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How Far Away Should Your Phone Be When You Sleep In Your Bed?

We already know that cell phones like other wireless devices radiate, although many of us keep the cell phone near the bed during the night. Find out which distance is safe.

The use of electronic devices in the bedroom seriously disrupts the natural patterns of the sleep cycle. This is mainly due to the blue light emitted by the screens of modern devices and wireless radiation. However, it is difficult to find a person who would not use its smart phone all the time. 

It is constantly next to people, even in the bedroom. Just before going to bed, notifications are mostly read and some messages are answered that you did not manage to reply to during the day.

To reduce the harmful effects of a cell phone radiation, you do not have to give it up in the bedroom. It is enough to turn this bad habit into a less harmful one. You’ll do this by turning on night mode, meditating, using the alarm clock device, turning on Do Not Disturb mode, and setting your phone aside.

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    Why should you keep your phone away when you sleep?

    Radiation from the cell phones (and other devices) can be associated with increase cancer risk, as well as some mental and reproductive health problems. Cell phones transmit information using low frequency radio signals, which cause radiation. It affects men and women equally badly. For example, research shows that there is a link between cell phone’s radiation and the quantity and quality of sperm.

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    This implies that this could have a very bad effect on fertility. In that case, men who carry a phone in their pocket will have fewer sperm. There is also research by psychologists that confirms the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation on the mental health, attention and sleep of adolescents.

    Radio frequency & radiation emission

    Harmful cell phone EMF radiation is all around you and the way electromagnetic radiation affects people depends on many factors. The most important is the power of the radiation source, but the frequency of the radiation has an equally great influence. Constant radiation exposure disrupts the energy structure of biological systems. The consequences can be various illnesses, both mental and physical.

    an image of telecommunications antenna that transmits mobile signal

    In some situations, mobile phones emit more radiation than normal. Then it is especially important to keep them away from your head and you should be careful. For example, mobile phones 2G, 3G, 4G broadcast radio frequency in the frequency range of 0.7-2.7 GHz while 5G uses frequency spectrum up to 80 GHz.

    Damage to the phone

    If you keep your phone close to your body or face while you sleep, you risk not only your health due to radio frequency energy but also the health of your phone. This means that you make unconscious movements during sleep and many of them are fatal for a mobile phone. For example, you can unknowingly push it off the bed or lie on it if you sleep next to your phone. In any case, great damage can occur.

    If you are more worried about the condition of the phone, put it at least next to the bed on the nightstand. It should not be on the floor next to the bed, because you can stand on it when getting out of bed. If the phone is on the bed next to you, you will probably accidentally touch it while sleeping. This means that the device will not receive adequate air flow and will heat up faster, which leads to battery damage.

    Blue light

    So, if you need a phone during the day, at least at night you can get away from it, because mobile phone use because of blue light brings sleep disturbances. The first problem cell phone users encounter is the most obvious and it is related to insomnia. Blue light is responsible for shifting circadian rhythm that regulates sleep cycles. Light allows us to see, read, and successfully perform our daily activities.

    a man working on a laptop late night in the dark

    However, when we look at the screen from which blue light radiates before going to bed, our brain becomes confused and it is hard to fall asleep. That is why it is best not to hold the phone under a pillow or next to your body. Experts recommend that the minimum distance between you and the phone be one length of your arm, while preferably more, to avoid having trouble sleeping.

    Should I use airplane mode or turn the phone off?

    If you turn on this mode in your mobile phone, you choose the best way to extend the battery life of your phone. The reason is the disconnection of the data transmission. In that case, your battery will last much longer, but that’s not all you can achieve with this mode.

    Turning off the phone disables access to the mobile phone. If you find it difficult not to check social networks and other things on the phone in the evening, it is best to turn off the phone. This way you will not be tempted, and the battery consumption in this state is even lower because the phone is completely turned off.

    So, how far away should your phone be when you sleep?

    Experts from World Health Organization and other famous organizations recommend keeping your cell phone at least 1 meter away from the bed. This will limit exposure to radio frequencies. You also need to turn off your smart phones before going to bed or turn on airplane mode. Otherwise, you may experience headaches and other sleep-related problems.

    Even though it is not standing next to your head, but a little further away, it is connected to the network and emits a small amount of radiation. Blue light affects the hormones that regulate sleep cycles, so it is advisable to keep the phone as far away from bed as possible so that you do not have restless nights or health problems.

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