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How To Store A Mattress When You Don’t Need It?

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Written By Alex Petrović

Certified Sleep Consultant

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29 April 2024 7 min read

If for some reason you have decided to store your mattress, you should do it properly. In this way, you will do all the work faster and better, and you will not damage the mattress. The most important thing is to clean it well and cover it with protective wrap. It must be in the appropriate position, and it all depends on the type of mattress.

The mattress itself is bulky and large even if it is not heavy. That is why it is necessary to dispose of it in the right manner. If you are going to store it outside of your home, you will need a suitable vehicle in which you will place the mattress in the correct position. Since it is recommended to be in a prone position, you will need a lot of space.

Good preparation of the mattress before disposal is extremely important for its durability. If you do it the right way, you can extend its service life. Basically before disposing of the mattress, there is not much preparation. You need to find its new place, clean it, remove everything from it and protect it. If you need it again, it will be immediately ready for use.

Find a place to store it

There are several places where you can store it. It can be your house, garage or rented storage space. The space you choose should have enough room for the mattress. It is also important that it has good ventilation, a high level of insulation, and a regulated temperature and it must not be humid inside.

In house

If you have decided to leave it in your house, you will probably store the mattress in your garage or storage unit. Before you do that, make enough space and provide it with good conditions. For example, move all objects that can fall on it or reorganize the space. These places are usually cooler than other rooms in the house, so they are a good option.


Renting storage units is an equally good idea. It is a good opportunity to save a lot of space in your garage or other room. When looking for the ideal unit, pay attention to the size of the area and the period of storage. The space should be clean. Check the ventilation and temperature.

Organize the space

Before you take the mattress to the chosen place, you should prepare the space where it will stand all the time. This includes thorough cleaning of the entire surface. Do it in the following order. Remove dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner. Check to see if there are any small objects left that could endanger the condition of the mattress. Then, wipe all surfaces that come into contact with the mattress with a cloth and a suitable cleaning product. Once you have done this, allow the area to dry so that you can place the mattress on a completely dry surface.

Remove the bedding

Removing the bedding is the first prerequisite for preparing the mattress. Put it in the washing machine, because this is where all the sweat and the rest of the dirt are kept. If you plan to store the pillows with the mattress, remove the protection from them and apply the cleaning method as for the mattress. After you have removed everything from it, pick it up. Place it on a vertical surface and leave it in the air for several hours.

Vacuum the mattress

Vacuuming the mattress is a useful habit. Do this every time you change the sheets to help remove dust mites and prevent dirt from penetrating the mattress structure. That's why you'll do it before putting it away so that it stays clean all the time during the period of non-use and to make it easier to remove the rest of the dirt. Otherwise, you risk the creation of fungus or mold on the mattress. Especially vacuum the corners and use upholstery cleaner.

Do the spot cleaning if needed

Thorough cleaning is very important. If you have a mattress with one or more small stains, you can try spot cleaning. There are several ways to do this. You can use a non-toxic enzymatic cleaner to chemically break down the stain. If you want to do more, use a combination of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and baking soda. Mix the mixture in a spray bottle and apply to the stains, then dry with a clean, damp cloth.

A strong odor on the mattress should be noticeable to you. If you find that the mattress has a slight odor, you can try sprinkling a layer of baking soda over the surface and letting it sit for a few hours. After that, vacuum up the baking soda. It is best to do this with a smaller or handheld vacuum cleaner.

Let the mattress air dry

It is also a good idea to allow time for the moisture to evaporate from your mattress before covering it with a protective cover. Roll up or place a comforter at the foot of the bed and allow the mattress to dry completely during the day. It is best to take it outside and leave it in the sun, but not for too long. You can leave it in the room, but open all the windows for better airflow.

Get a mattress storage bag and put it inside/wrap it in a plastic

After cleaning, you should get a mattress bag and a protector. That way you will keep it fresh and clean for a long time. You will also protect it from external influences such as pests, moisture, dirt, water and other particles. It is best to have someone assist you during this operation.
Finally, check if there are any tears left before moving on. The next step involves wrapping the mattress in plastic. Place the material on a clean floor and place the mattress over it. Carefully wrap the mattress in plastic and use duct tape to seal it all together.

Keep the mattress flat

An image of Relyon Classic Natural Supreme 1390 Pocket Mattress front.

Regardless of its type, it is recommended to place it lying down on a clean and flat surface. This position is especially good if you have a pocket sprung and natural mattress filling. For example, if you were to place it on its side, you risk creating deformities. At some point, the filling will settle in one place and change the shape of the bed you sleep on. There are types of mattresses that you can place on its side. These are memory foam and latex.

Memory foam mattress

Make sure it lies completely flat on the surface after you store it. If you put it in another position due to lack of space, don't wait long to move it since memory foam mattresses can get damaged beyond repair. Hybrid mattresses need similar level of care.

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Spring mattress

Storing a mattress on its side is not recommended, but certain types can come through unscathed. This does not apply to sprung mattresses, they must always be reclined. Otherwise, the position will have a negative effect on its internal charge and will change its function.

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Latex mattress

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with latex mattress storage is to put the mattress upright. Although you lack enough space, don't do it. Otherwise, you will cause significant wear and tear on it. The consequence of gravity is distorted and uneven edges and the entire surface of the mattress. If you put it in a flat position, you can store it for months or even years.

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Do not put anything on the top of the mattress

The most important rule is not to place anything on the mattress. Although it is designed to support human weight, it does not apply to random objects. During sleep, human weight is evenly distributed. Unlike heavy objects, the mattress does not bear pressure on certain parts and cannot be deformed.

Avoid high levels of humidity & low/high temperatures)

Before storing the mattress, check the temperature of the particular room. Otherwise, it can become mouldy under protection and plastic. To avoid this, choose only cooler rooms. Go with temperature temperature-controlled storage unit where you can count on stable temperature.

Ensure the storage space is ventilated

Ensure free space under your bed so that the mattress has enough air and moisture can evaporate from the underside. House mites love a moist environment, so don't give them a chance to settle in, but ensure your mattress and mattress topper have enough fresh air. If you plan to store it for a long period of time, occasionally open the seal on the bag or on the plastic. Do it once a week.

How long can I keep the mattress stored?

If you have found a storage space with ideal conditions, properly prepared and placed the mattress, you can keep it in that condition for a long time. It is recommended to check it once a week and open it occasionally.


In order to do this yourself, you need to have a large enough vehicle, where you will place the mattress and transport it. You can hire a covered moving truck, and thus save your time. Maintaining and cleaning the mattress is extremely important. If you store the mattress properly, you will extend its life while it is closed.

If you are going to store it for more than a week, check the condition of the mattress regularly. This includes damage to the protective layer or the mattress, bulges, moisture level inside the bag and any other change.

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