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How to Keep Mattress from Sliding?

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Written by Anđela Rajković

Sleep Consultant

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7 November 2023 9 min read

Today, we're going to tackle the issue of how to keep a mattress from sliding.

good mattress is essential for a good night's sleep. However, keeping your mattress from sliding during the night is arguably just as important.

Regardless of what bed you might currently have, a mattress that doesn't stay in place while sleeping can greatly impact your health.

Moreover, not only can all of this disturb your sleep but it can also make getting intimate rather awkward. And, we all know how these are important for staying happy and sane.

Therefore, today we're going to tackle the issue at its root. Why do mattresses slide during the night at all? And what can you do in order to prevent this pesky occurrence and have your interrupted beauty sleep? Well, keep reading and, hopefully, you'll learn how to keep a mattress from sliding and get a good night's rest before tomorrow.

P.S. If you have a friend (or two) dealing with the same problem, feel free to share these tips and tricks as well.

Why does my mattress slide?

First, let's discuss why mattresses tend to slide in the first place. Well, given how much you'd typically move around in your sleep, it could be a result of one of the following culprits – or even a combination of multiple. So, pay attention to which segments fit in with your given situation.

Your bed will start sliding because there's no grip between the legs and the floors. The movement and the sliding will usually occur when there's movement on the bed – so, while getting in and out of bed or during extracurricular activities. And, we don't know about you, but a sliding bed frame is not a feature we'd want during fun times.

Old mattress

Wear and tear are an inescapable part of life. So, it only makes sense that it applies to your mattress as well. And given how people tend not to think about this all that often – old mattresses are a prime suspect when it comes to mattress sliding.

So, after how much time should you question whether your mattress is too old? While it isn't an exact science (as it depends on maintenance and mattress type), the eight-year mark is bound to affect most mattresses. The most obvious way you can see whether a mattress is past its prime is if you see that it has started to sag around the corners. Another key indicator is if the mattress isn't as comfortable or supportive as it once was.

And if you do believe age is the reason behind the mattress sliding, it might be a good idea to look into getting a new mattress altogether.

Accumulation of dirt

This might sound a bit strange at first, but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Dead skin cells, dust, bodily fluids, crumbs, pet hair and who knows what else does tend to accumulate over time. And at some point, it will make it so that the mattress doesn't have sufficient friction with the bed frame – making it slide more easily.

Luckily, however, this is the easiest problem to remedy. Just lift the mattress and use a vacuum in order to clean the base of the bed. You could then also get an upholstery brush attachment and comb through the mattress itself.

Inadequate size of a mattress/bed frame

Unlike the first segment, this one is rather simple to check. If there's extra space between your mattress and the bed frame – the root of your mattress sliding issue should be rather evident. After all, a mattress shouldn't have free reign to move around as it pleases. If you happen to have an adjustable bed frame, this is a non-issue, as you can quickly make it a snugger fit and fix the issue at its root.

However, if not, you might have to get a new bed frame or mattress. And while getting a bigger mattress or shopping for bed frames might sound troublesome, don't worry – we have some tips that are a lot simpler and less expensive.

Poor support

On the other hand, bed frames might be the ones at fault. For example, if the legs of the bed frame aren't all the exact same size, it could lead to the entire bed tipping from one edge to another. So, make sure that the issue isn't due to uneven support.

Plus, if the bed frame is wooden, the legs might slip on the floor due to a lack of friction. So, it would be wise to put a carpet or a rubber mat under the bed and check whether that fixes your issues. Even the best mattress can run into issues if paired with improper support, so you should look into it.

Lack of railing

In a perfect world, mattresses wouldn't slide at all during the night. But if you're a restless sleeper, they're bound to slide a bit. That's why most bed frames have railing as an extra precaution. So, if your bed doesn't have any – it could be one of the reasons for the sliding mattress. This is especially common if you have a platform bed – but we'll get to those later.

Double-sided mattress

Double-sided mattresses are usually amazing, as they allow you to keep a mattress feeling fresh and new for a considerable amount of time. However, although both sides of the mattress are good for sleeping, they're not the best at keeping the mattress in place.

Double-sided mattresses have to be smooth on both sides in order to fulfill their duty – but that means that neither side is rough. After all, there's a reason why certain mattresses only have one “sleeping side”, as the other is made with the purpose of gripping onto the bed frame. So, this could easily be the cause of the sliding mattress.

Jumping on the bed

An image of two young kids jumping on the bed.

