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How To Sleep in Hot Weather And Wake Up Easily?

During periods when it is very hot, many more people complain of insomnia than in winter. So we will give you tips on how to sleep in hot weather and wake up easily. Let’s go through the hot nights together!

In most parts of the world, there are at least a few heat waves each year. While hundreds of millions of people live in hot weather all the time. When scorching heat occurs it has a negative effect on our sleep.

The body is constantly sweating and we cannot calm down. Still, there are things you need to do to prepare yourself for sleeping in warm weather, and also ways to improve your sleep environment. If you apply all this, it is certain that you will feel relief and sleep more comfortably.

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    8 Things To Do Before The Bed Time To Achieve Good Night's Sleep

    The next 8 things we will tell you to do before going to bed will significantly help you to sleep normally even during the heat. It is important to keep them in mind every night.

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    1. Have a cool shower or bath to cool down your body.

    Cool shower is the fastest and one of the best ways to lower our core body temperature and thus prepare for sleep. If you have more time, then you can also take a longer bath, so you will cool down even more after 15 or 20 minutes spent in cool water.

    An image of a woman having a warm bath in a bath tub.

    Of course, whether you take a shower or a bath, the water should not be too cold. Start with lukewarm water and then slowly change to even colder, but not ice cold. Ice cold water is not healthy for your body, and it will also chill you too much, so you will start sweating as soon as you get out of the water. That way you won’t achieve anything.

    2. Soak your feet in cold water for 10 minutes.

    It is known that a person loses the most heat through the feet, hands and head. You should take advantage of that fact during the warm months and cool down by soaking your feet in cold water for 10 minutes. You will feel much better after that.

    An image of a woman soaking and scrubbing her feet in warm water.

    We have one pro tip for you. Place the socks in the fridge for at least half an hour and put them on before bed. This will provide you with a prolonged cooling effect.

    3. Remove any excessive clothing.

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it’s hot is to have excess clothing. Excess clothes will keep you warm and that is last thing you need when it is 30 or more degrees Celsius outside.

    So sleep only in a T-shirt and underwear. We do not advise you to sleep naked, because then you will sweat directly on the mattress. It is better to let a T-shirt absorb sweat than a mattress.

    4. Avoid any exercises before bed time and avoid any spicy/hot meals.

    Exercises raise our body temperature and so we sweat to cool our body down. So this is something to avoid, because it is already warm enough, and after the workout it will be practically impossible for you to fall asleep.

    An image of a couple stretching and exercising in the morning.

    The same goes for spicy meals. If you eat something spicy, you will have the feeling that it is even warmer than it really is. That’s why you should do the exercises earlier in the day, and eat light meals in the evening.

    5. Do not drink coffee before bed time.

    We drink coffee to wake us up. And to give us extra energy. That is why you should avoid coffee before going to bed, especially in the summer. It will make it even harder for you to fall asleep because you won’t feel the need to go to bed.

    An image of a man drinking coffee and daydreaming.

    This also applies to all other beverages that contain caffeine, such as energy drinks, pre-workout supplements and the like. When it is hot, you should drink water.

    6. Ventilate your room by opening windows to get fresh air.

    You should always ventilate the room before going to bed by opening the windows and letting in fresh air. Even if you think it’s counterproductive because the air outside is still hot, you still need to do it. We will explain you why.

    When your air conditioner is on all day, you should let fresh air in, because that fresh air will cool better than the one that has been in the room all day.

    7. Hydrate yourself enough before bed time.

    Proper hydration is essential for our health at all times. But during the warmer months, we must pay special attention to hydration, because we sweat more and this can lead to dehydration. Dehydration occurs when the balance of electrolytes in our body is disturbed.

    An image of a woman holding a glass of water.

    For that reason, in addition to water, you should also drink sports drinks in order to maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body. And that’s another reason to avoid coffee in the evening, because it’s a diuretic.

    8. Drink something hot before going to bed.

    While this may sound like nonsense to you, because why would you drink something hot before going to bed, instead of something cold, you still need to do it. When you drink a hot water bottle or some other warm drink, like hot chocolate for example, before going to bed, you raise your internal body temperature, so you will have the feeling that it is colder outside than things are. And if you drink something cold, the opposite effect will appear and you will start sweating heavily.

    An image of a glass of tea and honey spoon.

    How to improve your sleep environment?

    Your sleep environment is another thing you need to pay attention to before going sleep in the heat, not just what you can do to make your body more comfortable and cooler.

    An image of a bedroom with a seaside view.

    Choose the coolest room in your house to sleep in.

    Not every room in our house has the same temperature. Even if you have an HVAC system, so your whole house is equally cooled, you will always feel at least a small difference in temperature between the rooms.

    An image of the 21st century bed and bedroom design.

    This is influenced by the position of the house / apartment, so warmer rooms are those that face the street and are more exposed to the sun. Choose the coolest one, and it is usually the one in back that does not face any concrete, the one that the sun does not reach because of the trees and so on.

    Get rid of winter bedding, duvets and anything that will be excessive to you.

    Winter bedding, duvets and similar things have their purpose which is very useful in winter. But when the warm weather comes, it is very counterproductive. If you follow all our pieces of advice, but do not replace winter bedding, you will always be too hot and you will not be able to cool down. So pack your winter bedding and duvets in the spring to wait for next winter and start using bedding intended for summer.

    An image of grey bedding on a bed.

    Make sure your pet doesn’t snuggle in and make you hot.

    Many people like to keep pets at home and even let pets sleep with them. Such animals have been accustomed to indoor conditions since they were little, so they will often snuggle in next to you in bed.

    an image of a pet standing on a otty pet bed

    Their warm bodies can be very pleasant in winter and help you fall asleep faster and sleep better, but in summer they will irritate you. Especially if it’s a long-haired animal. So during the warm months, don’t let your pet sleep with you.

    AC your room and cool it down prior to sleep.

    At least an hour before you go to bed, turn on the air conditioner and let it cool the room well. Then as soon as you enter such a pleasantly cooled room, you will feel sleepy. This is completely normal, because the colder temperature calms the body and thus stimulates it to sleep and hot air does the opposite.

    an image of a woman setting up the temperature on a thermostat

    It is only important to turn off the air conditioner when you are sleeping or point it at another direction from you, because otherwise you may wake up with facial paralysis. This is the biggest problem of hot night so pay attention to it.

    Use sheets made of natural fibers.

    Although there are so many new materials on the market, there is nothing better than natural fibers when it comes to sheets. The manufacturers of all these new materials claim that they will cool you down perfectly, but natural materials are the best. Use cotton or materials like bamboo.

    an image of a beautiful bed with a bamboo fabric sheets

    You can choose a pillow made of foam or some other cooling material, but again choose a pillowcase made of natural fibers.


    There is no reason why you should sleep poorly and wake up with difficulty during warm periods when you can achieve better night’s sleep easily. There are so many different simple things you can do to always be comfortable. These are things like taking a cold shower to reduce core temperature, avoiding spicy meals and the like.

    An image of a woman waking up due to hot weather.

    Also, nowadays when we all have air conditioning that helps us to reduce body heat and avoid heat wave, it makes the situation much easier. You only need to do a few things and include them as the part of your bedtime routine and you won’t even notice it’s 30 degrees Celsius outside. After all – keeping cool the room you sleep in will save you from being sleep deprived.

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