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What we Found at Dunelm

Featured image for Dunelm's landing page

October 18 2023 By  Connie Hack 2 min read

Dunelm has everything you could want and need for your bedroom – from a new mattress to wardrobes and dressing tables. The Sleep Advisors have searched through it all.

At The Sleep Advisors, we are always on the lookout for new styles and possible bedroom ideas. Bedroom interior design can actually help with your sleep so it is important to have a bedroom you love. Whether you are styling for your bedroom or your kid's bedroom or you need some organisation – we are bringing some great style options from Dunelm. Any additional information you need can be found online.

Connie Hack
“Once you discover Dunelm’s bedroom inspiration you are sure to discover something you love”

Dunelm adult bedroom styles

To start with, we have found some gorgeous adult bedroom styles and there is something for everyone. You can mix and match everything you find on their website.

A modern makeover

A modern bedroom design by Dunelm

We love their contemporary take on a Boho style. With the help of Dunelm’s expansive catalogue, you can find incredible products for an entire bedroom transformation.

Whether you are looking for metal bed frames with plenty of storage space underneath, or Dunelm wall lights – just like the ones below, with a sleek black accent contrasting with the white origami paper.

Or are you after the extra comfy Dunelm pillows with the fresh and cosy Fogarty anti-allergy duvet to complete your bed?

A product image of Brea Round Side Table Glass by Dunelm.
Brea Round Side Table
A product image of Origami Paper Wall Light
Origami Paper Wall Light
An image of Natural Cotton Check Throw by Dunelm.
Natural Cotton Check Throw
A product image of London Bed
London Bed

Be bold with a Boho bedroom

Boho Bedroom style by Dunelm

Our favourite style that we are obsessed with. It features a timeless tasselled throw, a daring combination of bright colours, and a mismatch of patterned textured cushions.

The main thing we noticed is the Dunelm duvet covers – it is a beautiful sage colour that you can get full matching bedding sets, they have even paired them with the honey colour too. Providing a perfect colour scheme throughout the whole bedroom.

A product image of Jute Marl Rug
Jute Marl Rug
product image of Large Cotton Rope Basket
Large Cotton Rope Basket
An image of Lynton Double 1 Drawer Wardrobe by Dunelm.
Lynton Double 1 Drawer Wardrobe
An image of Pineapple Elephant Kabeli Tufted Cotton Throw by Dunelm.
Pineapple Elephant Kabeli Tufted Cotton Throw
product image of Pure Cotton Standard Pillowcase Pair
Pure Cotton Standard Pillowcase Pair
product image of Rectangular Jute Pouffe by Dunelm.
Rectangular Jute Pouffe
product image of Walter Faux Linen Struts Headboard by Dunelm.
Walter Faux Linen Struts Headboard
A product image of Wooden Tray by Dunelm.
Wooden Tray

Spice up your space with a Scandi style

Scandinavian bedroom style by Dunelm

Last, but definitely not least, we discovered their Scandi aesthetic. The Dunelm bedroom furniture range is heaven – especially if you have struggled to find the products you have been dreaming of.

We were drawn to the wooden bedside tables with clean lines and black accents for the handles and frame. Everyone loves having dried pampas grass in their homes and with a stunningly large urn in the room, it gives you just the place to put them.

The smaller decorative pieces should not be left out as they can be what truly brings out the personality of the bedroom.

There are more options available on Dunelm’s website – we know you won’t be disappointed.

An image of Pure Cotton Duvet Cover by Dunelm.
Pure Cotton Duvet Cover
product image of Alaya Cushion by Dunelm.
Alaya Cushion
product image of Bryant 4 Drawer Chest
Bryant 4 Drawer Chest
product image of Concave Vase Cream 12cm
Concave Vase Cream 12cm

Dunelm cupboard organisation

Storage & cupboard organization by Dunelm

Now, for their endless bedroom storage solutions. We know what it is like to have piles of bedsheets, spare pillows and duvets, cleaning products, and towels with nowhere to put them.