Although it might seem too simple to be true, the root of your sliding mattress troubles might just come from the way you get into bed. For example, if you just jump into bed every night, you might accidentally push the mattress out of the center – even though the mattress and the bed frame seem fine otherwise. Not to mention that a bed spring could get damaged or misshapen. So, before you go looking at furniture stores, try just calmly getting into bed first.

How to keep the mattress from sliding?

Now that we know all of the reasons your mattress might be sliding around, let's talk about concrete steps you can take in order to put a stop to it.

Use pad grippers

If you have a sneaking suspicion that a lack of friction is the main issue destroying your sleep, pad grippers are the easiest way to keep your mattress from sliding. Although they're usually used to hold down the carpet, pad grippers can keep your mattress stable just as easily. Just place them between your mattress and the bed frame and let them do their magic. It's definitely a lot cheaper than getting a new mattress or bed frame.

Get non-slip mattress pads

Non-slip mattress pads are just like pad grippers but even more specialized. While pad grippers are usually used to keep your carpet from sliding around, non-slip mattress pads are specifically made to combat – you guessed it – mattress sliding.

Just measure your mattress, get a non-slip pad of the right size (or even combine two smaller ones) and reap the benefits. Not only is this simple but a non-slip mattress pad is also a lot more subtle than a yoga mat.

Velcro tape

If mattress pads and pad grippers sound too complicated for you or you don't know where to find them, Velcro should put your mind at ease. By just applying a few Velcro strips onto the mattress and then a few matching ones on the bed frame, your mattress sliding days should be behind you. Just make sure to line the Velcro strips up correctly and you should see minimal mattress movement.

Gap filling

If your mattress slides because it's too small for your bed frame, an easy solution is to simply fill in the gaps. It's definitely easier and less expensive than buying a new mattress or a new bed frame, that much is certain.

And there's a good chance you already have something that can be used as a gap-filling lying around the house (shirts, towels, or any other soft material should do the trick). Just make sure that there's little to no extra space between the mattress and the railing/bed frame.

Carpet tape

An image of a carpet tape used to keep mattress from sliding.

If you're against using Velcro strips for whatever reason, double-sided carpet tape is an easy alternative. Just like with Velcro strips, simply line up the opposing pieces of carpet tape on the mattress and the bed frame, and they should keep your mattress from sliding. It's rather easy to find and inconspicuous, so it's a solid option.

How to prevent a memory foam mattress from sliding?

As previously mentioned, memory foam mattresses tend to struggle when it comes to friction. They usually come without a box spring and have a harder time staying in place. So, be it through Velcro strips, double-sided carpet tape, pad gripers, or non-slip mattress pads, make sure to add some friction between your foam mattress and the bed frame. And if you don't already have rails, try to find another way to keep that mattress from freely roaming around.

How to prevent a mattress from sliding on a metal bed frame?

On the other hand, your mattress might be perfectly fine, and it's your bed frame that's ruining your sleep. After all, metal bed frames tend to slip up regardless of the mattress due to low friction. So, just like in the previous section, do everything you can to ensure there's a sufficient grip between the mattress and the bed frame.

How to prevent a box spring from slipping off the bed frame?

Sometimes it's the box spring that makes the entire mattress slide. So, if you have a box spring mattress, make sure that it's properly secured and that the nails holding it in place haven't gotten loose. After all, the wear and tear on a box spring can be rather severe, and without it, your mattress doesn't have anything to keep it in place.

Will my mattress slide on a platform bed?

Although they look quite nice and modern, a platform bed is completely missing rails to keep a mattress from sliding. So, even the best mattresses can end up on the floor if there isn't enough friction between them and the bed frame. Therefore, either refer to the tips we have about adding friction or consider adding some side rails. Personally, since you're already going for the minimalistic look, a mattress pad is probably your best bet.

Can I use safety pins to prevent the mattress from sliding?

Although you can't exactly use safety pins to pin your mattress down, they can still be of use. For example, you can use safety pins to make sure your mattress topper stays in place all night – thus reducing the friction between you and the mattress as you move in your sleep. Just make sure to use at least five safety pins for each side of the bed, and the topper should be good to go.


In conclusion, if you want to keep a mattress from sliding, just work from the ground up. Check the legs of the bed, the bed frame itself, the box spring, the mattress, and then the topper. Be it a lack of friction or just an old mattress, these tips should have you sorted and guarantee a good night's sleep.

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