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Z-Magic Cooling Comforter Review

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Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

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Z-Magic Cooling Comforter folded with packaging.

16 May 2024 6 min read

The Z-Magic Cooling Comforter is a cooling blanket, similar to a weighted blanket but with the focus being on keeping you cool. It's the perfect accessory for chilling on the sofa but it is also there to promote restful sleep.

In the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter review, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it and our experience of testing it out. Cooling weighted blankets are used to keep your body temperature down and wick away excess heat.


An icon depicting good cooling properties
Instantly cooling
It's temperature regulating to keep your body at the optimum temperature throughout the night.
An icon depicting the product that is soft to touch
Super soft touch
The blanket is so gentle on the skin.
An icon depicting microbe, illustrating anti-bacterial product
Antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials
You'll stay fresh and clean with this comforter.


An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
Quite expensive
It is a little pricey compared to other cooling blankets.
An icon depicting a non all season product
Not for all-year use
If you're not a hot sleeper, it can be too cooling in the colder months.

Who is this product for?

The comforter is for those who have hot flashes, experience menopause or find it hard to cool down (especially in the summer). 

To summarise, it's for:

What do we use this product for?

The cooling properties of the blanket mean it's great for absorbing your body heat while you sleep, or while you're relaxing in the evening. It's good at providing comfort and allowing you to have a comfortable sleep. The comforter has a silky soft texture which is perfect for easing sensitive skin.

So, it can be used for:

Bamboo fibre

Using bamboo has its own natural properties that make it an even better product. It is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-odour. So, even if you're prone to sweating, this one won't cling to that smell. It wicks away the moisture so you can stay feeling fresh throughout the night.

The comforter has a cooling effect which is what helps hot sleepers. Regular bamboo viscose is thermoregulating and breathable. However, they have said their specially designed Z-bamboo viscose makes it 2x cooler. We would have to agree that there is a slight noticeable difference to other bamboo products we have tested.

Temperature-regulating technology

We've already touched on regulating body temperature and breathability. But, there's special technology used that enhances the cooling ability of the comforter. Their specific technology promotes “10x faster heat absorption than cotton”.

We can confirm that snuggling into this blanket kept us cool for a long time without becoming so cold that we needed to find another blanket. You'll remain at a good temperature. However, using it when you're already cold and the instant cooling effect will take some adjusting to your temperature. So, only ever cosy up when you're feeling very warm.

Review of the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter

Close up of the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter label.

The Cooling Comforter is a lightweight blanket that’s great for those who get hot all year round. But even more so for snuggling up on those warmer summer evenings. Sometimes when it’s too hot, the last thing you want is a blanket on you or any extra layers. However, with this one the lightweight design is perfect to bring out when it’s warmer. You can still feel cosy without feeling like you’re suffocating from a big blanket

When testing, I found that the comforter was instantly cooling. It is cool to the touch so you’ll soon cool down after it touches your skin.

The comforter is made from bamboo fibre on one side and Japanese cool-tech fabric on the other. Both sides give that instantly cooling feeling.


  • Size: Twin, Queen, King/Cali King, Oversize
  • Material: Bamboo viscose, Japanese cool-tech
  • Breathability: 9/10
  • Removable cover: No
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Trial: 30 days

What we like about the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter

There's definitely lots to like about the comforter, especially if you're someone who spends the majority of the time being hot and unable to cool down. However, it can be enjoyed by many different people. Here are just a few of the reasons we liked it:

What we didn’t like about the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter

It's rare for a product to suit everyone's taste and some people are likely to find something they dislike about it. While we have no major complaints, there are a couple things that might sway your decision on whether to buy it or not. Here they are:

Zonli's customer service and company information

Delivery – We experienced a quick delivery from Zonli, and we were very impressed. The average shipping time to the UK is 24 hours, so you won't have to wait around for ages until your Cooling Comforter arrives.

