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Loft Bed – Everything You Need To Know

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Written By Alex Petrović

Certified Sleep Consultant

Featured image of loft bed.

29 April 2024 8 min read

If you need to make the most of the space, then a loft bed is a great choice both for kids and adults. The loft bed is also called a high sleeper bed.

When you don't have enough space, it's best to go vertical. That way you can have everything you need even in a very small room. And that is exactly the reason why loft beds were created. You can fit this multifunctional type of furniture into a small room or even a corner of the living room if you do not have a separate bedroom.

However, a loft bed can be a great choice even for those who have enough space. Why would you clutter children's room with lots of furniture, when the loft bed is all-in-one option. It is better to leave empty space for children to play than to make the room look like a maze.

What is a loft bed and how is it different from a bunk bed?

It is not uncommon for customers not to know the exact difference between loft bed and bunk beds. They sometimes even think that it is exactly the same product. Both loft and bunk bed belong to the category of multifunctional furniture. However, there is a significant difference in their construction and therefore functionality.

Let's start with bunk bed. The bunk bed consists of two bunks, located one above the other, so you get two sleeping places and it occupies the floor space as when you have a single bed. You can reach the upper bunk with ladder, and there is also safety railing to prevent fall during the sleep. There are even triple bunk beds.

An image of loft bed design.

On the other hand, the loft bed has only a top bunk, also surrounded by safety railing, and underneath the bed instead of another bottom bunk there is a built in desk, storage space, shelves, walk in close or whatever you want. It can be an empty space, like a play area. Loft bed is highly customizable and that is one of the main reasons why it is so popular, especially in small space when you don't have enough square footage.

Do loft beds come at different heights?

Not every loft bed is the same height. There is a classification of loft beds according to height – low, mid, high and ultra high. The average loft bed frame is mid height. Other heights are often available too, because the height dictates who the bed is suitable for and how much space you will have under the top bed.

An image of a white loft bed.

We will tell you a little more about the four most common heights to make it easier for you to make the right decision. The heights we will mention are underbed heights and average ones on the UK market, so you should check the exact height of the bed you are buying.

Low loft

This type of loft bed is marketed by many manufacturers as cabin bed. The average height is about 80 cm, so even preschoolers can climb safely. A low height loft bed often does not have open space underneath, but that space is used for storage. The desk is attached from the outside because the bed is too low for kid to sit up comfortably and have built in desk underneath.

Mid loft

On average, almost 30 cm higher than the low loft, mid sleeper bed is recommended for children older than 8 years. It is tall enough to provide plenty of space for both storage and other activities. And 99% of children can sit under the bunk. Kids can even use it during the teen period.

An image of modern mid loft bed.

High loft

Usually taller than 130 cm, high lofts are only safe for teens and older, and can be used by adults. Due to its height, it is ideal for those who study, because everyone can sit comfortably underneath. It also offers plenty of space for shelves and other storage. High loft is best for a high sleeper.

Ultra high loft

Ultra high lofts are usually about a meter and a half tall and you will not often find this type. They are useful when you have extremely little space available and you have to go vertically as much as possible. The space under the top bunk is so large in this case that you practically have an extra room underneath. You can even place additional bed when needed.

An image of ultra high loft bed.

Can adults use loft bed?

They absolutely can. Many loft beds are made for adults in size and design, not just for kids. Today, there are more and more young professionals, who work all over the world and often change companies and place of residence.

An image of adults sitting on loft & bunk beds.

Neither they nor the companies want to pay for large apartments when they stay in that city for only 6 months or a year. That is why they live in small studios, and in order to have enough space, these “children's” loft beds are necessary. Even if they work from home, a loft bed is suitable. It is important that adults buy a loft bed with a sufficient weight limit.

Are loft beds safe in general?

Loft beds are completely safe if height is suitable for the person who sleeps in one such bed. They can be dangerous only for younger children or people with limited mobility who will find it difficult to climb. For everyone else, the loft bed is safe. Safety railing is there to ensure you don’t fall out while you sleep. A mattress thicker than 17 cm should not be used, as there is a possibility that it will be too thick for the top bunk. But check it out, because there are loft beds that can accommodate a thicker mattress.

Bunk bed

Safety concerns are exactly the same for the bunk bed as for the loft bed. When we talk about top bunk, the rules are the same as for loft bed. Top bunk should not be used by children under school age, because the bunk bed must be higher compared to the low loft bed. The advantage of a bunk bed is that a younger child can use a bottom bunk that is not available when you buy loft bed.

An image of a trundle bunk bed


Daybed sometimes has drawers and is on average a bit taller, looks like a raised bed, than a simple bed frame, but that difference in height is negligible when it comes to safety. It can be used by people of all ages.

an image of Dunelm Jessica Daybed With Underbed


Drawer bed is another type of space saving furniture. It is ideal for sleepovers, as it is usually not comfortable enough for everyday use, but it is more than enough for sleepovers. If you don't know, the drawer bed looks like a classic bed with drawers, and instead of a drawer there is another bed that you can pull out if necessary.

an image of Arctic Grey Wooden Low Sleeper 4 Drawer Storage Bed Frame

The advantages of loft bed

By reading our guide about loft beds so far you could already conclude some of the advantages, but we wanted to highlight the most important ones. These advantages make loft beds one of the best-selling types of bed frames on the market. Most adults don't even think of these, especially when they decide to buy online. But, here three biggest advantages.

A variety of styles

The loft beds are available in so many styles, that it is almost certain that you will find at least a few models that perfectly suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a loft bed for a girl, boy, teenager, young adult or middle-aged person, the UK market will offer you exactly what you want. There are wooden and metal bed frames, in a variety of colours and arrangements.

Extra storage & work space

We almost always need additional storage space. So we are trying in various ways to increase the storage space available to us, and there are not many better ways than a loft bed because it is vertical and does not take up much floor space. Also, work space at home has become increasingly important during pandemic, and the situation will obviously remain the same even after the pandemic is over. There is also a sitting area where your children can host their buddies for studying.

Additional space in general

For children, storage and work space are certainly not that important. But what is very important for children is to have a play area, and that is exactly what a loft bed will allow them. Adults can use the extra space to store a suitcase or other bulky item that you don’t use so often.

Conclusion – should I go for the loft bed?

In so many cases, especially when you are dealing with small spaces, a loft bed is not only the best, but also the only solution. If your child is mature enough, thanks to the loft bed you can give him or her tailored space even when you live in a small apartment. Loft beds are equally useful for adults. Whether you live in a small space or you don't want your work space to take up too much space in your home, this can be the solution. Why waste much of the floor space, when you can get all the same, just vertically.

If you have more than one child, then a loft bed may not be the best option for you. However, if you have a larger children's room, buying two loft beds can be a smart decision too, because everyone will have their own bed, storage and space underneath. Keep in mind that making the bed every morning can be troublesome for a kid since top bunk can be quite high. Also, except for low height loft, other loft beds should not be used by children under 8 years of age.

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