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The Future Of Beds That Will Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep For Everyone

The future of beds is clear – we will all achieve the perfect night’s sleep due to various technology perks. From self-cleaning option to customized sound – everything will be adapted according to us. Which is exactly what we need, right?

It goes without saying that beds and mattresses have greatly evolved over the year, but exactly does the future hold? Just how advanced our beds will become? Well, some experts from the sector might have more than a few ideas.

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    Adaptive firmness for all sleepers

    Imagine a future where you don’t have to spend hours researching different mattresses so you can find a perfectly firm mattress for you. Well, according to some predictions – you won’t have to imagine for much longer.

    an image of a woman checking the firmness of a mattress

    Experts estimate that in the relatively near future, even the regular beds will be capable of adjusting the firmness depending on the person sleeping on the bed at said time. This is kind of already happening, with some of these support-adjusting modern beds tailoring support based on your movement and sleeping position, but it seems like this technology is about to become even more sophisticated.

    Increased comfort and support

    While we’re on the subject of support and comfort, it also seems like it’s only a matter of time before our beds come even more comfy and supportive.

    an image of a man sleeping comfortably in his bed

    Manufacturers are working tirelessly on developing beds and mattresses that can adjust to persons’ weight, sleeping position, and pressure points. In order to come up with a formula that will adjust the bed in a way that it perfectly suits anyone sleeping on it – we’ll probably have to spend some additional time in research labs. But, the results could be closer than anyone might think.

    Gentle vibration for waking up instead of an alarm clock

    Shocking yourself awake with loud, mind-piercing sounds promises to be a thing of the past sooner rather than later. According to experts, the beds of the future could wake you up by delicately and gently rocking you in the morning.

    What they might also do is simulate the sunrise by illuminating the bedroom, bit by bit, in order to gently awaken you from slumber.

    woman waking up to a sunrise alarm

    Self-cleaning & personalized sleeping environment

    Cleaning the mattress might be a hassle – but not for much longer, it seems. It looks like our future beds will be capable of self-cleaning and self-airing, with the possibility of even being completely anti-bacterial. A system like this would ensure a perfectly healthy and clean sleeping environment at all times. But wait, there’s more.

    Instead of investing in night lights, air humidifiers, white noise machines, and all that jazz – the bed you’re sleeping on could very well provide you with all of this. Smart beds should be more than capable of regulating the sleeping temperature, let alone playing soothing beach sounds and rocking you to sleep.

    Space-saving design

    What’s also interesting is that beds of the future could also prove to be quite space-saving – in more ways than one.

    Contrary to today’s space-saving beds like murphy’s, the ultimate space-saving beds of the future could very well raise up to the ceiling when not in use – providing you with additional floor space during the day.

    an image of a storage space under the bed

    What you’d do with all that additional space is up to you, but the way we see it – morning yoga just got a whole lot comfier.

     So, are you excited about the future of beds? We certainly are.

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