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How to Make a Blanket Fort? 12 Easy Tips

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Written By Alex Petrović

Certified Sleep Consultant

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1 April 2024 8 min read

Whether you have kids or just want to keep the child within you alive, building a blanket fort is bound to keep things fun. So, today we're looking at how to make a blanket fort in a few different ways!

We're sure that most of you have fond memories of building a blanket fort and hanging out with your siblings/friends/stuffed animals. However, this tradition shouldn't just be left in the past! After all, simple blanket forts only take a few minutes to prop up and can provide countless hours of fun.

Plus, this makes for a great way to bond with your kids and create some memories. So, we're going to take a look at a few different approaches you can take in order to build the best blanket fort your kids have ever seen.

How to make a 1-person blanket fort

Although everything is better with a friend, one-person blanket forts can still make for a fun afternoon. This is especially true if your child wants some alone time. So, here are a few ways that you can make a 1-person blanket fort in only a few minutes. They might not always look like the coolest fort but they'll get the job done. And if you want to make something more elaborate, stick around until the end.

Tent forts

One of the easiest forts to make is a tent fort. All you have to do is to get a clothes rack to serve as the central support beam and then drape blankets or sheets on top. Depending on the clothes rack, you might want to go for some lighter sheets in order to ensure it doesn't topple over.

You can then use clothes pins in order to secure the sheets/blanket at the top. As for the sides, you can either use some heavy books to secure the sheets from the top or stuff the ends of the sheets into some pillows that you then use for the fort walls. Either way, the fort should be done rather quickly. Then just place as many pillows and blankets as you'd like. And if you want an even quicker fix, you could also just use a real tent.

Couch forts

Couch forts are another quick and easy way to bring some whimsy into your child's life. All you have to do is to take two or more couch cushions and use them as the fort walls and then drape lighter blankets or sheets on top.

You can also make this fort on the couch itself, insuring that it's comfy and an ideal nap space. Just make sure that the couch cushions are sturdy enough to hold up the sheets and you should be golden. You can also add a little extra support by positioning some heavy books at the foot of the cushions. Or, if the cushions are big enough, have them resting on each other like a little tent.

Chair forts

An image of a child underneath a chair fort

As you'll see later on, chairs are a staple part of fort building. We all have them and they make for really good walls. In this scenario, all you have to do is to take one chair, preferably with a high backrest, and then hang blankets from the top down to the ground.

It's not the biggest fort but it's very easy to build and should fit one child easily. You can also use beach towels or lightweight sheets if the blankets aren't big enough. Then just add some padding on the ground so that it's comfortable to sit down and you're done!

Premade forts

If you don't want to go through the process of picking up blankets and pillows after your child has had their fun, a premade fort is a good solution. They're typically inflatable domes that you can pump in in a minute or two, with unique and fun designs.

While they might not have the same cosy feeling as a homemade fort, they're also a lot easier and arguably safer. You don't have to worry about the sofa cushions falling down, there's no need to hold fort walls with heavy objects, and your blankets and sheets stay clean. Of course, there are bigger models that fit more than one person on the market but since they're typically a bit smaller, we've decided to put them in this section.

How to make a big blanket fort

If your child is a bit more social and wants to invite their friends over, or you want to join them in the fort, it's important to make it a bit bigger. Although bigger forts require a bit more time, and more materials, they also offer more floor space.

This means that you can play board games, game nights, or other group activities in the comfort of your fort. And a bit later on, we'll also discuss how to maximise the fun you can get out of a larger fort. But for now, let's get down to fort building!

Multiple chair forts

An image of a girl in her pyjamas under a big blanket fort

The easiest way to make a large fort is to use multiple chairs as the walls. Just take an even number of chairs that are of the same height and position them so that they're turned back to back. Then, use a few sheets in order to cover up the chairs themselves. They don't have to be completely covered and you can use heavy blankets as this is more for the aesthetic.

After that, use a large blanket or sheet as the roof of the fort. Preferably you'd want to use the biggest blanket or sheet you can in order to have as much room as possible. And you can secure the roof to the wall chairs and side sheets via rubber bands, clamps, or even pins.

