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What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping With An Eye Mask?

Eye mask is used to improve sleep quality. People rely on a sleeping mask to relax and rest, because it blocks light and other distractions.

Experts recommend 7 to 9 hours of good night’s sleep, but there are many factors that affect this process. These can be internal factors, such as stress, chronic and acute diseases. External factors such as noise, excessive light or other interference have the greatest impact. 

In order to provide your body with a sufficient quality of sleep, it is important to provide it with ideal sleeping conditions.

Your mind and body will rest if you try a eye mask, because it provides many benefits. For example, using a mask prolongs the REM phase, which automatically affects your skin health, cognitive abilities, immune system and better eating habits.

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    What do you get by sleeping with an eye mask?

    These masks can be used in different situations. For example, it is useful if you travel often and want to sleep during the trip. It will also help if your room is not dark enough. In addition, the sleeping mask will cover sensitive skin under the eyes and reduce friction on the pillow. In that case, you will protect your skin from the appearance of wrinkles.

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    Unlike other sleeping aids, sleeping masks are cost effective and have no side effects. If you choose a quality material, it will suit your skin because it will provide maximum comfort to the most sensitive part of your face, while it will give your body the rest it deserves.

    Saving money on blackout curtains

    Various aids are used to block too much light. One of the practical solutions are the blackout curtains, but if you want to save money, opt for an eye mask. It will give you even more protection, and it will cost you a less money. Blackout curtains have to be made of very thick material to block light as well as sound, so they are usually much more expensive than regular curtains.

    Boosting sleep quality

    Thanks to its design, this mask successfully blocks light so that it does not disturb your sleep. In that case, you will be able to sleep up to 9 recommended hours. The higher quality mask you choose, the more it will be pleasing to your skin. The body requires a dark bedroom to be able to produce more melatonin, most important sleep inducing hormone.

    Less insomnia

    The darker the room, the more melatonin the body will produce, which means that it will be easier for you to establish a deep sleep. People who have trouble sleeping require ideal conditions, because even the slightest disturbance can interrupt sleep. Insomnia can quickly become a chronic problem if you do not find a quick solution.

    Less dangerous than medications

    Medications are not the only solution, and you should not immediately resort to them. While a few sleeping pills may not hurt, they are not a long-term solution since they can cause addiction. You need to create ideal sleeping environment. Get curtains or a cheaper option – eye mask. Medications should be used only if nothing else helped so try other things before asking your doctor to prescribe you medications.

    Dry eyes prevention

    People who have sensitive eyes generally do not tolerate strong light. Experts recommend wearing eye protection such as an eye mask. Eyes will be able to retain the moisture so you will avoid dry eyes and other related symptoms in the morning and during day. Also, you should avoid screens before sleep because of blue light they emit to prevent dry eyes.

    Better immune system

    It has been confirmed many times in scientific studies that those who sleep only a few hours a day are much more susceptible to the flu and all other types of diseases. As the use of eye masks improves the quality and duration of sleep, then it directly affects the immunity. Good quality sleep, diet and physical activity are most important for our immune system.

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    Improved brain & mental health

    Sleep and mental health are closely related. Mental problems such as anxiety and depression can cause insomnia, but it can also be the other way around. People suffering from severe insomnia can develop anxiety, psychotic episodes, paranoia and even suicidal tendencies. The situation is that serious. So prevent this from happening to you, use an eye mask as one of the most beneficial sleep aids.

    Longer REM phase

    The rapid eye movement phase of sleep, known as the REM sleep phase, is considered to be the most important phase of our sleep. It is not possible to reach the REM phase as soon as you fall asleep, but it takes between an hour and two hours until you reach the REM phase. If your sleep is interrupted then you run the risk of not even reaching the REM phase or REM phase lasting very short. On the other hand, when you sleep in complete darkness, you can affect the prolongation of the REM phase.

    a woman sleeps in a rem phase

    Minimizing sleep interruptions

    There are people who find it very difficult to wake up even when they have to. But many people react to the slightest external stimuli. For example, if you go to bed before your partner, the amount of light that will change when your partner comes to bed can wake you up. Several such sleep interruptions at night and the quality of your sleep will be poor.

