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How To Wash Silk Pajamas Properly?

image of our writer Filip Maric

Written By Filip

Sleep Advisor

Featured image of how to wash silk pajamas.

29 April 2024 4 min read

If you are wondering how to wash silk pajamas, The Sleep Advisors have prepared a mini guide for you. It is easy and simple – just make sure you let the pajamas dry enough before packing them up.

You've treated yourself to nice, cosy, smooth silk pajamas, but before wearing them to bed – you have to wash them. And, just by looking at it, you can see that this delicate fabric is not as easy to take care of as regular cotton pj's, so you wonder – how to wash silk pajamas properly?

Well, luckily for you – you're not the only one with that question in mind. A lot of people are wondering how to wash their silk garments, so we decided to help.

We've had our fair share of silk garments, and we've learned (the hard way) how to wash these delicate items with utmost care, and we want to share the knowledge with you.

So, we've prepared a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to wash your new silk pajamas, as well as some other useful tips and tricks you can use on your other silk items like undies or sleeping gowns.

Let's get started!

How often should I wash my silk pajamas?

a housewife holding a bleach and an iron.

But first – how often should you wash silk pajamas? You should wash your silk pajamas every three to four days. That may come as a shock to most people, but even if you shower every single night right before you get to bed, the silk garment you sleep in still gets “dirty”.

Some people will tell you it's okay if you wash your pj's once a week, but we'd say that's about as long as you should go. For the most comfortable experience, we'd suggest buying two sets of silk pj's and changing them every three to four days.

How to wash silk pajamas?

As you can probably imagine, silk fabric requires special care. Most of the time, you'll need to hand-wash silk items, including your pj's, although sometimes you could get by with using a washing machine on a delicate cycle if you use the mesh bag to protect the fabric from abrasive damage. Dry cleaning also might work.

However, if you really want to keep your pajamas or any other piece of silk clothing nice and good-looking for a long time, you'll avoid machine wash – even on a silk setting. Instead, you'll do the following.

Place it in lukewarm water

An image of a young woman soaking pajamas in lukewarm water.

You'll want to wash your silk pajamas in lukewarm water.

Fill up the sink or a basin with lukewarm water up to 30°C and soak your pj's. This is the ideal temperature for hand-washing silk.

Use ONLY speciality made detergents for silk material

You must use detergent specifically designed for silk. Any other detergent will be too harsh and abrasive and will probably ruin your shiny pj's. It's an understatement when we say you must go out of your way to buy special-made detergent for silk. Otherwise, you might just wear cotton pajama.

Also, you'll want to use only a few drops of detergent. Anything more than that is not necessary.

Soak the pajama for 3 minutes

a woman soaking up silk pajamas.

Leave your pajamas in the basin for about three minutes. Soaking the silk in lukewarm water and specially made detergent will be more than enough for you to clean the pajama.

Hand wash it

Hand washing silk pajamas is pretty easy. All you have to do is plunge the pajamas up and down to make sure water goes through the fabric, eliminating any dirt or residue. Just make sure you're not too harsh with it.

After you're done washing it, take it out and rinse it under lukewarm or cool water and continue rinsing until you notice the clear water running. Then, gently press the excess moisture out of the fabric, but make sure not to rub or wring your pj's.

Soak up excess water with a towel

An image of a blue towel.

Once you've gently pressed the silk, use a towel to soak up the excess water from the fabric. Once again, make sure not to run or wring the silk. Instead, just gently press and tap the towel onto the fabric until you're satisfied.

Hang dry

When it comes to drying – you'll want to hang the pj's. Sometimes, it's okay to lay flat to dry, although we prefer to hang drying.

However, make sure you don't hang silk garments in the direct sunlight. Keep it indoors.

Tips on how to wash silk pajamas

Now that we've gone through a step-by-step process of washing silk – let's take a look at some tips for washing silk pajamas.

Check the care labels first

An image of a woman checking the care instructions.

In order to make sure you do everything right – take a look at the care label. Every piece of clothing comes with a fabric care label, and silk pj's are the same.

On there, you'll find all the necessary instructions about fabric care – from water temperature to whether the garment's safe for dry cleaners or not.

Get the right detergent

An image of a laundry detergent

As we have previously said – it is absolutely paramount that you get the right detergent. Whether it's hand or machine-washing silk – a gentle detergent is essential. Anything else, and you're risking ruining your silk item.

Even if you take it dry cleaning – a professional dry cleaner will use a special formula to clean your pajamas.

Hand-wash it in a cold water

As we've said, while your silk pajamas could be dry-cleaned and machine-washed – you should always strive to wash them with your hands. It's not hard, it won't take more than 10 minutes, and you'll be able to rest assured your silk pajamas are still in perfect shape.

No tumble dry

Under no circumstances should you put your silk pajamas into a tumble dryer. Avoid doing this at all costs! Silk's natural fibres will shrink if you tumble dry them, and you'll end up with a ruined set of expensive sleep garments.

Dry in the shade

An image of drying in shade.

Just like tumble-drying, drying silk in direct sunlight is a big no-no. Exposing such a delicate fabric to high heat and direct sunlight can (and will) cause the colour to fade. It will also probably damage the silk fabrics, turning your once buttery smooth pj's into a dull, harsh, brittle material.

Never use chlorine bleach

Under no circumstances should you use chlorine bleach to wash silk pajamas. It will completely ruin the silk fibres. If you stain your silk delicates, try and wash them right away, in the exact same way we've described. If the stain remains, try taking it to dry cleaners, and if that doesn't help – just get yourself a new set.

Should I iron the silk pajamas?

An image of a young woman ironing pajama.

You can iron silk pajamas pretty easily without damaging the fabric. All you need to do is make sure the fabric is damp, and that your iron is set to 110 to 150 degrees. Also, turn the pajamas inside-out, so you're ironing the back of it.

As for should you iron your pj's – that's up to you. Silk is prone to wrinkling, so you'll probably end up with wrinkled pajamas after the first night, so it might be unnecessary to waste time ironing it.

How long does it take for a silk pajama to dry?

Silk dries very quickly. In optimal conditions, it shouldn't take more than half an hour for your pajamas to be completely dry.

After the final rinse, just tap your pj's to remove excess water, hang it out to air dry, and within half an hour to an hour – you'll be ready to put the pj's on.

How often should you wash silk pajamas?

An image of a mom and daughter preparing pajamas and clothes for washing.

Washing silk pajamas is easier than it looks. You don't need to wash them as often as regular, cotton pajamas.

As we have said earlier – washing your silk pajamas once every three to four days should be more than enough. Silk's natural fibres are quite resilient, and they're not as “needy” as some other fabrics, but you still need to take care of them.

Now, are silk pajamas a good choice? Absolutely. They're incredibly comfortable and smooth, they'll keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and they're as seductive as pj's can get.

All in all – they're a great choice!

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