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How To Fix A Sagging Mattress & Enjoy Sleep?

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Written By Alex Petrović

Certified Sleep Consultant

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29 April 2024 6 min read

If the mattress is showing signs of wear and tear, or perhaps already deformed, it can no longer provide proper support and comfort. Bumps and dens can be covered with topper. In some other cases, it is necessary to replace the old mattress with a new one.

The mattress is vital for good night’s sleep. Don't ignore its importance and continue to use one that doesn't provide you with adequate support and comfort. A damaged mattress loses its primary function. Sagging reduces it comfort and makes it impossible to achieve quality sleep. If you notice sagging, try to remember how old your mattress is. Its age has a big impact on your decision.

For example, if you bought it 8 or more years ago, you probably can't fix the problem. Although this is not the only criterion, it should be an important indicator. Also listen to your body. Pain in the back and elsewhere indicates a problem with the body position during sleep. Try turning your mattress and adjusting to make it more comfortable, but if the problem persists, it's definitely time for a change.

Why does the mattress get saggy after some time?

An image of a man pressing Sleepsoul Wish 3000 Series Pocket Cool Gel mattress.

Sagging mattresses can be recognized very easily, because there are visible damages and other signs. Damage occurs naturally. Every mattress has its own service life. For example, foam materials will soften a bit faster compared to innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses that are usually firmer.

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The result is a weaker support in problem areas. Sagging occurs precisely in those areas of the mattress that bear the greatest pressure. These are mainly the parts that support the hips and shoulders. Of course, body weight is another important factor to consider. People with higher BMI can significantly reduce the service life of a mattress.

Sagging mattress symptoms

Although many of the symptoms of sagging can be very obvious, some of them are not always visible. For example, it happens that people suddenly feel pain that they have not felt before. It can also take a long time before you realise that the fatigue is the result of a sagging mattress and not something else. That is why it is important that you learn about the most common symptoms of this phenomenon as soon as possible.

Feeling as if you were falling from bed

The surface on which you sleep must be completely flat, and the degree of firmness of the surface depends on subjective feeling. A mattress that does not provide enough support often loses its shape. Often, you can notice that the mattress loses its edge support as well. Because of this, you may feel as if you are hanging from the bed or sinking too much. One quick tip that you can use to to try to avoid this problem is to look for the best mattresses that have a reinforced edge. Of course, these mattresses will sag over time – but at least you can eliminate one problem from the beginning.

Waking up tired

Finding the right sleeping position is sometimes very difficult, but such a condition is often related to the age of the mattress or its quality. It could just be that you don't like a certain type of mattress because it's not compatible with your sleeping position. The firmness must suit your needs. This symptom also indicates a sagging mattress.

Back pain

Sometimes you find out that the mattress has lost its basic characteristics only when you start to feel the consequences like back pain. The reason is the loss of the mattress's ability to provide your body with proper support. Waiting too long can make your condition worse, so it's best to start thinking about a purchase or repair now.

How to fix a sagging mattress?

You can't really fix a mattress, but there are several alternatives that can solve your problem. In most situations, it is necessary to replace the old mattress. For example, if many years have passed, you cannot do anything for it. There is also no solution for a product that has visible signs of damage. Before making a decision, try the following techniques.

Rotate the mattress

Eve Premium mattress handle hold by a woman

If you regularly rotate the mattress, and turn to the other side, you avoid the formation of bumps and dents. You will also even out the marks. Regardless of the type of mattress, turn your mattress at least twice a year. It is especially important to do this if you have a memory foam or latex mattress. Even better if you can flip it too and that is the case with double sided mattresses but that is not the solution for sagging pillow top mattress since such mattresses are always single sided.

Get a new foundation

In many cases, sagging mattresses are the fault of the bed base. Think about this fact, because there are different types of bed bases. Certain materials contribute to the deformity of the mattress. Check with the manufacturer which style of bed frame best suits your mattress. Maybe you need a new foundation after all, not a mattress.

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Check the warranty/trial period

an image of a young couple having a mattress warranty

Before doing anything, you should check the warranty that you received from the manufacturer. If it is still valid and the terms of the warranty are in your favour, there is a possibility to repair or exchange the old product for a new one. It will save you a lot of time and money.

Get a mattress topper

The solution to your problem does not have to be exclusively buying a new mattress. Try a memory foam mattress topper or some other model which can give you the feeling of the new one on the existing mattress. In this way, you provide your body with an extra layer of comfort, because you will be sleeping on a flatter, more comfortable surface and your sleep quality will be improved.

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Put a pillow under the mattress

Use extra pillows as the fastest solution. Many people place extra pillows in places where dents have formed. For example, place pillows under your hips, legs, or some other part of your body. We recommend models that retain their shape. You can also place pillows under the mattress itself.

Use plywood between the bed frame and the mattress

An image of plywood.

To create a better sleeping surface, you can support your mattress with plywood. You will place this item between the base of the bed and the mattress. This will create an extra layer that should prevent the mattress from deteriorating. For example, plywood will solve a crooked bed problem that you didn't notice. It won't permanently fix the damage, but it can be a temporary fix.

How to prevent a mattress from sagging?

Sagging is usually the result of long-term use of the mattress, but this is not always the case. Sometimes you yourself can contribute to premature sagging. To prevent such an outcome, you can take some measures. In this way, you will additionally strengthen the surface on which you sleep and improve its function.

Use metal bed frame

To provide the best mattress support, consider a metal frame. It will make your mattress more stable. Unlike wood, metal is more durable and lasts much longer. If you choose the right frame, you can use the full potential of the mattress.

Apply pressure evenly across the mattress

Mattresses tend to wear out faster if you always sleep in the same place. Because of this sleeping position, the pressure is not properly distributed. A certain part of the mattress suffers a lot of pressure and the result is a sagging or sinking effect. To ensure a restful sleep and a pain-free awakening, distribute the pressure evenly.

Inspect it regularly

Deformations on the surface of the mattress, depressions or lumps on the core are sometimes not clearly visible. In order to prevent the appearance of deformities, regularly inspect the entire surface. Problems occur not only with old mattresses but also with improperly maintained foundations.

When should you replace the mattress?

an image of a couple trying out a new mattress

Experts recommend that you change your mattress every seven to ten years. An important factor is the subjective feeling of comfort and support you get from it. There are signs that tell you it's time to invest. If you notice a dent or other type of damage, feel bumps on your mattress, avoid sleeping in your bed, and wake up in pain, it's obvious. You're dealing with a sagging mattress and it's time to make changes.


If you have tried to fix mattress indentation, but the mattress is no longer as flexible as it used to be, there have been serious changes in its composition. There is nothing you can do anymore because it has lost its basic function – providing support. Pay attention to your health. If you often wake up with pain in certain parts of your body, you don't get enough sleep, or you suddenly start showing allergy symptoms, you should consider a new mattress. 

Motion transfer is a very unpleasant experience if you do not sleep alone in bed. In this case, we also recommend replacing the mattress or at least buying one of the many mattress toppers on the UK sleep market.

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A CPD certified Sleep Consultant with more than 2000 hours of research into all the different ways we can get a great night's sleep. As a former insomniac, I know how difficult life can be without a nightly recovery and I love that I get to share everything I've learned with you all. So hopefully we can all sleep soundly!
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