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These 10 Things Are Ruining Your Mattress

image of our writer Filip Maric

Written By Filip

Sleep Advisor

Featured image of things that are ruining your mattress.

29 April 2024 2 min read

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. This means that we spend more time on the mattress than in the car, in shoes or on the sofa. So we have to do everything we can to prevent ruining a mattress and thus shortening its service life.

The mattress is the most expensive thing in your bedroom. Or at least it should be. In any case, it is the most important thing. There is no good night's sleep without a quality, comfortable mattress that is suitable for your sleeping position.

Buying a mattress is a significant investment. Our recommendation is not to try to save money when buying a mattress, but to spend as much money as you can. That investment will pay off many times over. A high quality mattress probably comes with a 10-year warranty.

But the warranty will become invalid if the damages are the result of your actions that ruined the product. These 10 things are ruining your mattress and you have to avoid it if you want to enjoy it for a decade or more.

1. Failing to clean the mattress regularly

an image of cleaning a mattress with a vacuum cleaner

It is certainly very important to regularly wash the bedding, which we will talk about later, but you must not forget to clean the mattress. Since the mattress is covered with bedding and often with a mattress cover, we forget that dirt can still penetrate through all these layers and reach the mattress. That's ruining a mattress over time.

It is necessary to vacuum the mattress from time to time. It doesn't have to be often, but it would be good to do it once a month. When vacuuming, put on the upholstery attachment to avoid damaging the surface of the mattress. You can even tear it without attachment.

Once you install the upholstery attachment, you can set the power to around 80%. Press while vacuuming, especially around buttons, but do not press for too long or you may damage the vacuum motor.

2. Lack of support for the mattress

support of vesgantti memory foam mattress topper

The worst thing you can do to both yourself and your mattress is to put it on the floor. A mattress placed on the floor will not be able to give you the support and comfort you expect from it, and its service life will be significantly shortened.

But it is not a solution to buy just any bed frame. The bed frame or bed base must be suitable. If you are buying a heavy mattress, then you need a solid, sturdy bed base. It is likely that the manufacturer or seller will recommend the ideal type of bed frame for a particular model of mattress.

3. Jumping on the bed

An image of kid jumping on a bed.

A mattress is by no means a trampoline. So don't let children have fun on it because it certanly leads to ruining a mattress. Although it will seem to you that the mattress withstands jumps well because it is new and high quality product, that will still leave consequences on it and you will quickly notice dents and reduced support.

Jumping causes damage not only to the mattress but also to the bed frame. Broken slats are a frequent occurrence when children jump on the bed. You certainly do not want to repair a new bed after 6 months, and this type of damage is not covered by the warranty.

4. Forgetting to clean stains immediately

an image of a man cleaning a mattress topper with a vinegar

No matter how much you take care of your mattress, sooner or later you will stain it. If you don't eat or drink in bed, you will significantly reduce the possibility of staining it. But you are probably going to make a mistake at some point that will lead to a stain. It doesn't have to be food or water, but also bodily fluids or your pet.

When that happens, you have the best chance of removing the stain if you do it right away. Do not wait, but remove the bedding and apply stain removal or a combination of lukewarm water, vinegar, lemon and baking soda.

5. Not laundering your sheets

A maid changing bed sheets

Let's forget about the mattress for a second and focus on our health. Dirty sheets can cause many diseases. We leave body oils and dead skin cells on the sheets every day. Dead skin cells attract dust mites and other allergens, so allergies can occur if you don't wash sheets often enough.

Various dermatological diseases can also appear if you sleep on straight bedding. Therefore, for the sake of your health, but also for the longevity of the mattress, wash the sheets, pillowcase and duvet cover every 4 to 7 days, and if you have a child or pet every 2 to 3 days.

6. Missing a mattress protector

a woman putting a mattress protector on a mattress

A mattress protector is something you should have from day one. Do not wait for a year or two to pass and for minor damages to be visible before you buy a protector.

This is because the longer you've been using a mattress protector, the longer your actual mattress is going to last! And if you have a premium mattress, this is rather worth it.

So, think about getting one right now, before it's too late.

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Protectors are certainly useful even when the problem has already appeared. For example, they can trap dust mites inside and thus you will exterminate them. But better to use mattress protector for prevention. There is a large selection on the UK market, and our recommendation is to buy one that is waterproof. Then it will protect the mattress from both physical damage, signs of wear and tear and liquids.

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7. Not rotating the mattress

Carrying Eve Premium mattress

Certain parts of the mattress are exposed to more pressure. These are the parts where your legs, pelvis and torso rest. In those places, dents will appear much faster and then your sleep will not be so comfortable. It is easy to avoid dents. All you have to do is rotate the mattress and then those parts will recover, especially when we are talking about a memory foam mattress or latex ones.

If you buy a two-sided mattress, the situation is even better. Then you practically have two sleep surfaces and you can flip the mattress. Such mattresses almost always last the longest.

Buying a low-quality mattress

An image of a man pressing Sleepsoul Wish 3000 Series Pocket Cool Gel mattress.

You might think at first that this subtitle does not fit in this article, but let us explain. Although a £100 or £200 mattress may seem tempting because of the price, it's not a good choice in the long run. First of all, it can never have the characteristics of a more expensive mattress. Of course, the price is not the only indicator of quality, but in the case of a mattress, the price will tell you a lot. No manufacturer can charge £1000 for a poor mattress.

Second, a cheaper mattress will look ruined after only a short time of use, as if you have been using it for 15 years. Then you will realise that you will have to buy a new one every couple of years. That leads us to the conclusion that buying cheap mattress is bad for budget too.

9. Lack of sunshine in the bedroom

an image of morning sunshine wakes up a man

Now you will probably think that we have lost our minds and that we are comparing mattress to a plant that needs the sun. But that is not the point. The sun is important because it is our main ally in the fight against mould, mildew, allergens and bacteria. Every morning, remove the curtains and blinds so that the sun can penetrate into the bedroom. Also air the room regularly and your sleep environment are going to be perfect.

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10. Ignoring the manufacturer's instructions

An image of a woman checking the care instructions.

The manufacturer knows what is best for the product. The instructions that you will receive when you buy the mattress will explain how to clean it and how to remove stains. Even if you think you know a more effective way to do it, listen to the manufacturer, because there may be a reason why company specified those certain methods.

Each material requires different treatment and if you fail to follow the instructions, you may damage it irreversibly. Also read everything else from the manual, like what is preferred type of bed base and how to wash cover if it is removable.


Whether the bedroom will be your oasis depends only on you. Having a comfortable mattress he mattress is the most important. That's why you have to choose the best possible one and do all you can to prevent ruining a mattress. Maintaining is very important so that it retains all its characteristics as long as possible. Our advice is to keep pets outside of the bedroom. Do not forget that the bed frame is also very important.

When you're done with that part, move on to the pillow. The pillow must also be compatible with your sleep position. Pay attention to the duvet and curtains, because curtains affect the temperature in the room, and choose a duvet according to the season. In the end, you have to choose lighting, carpet and other accessories. 

Lastly, now that you know what could've been ruining a mattress, be honest – have you been guilty of doing any of these things? Let us know in the comments!

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