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What Is A Trundle Bed And What Are The Benefits Of The Trundle Beds?

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Featured image of trundle bed frame.

10 November 2023 6 min read

You've probably heard about them, but could you answer someone if they asked you, “What is a trundle bed? What are the benefits of it?”. No, right? Well, after you're done with us – you certainly will!

A trundle bed will save you some space but will also offer you a lot of it for when the guests come over. Essentially, you can get yourself two guest beds while taking up the space of one. Well, at least for a while.

As you probably know, a trundle is sort of like your regular platform bed, but instead of having a storage unit underneath it – you get a pull-out bed. 

As such, a trundle is an essential piece of guest bedroom furniture. However, that's hardly all that it's good for. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves – we'll get there in a minute. For now, let's start with the basics.

Are all trundle beds literally the same in terms of size, storage, dimensions and mattresses?

No. Contrary to popular belief, trundle beds are most definitely not all the same.

A trundle is a two-in-one bed you'd often find in a children's room or a guest room. It's a space-saving wonder of a bed, and when used correctly, it can turn your small, spare room into a cosy bedroom for more than a couple of people.

Now, as you probably know, most of the time, a trundle bed frame comes in the form of a standard single bed frame. Because of it, a trundle became a popular choice solely for kids' rooms and guest rooms. Come to think of it – this has also made it so that people believe all trundle beds are the same. Not counting the design differences, obviously.

An image of A modern trundle bed with metal frame.

Well, we're here to tell you that's not entirely true. While it is pretty apparent that standard single trundle beds dominate the market, there are also some trundles that are a bit bigger. Namely, you could find a double or even a king-sized trundle with a single-sized pull-out bed stored underneath.

Furthermore, some trundles come with a bed and a separate storage unit where you can put your pillows, blankets, bedding, and other soft furnishings – but more on those later.

What benefits does a trundle bed offer?

Space-saving, extra floor space, easy storage, spare bed – you name it. These are just some of the benefits you'd get from trundle beds.

An image of an elegant black trundle bed.

But, as always, not every benefit holds the same weight, so we thought we'd delve into a few of the most vital ones for a moment. Sounds good?


First and foremost – trundles save space. A trundle can be a day bed during the day and a regular bed at night, without taking up the space of a regular bed during the day. Also, if you pull out the mattress, you might even get yourself some extra storage space.


You get two beds for the price of one – what more could you ask for? Sure, a trundle will be a bit more expensive than a regular single bed, but then again, it'll be more affordable than a double. And, seeing how it can sleep more than a single person – that's two for the price of one in our book.

Is the trundle bed more comfortable than a couch or sofa?

A trundle bed is more comfortable than a couch or a sofa – if we're talking about sleeping. It is a lot comfier to sleep on a regular mattress than it is to sleep on a sofa or a couch.

On the other hand, if we're just talking about lounging, which is what some people do on the guest beds, then a trundle is not as comfortable as a couch or a sofa. It could be, but that would require a lot of pillows and cushions, and that just isn't worth the hassle.

Are there any different types of trundle beds?

We have already said that not all trundles are the same, but we only spoke of size. Now, let's check out some other kinds of beds that can also be trundles.

Bunk bed

A bunk bed could also be a trundle. You'd either have a regular bunk bed, with the exception of the bottom one coming with a trundle. Or, you could have a sort of a cross-over between a bunk and a trundle, and you'd only have to climb a step or two to reach the top bunk.

An image of a trundle bunk bed


Some single-sized trundles could double as daybeds. As long as they come with a side panel you could use as a backrest – they'd do. However, you'll probably want to throw in some pillows for comfort, too.

The bigger ones just don't fit the design or the size profile of a daybed, so they're out.

an image of Dunelm Jessica Daybed With Underbed


A drawer bed is also a kind of a trundle, but then again, if you pull out a mattress from any trundle, you'd make it a drawer bed, wouldn't you? All jokes aside, some larger trundles come with a separate drawer (or more) for additional storage space.

an image of Arctic Grey Wooden Low Sleeper 4 Drawer Storage Bed Frame

What is a good alternative to the trundle bed?

Now that we know all the benefits of a trundle bed and now that we've gotten familiar with some of the different types of this two-in-one bed – let's take a look at some of the alternatives.

Air mattress

An air mattress is a brilliant alternative if you're just looking for something to serve as a bed for when the guests come in. Air mattresses are very compact when they're not used, and they're also the most affordable kind of guest beds. All in all – a great alternative.

An image of an air mattress.

Sleeper sofa

A sleeper sofa or a pull-out sofa is a good choice if you need a multi-purpose bed. Small apartment? Get a sleeper sofa. A guest bed that doubles as a daybed? Get a sleeper sofa. Want something that's comfy for both lounging and sleeping? Get a sleeper sofa. All in all – a worthy replacement.

a latge L sofa shape in a livingroom


A futon is another decent alternative to a trundle, although we wouldn't really pick it over a sofa or an actual trundle. It's good, convenient, comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but when it comes to comfort – it's not really in the same league as a trundle.

an image of Metro Wooden Folding Guest Futon Brown Mattress

Murphy bed

A murphy is a good alternative if you're just looking to save space. However, in other aspects, a murphy bed is not quite a replacement for a nice trundle. Sure, it's convenient if you live in a one-room apartment and you need room for the rest of the essential furniture, but other than that, we'd stick with a trundle bed.

An image of murphy bed design.

Conclusion – is the trundle bed for me?

We can't quite answer this question for you, but what we can do is ask you a series of questions that could help you come to a conclusion. Are you ready?

An image of a trundle bed with drawers in a bedroom,

Do you lack floor space or do guests often pop over? Do you have kids, and do their friends come over for sleepovers? Or, do you need extra storage in the bedroom?

If the answer to any, or all of these questions is yes, then, sure – treat yourself to a trundle bed. You'll certainly benefit from it. 

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