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Nectar Premium Pillow Review - One Of The Finest UK Pillows for Couples

Memory foam pillows are the most popular on the market because of their many positive features. Nectar company generally focuses more on bedroom furniture and some other sleeping products, but has two pillow models in its offer. We will break down Premium Nectar pillow for you and tell you everything you need to know about it.

Who is a Premium Nectar pillow for?

When you buy Premium Nectar pillow you actually get a pair. Not just one piece is available for purchase, so this Nectar pillow has a pillow design that is primarily for couples. Of course, you can as well give someone another pillow or save it for later, when the first one you use deteriorates. But the Nectar pillow construction and pillow design are primarily suitable for couples.

It is a good choice for hot sleepers who want a memory foam pillow for their night’s sleep. If we look at it in general, it can serve all sleeping positions, although it is better for side and back sleepers. 

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    What do we use this product for?

    We primarily use Premium Nectar pillow when we need a combination of pressure relief and support provided by memory foam, while at the same time being a cooling pillow. Due to its special structure it is highly breathable and we will talk more about that later. Also, this product is bought when we need two pillows at an affordable price.

    Features you should know about the Premium Nectar pillow

    The main features you should pay attention to when talking about this Nectar pillow are cover, cooling fabric and border. We won’t specifically talk about memory foam filling, while these three features require a few words more to be fully informed.

    an image of premium nectar pillow features

    Quilted cover made of polyester

    We really liked quilted cover made of polyester. It is very high quality and comfortable. You will not need a pillowcase, because it is soft and pleasant for the skin of your face. Of course, if you want a pillowcase you can use it.

    Due to the polyester it is made of, as well as the quilted construction, this cover is very durable and you will not notice any signs of damage even after extensive use. Also, it is a wrinkle resistant so overall this is one great cover. You can spot clean this pillow cover with lukewarm water and detergent, since it is not machine washable and you have to keep it in mind, otherwise it will shrink and it will not be possible to put it back on the pillow.

    Tencel cooling fabric

    Thanks to the Tencel cooling fabric that is added to the cover, this memory foam pillow is also suitable for hot sleepers. Tencel cover is obtained from eucalyptus trees and that is why it is a natural, eco-friendly material. Eucalyptus requires much less water than cotton, and sustainably-sourced eucalyptus trees are used for obtaining Tencil fabric, so the environmental footprint is really great. Tencel fabric is breathable and wicks moisture away. These are all ideal characteristics for a material used for pillow cover.

    Breathable mesh border

    Nectar has solved one of the biggest memory foam pillows problems, and that is breathability. In addition to the already mentioned Tencel fabric, shredded memory foam that is located inside the pillow is also very important. Single block of memory foam is really bad for airflow but shredded pieces allow air circulation.

    Still, all of that wouldn’t be enough without a breathable mesh border. It is the border that is often a big problem of all pillows, because it is usually completely closed and then breathability is non-existent on that part of the pillow. Breathable mesh border has gaps so ventilation is great even form that side.

    Review of Premium Nectar pillow

    When you buy this Nectar pillow you get a pair of high quality memory foam pillows. Memory foam filling is in the form of shredded pieces that improve breathability. The cover is made of a mix of polyester and Tencil fabric, which is an all-natural material obtained from eucalyptus and has great cooling properties. Polyester is very durable and you won’t notice signs of wear and tear on cover for a very long time.

    an image of premium nectar pillows on the bed in the bedroom

    The border is designed so that the breathability of the complete pillow is great. It should be noted that the cover is not machine washable. A 2 year warranty is there to make sure you invest your money well.

    • Breathable
    • Affordable
    • 2 year warranty.
    • Only one size
    • Not machine washable
    • Not ideal for stomach sleepers.

    What we like about Premium Nectar pillow

    • It is rare to find a memory foam pillow that is so cooling and breathable
    • At a very affordable price you get two pillows
    • Pressure relief and support are really great.

    What we didn’t like about Premium Nectar pillow

    • It is only available in one size (60x40x12cm) and you can only buy a pair
    • The cover is not machine washable which makes maintenance more complicated
    • While we can’t say it is unsuitable for stomach sleepers, they will probably need one with less loft.