However, we were super happy to find all the options that Dunelm have. You may have a dedicated space in the bedroom, or it could be a designated cupboard elsewhere in the house – either way, Dunelm has got you covered to improve organisation.

There is a range of rope baskets in all different sizes, textures and colours – including a cute set of 3 and a larger, more practical storage basket. Large ones are ideal for storing your throws in and the smaller ones are great for your sleep essentials.

Other ways you could organise are with coat hooks for your new Dunelm towels and various shelving solutions to place any overflow.

An image of Natural Belly Storage Basket by Dunelm.
Natural Belly Storage Basket
product image of Cotton Rope Wall Basket Cream by Dunelm.
Cotton Rope Wall Basket Cream
product image of Water Hyacinth Set of 3 Small Baskets by Dunelm.
Water Hyacinth Set of 3 Small Baskets
product image of Super-Soft Microfibre Plain Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set
Super-Soft Microfibre Plain Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

Dunelm fun kids' bedroom

Super-storage wardrobe and bedroom decor are essential for any kids' bedroom. Dunelm knows what they are doing when it comes to your little one's bedroom, as we discovered their fun children's furniture collection (and a whole Disney homeware range).

A bedroom under the sea

Bedroom style for boys by Dunelm

The Sleep Advisors can’t get enough of this themed bedroom but not only that, it includes everything they could ever want.

They can collect their books together to put on the amazing whale tail bookcase, sit and relax on their slouched beanbag chair, and then snuggle up under their really cool shark duvet cover before bed.

There will be so much for them to explore, and they will love playing in their new bedroom.

product image of spindle bed
Spindle bed
product image of Sharks Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set by Dunelm.
Sharks Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set
product image of Kid's Bookcase Toy Box by Dunelm.
Kid's Bookcase Toy Box
product image of Kid's Bookcase Toy Box
Ickle Bubba Mono Mountains Bunting
An image of Bristol Navy Beanbag Chair by Dunelm.
Bristol Navy Beanbag Chair
product image of Aspen 1799 Rug
Aspen 1799 Rug
An image of Quilted Star Cushion by Dunelm.
Quilted Star Cushion
product image of Origami Decagon Paper Easy Fit Pendant
Origami Decagon Paper Easy Fit Pendant

A bedroom up in the clouds

Kids bedroom style for girls by Dunelm

On the other hand, if you are looking for something light and airy, there is a pink and white bedroom that we think is so cute.

You can add a personalised touch with an alphabet cushion and you can even add some lovely colourful wall decor. The pillowcases are so elegant with the frilled edging, while the alphabet pouffe makes the room a little more fun!

Note that there are other choices for a bookcase, bedroom chairs and stools, wooden bedframes and the rest.

Search the website for more kids' furniture and ideas, there is plenty to choose from for all age ranges –  newborn Nursery, kids' room and a teen den.

Dunelm blackout curtains

Blackout curtains by Dunelm

One key product we can’t stop thinking about is the blackout curtains. There are certain features of these blackout curtains that will be great for a Sunday morning lie-in, after a night out. Take into account that these keep the light out and the heat in.

Curtains may seem like a basic thing for a bedroom, but they can transform a room and people can easily forget about them. Just imagine, you have a late night and the last thing you want is to be woken up early morning with the sun beaming into your room. Correct?

Then, imagine you have these curtains to keep your room at an ideal temperature for when you get in and you can sleep in pitch black until you have had your 8 hours of sleep. Your Saturday night has just got better.

If in doubt, opt for the blackout curtains every time.

  • They will block out natural light
  • You can get them in lots of colours and various lengths
  • They are super easy to install


It may be hard to put your finger on your style, but once you discover Dunelm’s bedroom inspiration you are sure to discover something you love. If that’s too overwhelming, just take a look at the styles we love to create the boudoir you have always wanted.

This page was made in partnership with Dunelm.

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