    Are sleep masks safe for skin?

    Sleep masks are actually recommended for everyone. Whether you have a problem with too much light coming from your window and disturbing your sleep or something else is causing you insomnia, this mask is always a good choice. For example, if you opt for a suitable material such as silk, you will prevent the formation of wrinkles.

    The skin under the eyes is very thin and sensitive, and you often move during sleep, which can cause numerous skin problems. However, if you protect this part of the face, your skin will remain intact and you will not have wrinkles or dark circles.

    Pay attention to the straps

    Every part of the mask is important, because you can’t sleep if something uncomfortable is on your face. But straps are probably the most important thing. Straps must be elastic, to keep the mask tight against your face and thus prevent light from reaching your eyes. Also, straps should not be too stiff because if straps are uncomfortable it can lead to poor sleep. Adjustable straps are best, and if the eye mask you choose does not have adjustable straps, then it is best to try the mask before buying to know if it is comfortable enough.

    Wash your mask often

    The eye mask must be machine washable so that you can maintain it regularly. The mask gets dirty very easily because both dead skin cells and oils end up on it, as well as dirt from the pillow, so you have to wash it often. The area around the eyes is very sensitive and pimples and other similar things can appear if you fail to wash the mask often.

    Will a sleep mask prevent wrinkles?

    Back sleepers don’t have to worry about this. But side and stomach sleepers often wake up with wrinkled skin. It’s common thing since you expose your skin to pressure and rubbing all night long. After one or a few nights nothing will happen. But in the long run it will affect the appearance of wrinkles. When you sleep with an eye mask, there will be a layer between your skin and the pillow that will protect you from wrinkles. It is important that the mask is made of natural materials to avoid irritation.

    What is the best material for an eye mask?

    You should go with eye mask made of natural materials. If you are not allergic to any material, the choice is very large. Silk and cotton stand out as the best materials. Both materials are very soft and smooth, so they will be comfortable for both you and your skin. Increasingly popular are eye masks made of bamboo, since bamboo is very soft as silk, and has many other advantages over silk such as durability and it is eco-friendly.

    an image of black panda bamboo eye mask

    Should I sleep with an eye mask every night?

    It’s entirely up to you. If you buy a high quality and comfortable eye mask, then there are no side effects of wearing a sleep mask every night. If you notice that the eye mask significantly improves your night’s sleep, use it constantly and even take it with you when you sleep outside of your home.

    Will an eye mask remove dark circles around my eyes?

    Eye mask can certainly help reduce dark circles around the eyes and maybe even make them disappear. Dark circles can be the result of genetics, but also fatigue and skin dehydration. If the dark circles are a consequence of you being tired then the eye mask will have a big impact on the dark circles disappearing. You can use cosmetics to hydrate your skin, and an eye mask area around eyes hydrated throughout the night.

    So, should I sleep with an eye mask?

    There are numerous sleep mask benefits. The main role of an eye mask is to give you a better night’s sleep. You have to find the right sleep mask for you and you will notice that you sleep better right away. Sleep masks work wonders if you have trouble falling asleep. Many people are sensitive to light and only complete darkness suits them. As it is difficult to always provide a dark environment, then a sleep mask is the solution. We highly recommend you checking our Panda Eye mask review to see if it suits you.

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    When you improve sleep quality, it will have far-reaching consequences. Good night’s sleep is essential for good immunity and prevention of various physical and mental illnesses. While sleep medications have many side effects, eye mask does not have any side effects. Also, if you are side or stomach sleepers, you will have less wrinkles when using an eye mask. What is important is to choose a sleep mask made of natural materials that are hypoallergenic and breathable.

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