow the skin to breathe. Research shows that it is almost impossible to find mites in feather pillows. 

These pillows are a very unfavorable habitat for these little creatures. We can thank the function of the pen for that. Feathers are known to have a great ability to let in the moisture we produce in sleep. In this way, the humidity is reduced to a minimum, but it is enough to be below 70% because it is the ideal humidity for the reproduction of mites. Either way, an excellent microclimate is achieved that allows for deep and proper sleep. They are light and airy.

Easy washing and care

Feather pillows are very easy to maintain but you still have to pay attention to details. It is enough to ventilate them once a week in a place where there is a large flow of air. You can leave them to stand for a few hours. However, do not leave them in a place where the sun reaches. Exposure to high sun and temperature can dry out feathers. In this way, it becomes brittle and fragile. Although you can wash it at temperatures of 30 degrees, it is not recommended to do it at home.

There is a high chance that there will be excessive degreasing of the feathers, which leads to breakage. You will need a dryer, but even then the feathers will not swell enough. It is best to leave it to professional cleaners. You can tumble dry/dry clean these pillows but at the very low temperature settings, if you really want to do it by yourself.

Good neck and shoulders support

The main job of your pillow is to keep your neck and head at the right height. This prevents unnecessary strain. Thanks to their filling, these pillows are both elastic and soft. In this case, they are an excellent support for the cervical spine, while they are luxurious and soft to the touch. You can opt for different dimensions and thus adjust the size of the pillow to your needs. That is why they are also used by those who have neck pain. Other pillows can be too high or low and thus not support the neck itself. This builds up pressure as the neck tries to make up for the lack of support.

Cooling properties

We have already mentioned the breathability of duck feathers, and breathability is precisely the main factor influencing the pillow to have cooling properties. Since it is a natural material and since the airflow is unobstructed through the pillow because of what the feathers look like, you will feel that the pillow is never hot.

What are the downsides of duck feather pillows?

Before you invest in a quality pillow, keep in mind its disadvantages. For example, this type of pillow can give someone a too soft feeling on the head or the whole body. Also, a soft pillow can cause neck and back pain in some people. We have to mention that it can make a crunchy sound when compressed due to feathers or something else. Regarding the animal welfare – all companies keep the animal welfare at the highest possible standards and have a certificate that proves that they responsibly sourced all the feather. In addition, there is an ability for full traceability of every animal that they used for collecting the fibres.

Tearing fibers

Tearing fibers can occur as a result of poor pillow maintenance. That is why it is not recommended to wash duck feather pillow at home. Although you can wash it at a temperature of 30 degrees and dry it in the washing machine, there is a high chance that the feathers will tear. Remember that its lifespan primarily depends on how you follow it. In that case, it is wiser to leave this job to professional cleaners.  Skin oil can easily damage the pillow. Our hair retains more dirt than any other part of the body. And every night it all ends up on our pillowcase.

In addition, by rubbing your face against the pillow, we leave sweat, oil and dead cells on it. That is why it is necessary to wash the pillows regularly, in order to remove the dirt that we do not see with the naked eye, and which is certainly present. The simplest way is to wash the pillows in the washing machine every two to three months. However, this can be a problem with duck feathers.

Who shouldn’t use duck feather pillows?

Duck feather pillows are not compatible with every position during sleep. In that case its benefits will not be available to stomach sleepers, sleepers who like firm pillows and sleepers who don’t want to re-fluff pillows. The position of their neck and shoulders in combination with these pillows can simply impede breathing and thus make it difficult to sleep. Pain can also occur in these parts of the body.

Stomach sleepers

This pillow can be a problem for those who sleep on their stomachs. This means that they will most likely be bothered by the soft feeling on the face or upper part of the body. However, people who sleep on their backs or hips will be delighted with the effect of this pillow. The reason is good support that properly holds the neck, upper spine and shoulders. This way you can properly place the head while supporting it at the same time. It can be easily shaped to increase the level of comfort and support.

Sleepers who like firm pillows

Since the duck feather pillow is known as a very soft pillow, we would not recommend it to people who like a firm surface. To them, a duck feather pillow could only produce a bad mood or worsen problems with the neck, spine, etc. It just wouldn’t be a good choice for them because he wouldn’t meet their needs. Although this pillow has a sufficiently firm base for the correct position of the body, it provides an extremely soft feeling unlike solid pillows.

Sleepers who don’t want to re-fluff pillows

Although these pillows have piped edges and last a relatively long time, they can lose their shape after a while. Therefore, occasional addition of material is required. In this way, the shape is retained in the desired loft. However, some people simply do not want to renew the filling material. In addition, feathers are not that heavy as they have small weight and sleepers who are not fans of lightweight pillows, may not want want to proceed to the checkout in a category shop that sells these pillows.

In a nutshell – are duck feather pillows good for sleep?

Duck feather pillows are of very quality and we can even say luxury choice if it meets your needs. Also, in most of the cases, these come with a free standard delivery and with the average rating of quality of 80 out of 100, so these are really great products that every store should have in stock.  They provide their users with durability compared to standard pillows – as well as the superb comfort when paired with good mattresses. 

an image of duck feathers flying

Some other advantages of these high quality models are durability, moldability, natural insulation and breathability, and good neck and shoulders support – as well as the feeling of snuggle when under these. However, they are not an ideal choice if you are a sleeper who don’t want to re-fluff pillows, a sleeper who like firm pillows, and stomach sleepers. If you find yourself in one of these groups – make sure you consider this material before you hand out money and order one from the collection.

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