    Check the alternatives to Premium Nectar pillow

    If you want a different type of pillow or simply do not need a pair of pillows, then the Simba Hybrid pillow and Eve pillow are ideal alternatives to Premium Nectar pillow. Both alternatives we present in this Nectar pillow review are made by premium manufacturers, so you can be sure of the quality.

    Simba Hybrid pillow

    Simba is a well-known UK company that always launches innovative and quality products. The Simba Hybrid pillow fits perfectly into their strategy.

    This hybrid pillow gives you the option to adjust the height or loft and firmness according to your needs and sleeping position, and is also very comfortable and breathable due to the structure.

    Check the full review of Simba Hybrid pillow.

    Product image of Simba hybrid pillow
    • Adjustable height of loft
    • High-quality premium materials 
    • High level of durability.
    • More expensive than similar products
    • One size
    • Some customers may want more support.

    Eve Pillow

    Eve pillow is also a memory foam pillow as well as this Nectar pillow. It provides great support and is ideal for side and back sleepers due to loft and firmness.

    Cover is completely removable and machine washable. You have a 2 year warranty and a 30-night trial period to try it out before making a final decision.

    Read our in-depth review of Eve Memory Foam pillow.

    a Product image of Eve memory foam pillow
    • High level of comfort
    • Durability
    • Premium memory foam.
    • Not great level of breathability
    • One size only
    • Not ideal choice for stomach sleepers.

    Consider Eve Mattress Topper if you are buying Premium Nectar pillow

    Nectar does not offer a mattress topper, so you will have to look elsewhere if you need one. Eve Mattress topper is a high quality foam mattress topper, which will suit you because you also buy memory foam pillows.

    You will have support as if you bought a new mattress, and it is also very durable. It has straps to tightly connect it to the mattress so it won’t slip and cause inconvenience.

    Check out our Eve Mattress Topper review to learn more about this product.

    product image of Eve mattress topper in white bedroom
    • Fantastic support
    • Great breathability
    • 5 different sizes available.
    • Slight off-gassing smell
    • Not great choice for stomach sleepers
    • One of the most expensive toppers.

    What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

    The fact that you practically get two quality pillows for the price of one is definitely what makes this product better than some other similar ones. Also, breathability deserves the highest rating and is certainly one of the best on the market in terms of breathability among memory foam pillows.

    How did we test the product?

    Our two Premium Nectar pillows were delivered to us on time, delivery was free and no contact so we are completely satisfied with the complete ordering and delivery process. Since there is only one size, ordering as easy as it gets. Nectar pillow look nice and high quality. There is a certain chemical smell, but it is not as pronounced as with some other memory foam pillows. It took the pillows about 15 minutes to get back to their full size and loft and then we could start testing them. They are very comfortable and the pressure relief is felt as soon as you lie on them.

    an image of premium nectar pillow testing

    The support is also good and that is the impression we had after the overnight test of this pillow. The loft will in some cases suit even stomach sleepers, but we can’t say that it is ideal for that sleeping position. Side and stomach sleepers will be very pleased. And hot sleepers are the ones who will be most pleased with this pillow. Certainly one of the memory foam pillows that are the most breathable and cooling of all we tested.

    Although the cover is very comfortable and there is no need to use a pillow because of it, since the cover is not machine washable, you might want to consider a pillowcase.

    FAQs about your Premium Nectar pillow

    We consider the FAQs section very important because it is a place where we will give you answers to some of the questions we did not focused on in this Nectar pillow review, and you will also have answers to some of the most important questions in one place, without having to read the whole review again.

    Nectar pillows will be fully expanded within 15 to 20 minutes.

    No, your Premium Nectar pillows are not machine washable.

    Every memory foam product has some off-gassing issues, so this Nectar pillow is no exception, but it is very slight off-gassing that won’t bother you.

    Yes, this Nectar pillow comes with very comfortable and breathable polyester cover, which is not machine washable.

    Yes, Nectar pillow does come with free shipping.

    Yes, you do get a trial period to try out this Nectar pillow.

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