Lastly, if you want to have the best fort in town, you need something to hold up the middle section so that it doesn't sag. Ideally, you'd want something that can stand on its own and won't topple over if someone bumps into it. Think clothes racks or even a lamp post with the lightbulb taken out. Alternatively, you can also just use a broom but make sure that it's secure.

Curtain rod forts

If you want a fort that can maximise height, utilising curtain rods is essential. Just attach the largest sheet that you have to the curtain rod and have it serve as the fort wall. Then you can hold down the other end with heavy books and simply drape two more sheets on either side. This is even better if you can do it in a corner space, as half of the fort is automatically finished!

Curtain rod forts are ideal if you want to make sure the kids have enough floor space to run around and play games. Plus, it's arguably the most stable in most situations. Just make sure to stay close as you don't want someone stepping on the sheets and potentially dislodging the curtain rod.

Clothes line forts

Clothes line forts are like curtain rod forts but arguably even easier to make. All you have to do is set up a clothes line to go from one wall to another and then drape some sheets on top. It will immediately resemble a camping tent and you can get a very tall fort that won't be likely to collapse.

Plus, you can corner off an entire section of the room, so it can fit quite a few people. Just make sure that the sheets are secured to the wall and the line itself via chip clips, clothes pins, or rubber bands.

How to make the best blanket fort

An image of a woman under a blanket fort with her child

Lastly, we'd like to go over a few tips that are going to make your already amazing fort even better! These are just a few of our ideas so don't be afraid to get creative yourself, as creativity is the number one requirement in order to build a blanket fort!

And if you have any other ideas that can turn an average fort into a super fort, leave us some suggestions down in the comments. You'd be helping us out and all the other fort builders. But now, let's get down to the tips and tricks.

Have proper padding

Unless you're building your blanket fort on a bed/couch, everyone is going to be sitting on the floor. So, make sure that they're as comfortable as possible! The easiest way to do this is by throwing down as many soft, fluffy blankets as you can. However, there are other options as well.

Throwing down a mattress topper makes things extra comfy as they usually have a nice memory foam padding. And if you want to be on the safe side, a mattress protector is even better, as they're commonly waterproof. Lastly, if your fort is tall enough, you can even put down an entire mattress for the ultimate comfort!

Make your fort a sleep haven

If your child likes the fort you've made, they'll also want to spend a lot of time in it. So, making sure that they can comfortably nap or sleep is a big plus. The easiest way to go about this is to throw down a duvet alongside pillows into the fort.

However, if your child is having a sleepover, getting good sleeping bags is even better! After all, they're crafted to be comfortable even when lying on the hard ground. Plus, it makes it much easier to figure out how many people can sleep in the fort. And if you get higher-tier sleeping bags, they can likely also be transformed into two duvets, adding even more padding for the morning.

Adding activities

Being inside a blanket fort is already pretty fun. However, that doesn't mean that you should add a few more activities into the mix! So, if you have any board games lying around, why not put them inside the fort for some added fun?

You can also include a laptop with some games if your children are a bit older or even an entire TV. On the other hand, if the children are on the younger side, just make sure there are more than enough stuffed animals to go around.

Completing the aesthetic

If you want to fort to truly feel like a secret lair, you need to make it look the part. So, if possible, try coordinating the colours of the exterior to make it look like a cave or a camping tent. Or, on the other hand, you can hang up lights in order to make it seem a bit more magical.

Of course, knowing what your child likes is essential for this step. However, it's worth the little added effort if they end up feeling like they're living out their dreams.

Add ventilation

Lastly, let's talk about a very practical step – keeping things nice and cool. If multiple people are going to be in the blanket fort, it's bound to get stuffy sooner or later. So, make sure to take that into account! Especially since most kids probably won't want gaping holes in the fort in order to let air in.

The easiest fix is to have some type of fan inside the fort or to make the fort in a room where there's AC. However, you can also make little adjustments, like using the high breathability of most bamboo fabrics or letting the fort air out once everyone is asleep. After all, if you want to be the master on how to make a blanket fort that will blow everyone away, you can't have your kids waking up covered in sweat!

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