Payment – The standard payment methods are available so there shouldn't be any issue with purchasing. You can even do an express checkout with Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Online customer service – There is an online chat for any questions you may need to ask, but it is done with an automated message. I still found this very helpful for what I needed to know and got a response immediately. If this doesn't work for you then there is an FAQ page or their Contact Us page where you can fill out a form and wait for a response.

Check the alternatives to the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter

If you want a blanket that is more focused on being a weighted blanket than being cooling, we would suggest looking for an alternative. You can find weighted blankets that also regulate your body temperature so you can get both from one product. Another option we would recommend exploring is the Emma Hug Weighted Blanket. 

Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

a product image of Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

The Emma Weighted Blanket is within a similar price range to the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter so you can expect the same level of quality. This blanket has been designed to be thermo-regulating so it works with your body temperature to keep your body heat under control. Whilst keeping the body heat to a minimum, it has a weighted feel that helps you to relax and calm anxiety. The filling has been distributed evenly to apply gentle pressure across your body.

You will be able to experience a comfortable, cooling and calming sleep when using this product.

Take a look at our full Emma Hug Weighted Blanket review.


An icon depicting a magnifier indicating high quality
Premium quality
Skillfully crafted to deliver everything you need.
An icon depicting a thermometer illustrating a good thermo regulating properties
Thermo regulating
Concocted by sleep experts for year-round use.
An icon depicting a leaf indicating hypoallergenic properties
100% safe for people with allergy problems.


An icon depicting a ruler indicating lack of different sizes & dimensions
One size only
It is available in one size.

What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

One thing to note that makes this product better than others is that it's cooling on both sides of the blankets. You will find that most only have one cooling side which is still practical. However, if both sides are cooling then it doesn't matter how much you fidget during the night, you will always have a cool surface on you. 

Some products will only keep you cool for a few hours which can help to send you off to sleep. With the Cooling Comforter, it'll cool you down all night so you won't feel uncomfortable or disturbed while you're sleeping. 

Is the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter eco-friendly or sustainable?

The Cooling Comforter is environmentally friendly due to the materials it uses to produce it. The bamboo fibres have been naturally sourced for the comforter. As far as we know, the cool tech on the opposite side is also eco-friendly but we can't be certain. Their website claims that the whole product is kind on the environment.

Aside from the materials, there isn't much on sustainability on their website.

How did we test the product?

Now we'd like to discuss exactly how we test our products. On a basic level, all the products we review go through these three tests:

And when it comes to the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter, in particular, these are the exact tests conducted to gauge its quality:

Overall impressions of the product after the testing

Packaging of the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter.

The smaller details are part of the experience that can make the product even better. Before trying out the comforter, I had a look at the packaging. It comes in a cute box and inside is a reusable bag for storing it away in the cooler months. While it’s out during the summer, you can use the reusable bag to store other little bits in – any extra blankets, spare pillowcases or anything else you can think of.

Included inside the box is a welcome card with their mission on it. There’s also an information leaflet that has washing instructions, their purpose and their story.

On the comforter itself, you’ll find the Zonli brand label with the quote ‘Make sleep better’. This is with another label with washing instructions – they recommend washing before use. It also includes a couple of washing tips on the label too.

Details aside, it has many factors that make the blanket worth purchasing. In summary, it repels pet hair, is skin-friendly, environmentally friendly and machine washable. As well as the natural properties of bamboo being antibacterial, hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking. The Z-Magic Cooling Comforter has the perfect balance of being a light blanket to keep you comfy without being overbearing.

All-in-all, it's worth getting if you're a hot sleeper or are going through the menopause. But it isn't the kind of weighted blanket for those who tend to stay cold.

FAQs about your Z-Magic Cooling Comforter

In case we missed out on any important questions or you couldn't find what you're looking for, we have put together a few of the questions and answers you should know before buying. If there's anything else we have forgotten to mention then leave us a comment below and we'll get back to you.

Can I wash the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter?

Yes, you can. Just pop it in the wash on a gentle cycle, followed by tumble dry on low heat or you can leave it to air dry.

Is the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter hypoallergenic?

All the materials used for this product are hypoallergenic so allergy sufferers can enjoy the comforter too.

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