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How to Sleep Like in a Hotel?

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Written By Alex Petrović

Certified Sleep Consultant

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1 April 2024 14 min read

Have you ever found yourself asking, “how to sleep like in a hotel?” Recreating such an experience in the comfort of your home would be genuinely fantastic.

Let's face it, we've all been there – staring at the ceiling and counting sheep. We know it can be frustrating when you can't seem to drift off, no matter how exhausted you are. However, achieving a perfect sleep environment is easier than you might think.

You just need to pay attention to all influencing factors, such as room temperature, mattress, pillows, and atmosphere.

If you are worried whether you will be able to fall asleep after the vacation because you will miss all those fluffy pillows and luxurious sheets, fear not! We are here to help you achieve that hotel-level slumber in the comfort of your own home.

Creating the sleep environment

Creating a perfect sleeping environment is like trying to build a blanket fort as an adult; it's both difficult and funny. Don't worry, our fellow sleep-deprived buddies – there is a solution. With a few easy tricks, you can build a sleeping paradise that fits the world's highest-end hotel rooms but not in an unfamiliar environment.

An image of a bed with pillows and duvet on.

Choosing the right bedding and pillows

When we say less is more, we obviously don't mean pillows. So, placing that perfect number of pillows will have a decisive impact on comfort and hotel room feel.

You can expect two to four pillows in almost every hotel room, including a few decorative ones. Feel free to do the same for a better atmosphere.

The suitable material can make a big difference in your sleep comfort. So, look for the following:

Moreover, think about your sleeping position. For example, if you sleep on your side, you may need a medium-firm pillow. It supports your shoulders and neck without placing your head in an unnatural position.

So, how to sleep like in a hotel and wake up like you were sleeping in one? You need to make sure you are choosing the right pillow and the right bedding for yourself (and your bedroom, of course)!

Choosing the best duvet for yourself

Whether you just taking a nap or you go for a long sleep, choosing the best duvet for yourself involves considering several factors to ensure optimal comfort and satisfaction.

Firstly, determine the appropriate duvet size that fits your bed, as well as your personal preferences for warmth.

Next, assess the duvet's filling material, with options such as down, feathers, synthetic fibers, or wool, each offering distinct characteristics in terms of insulation and weight.

Additionally, take into account any allergies or sensitivities you might have, as hypoallergenic duvets are available for those with specific needs.

Lastly, pay attention to the duvet's thread count and construction, as higher thread counts generally indicate better quality and durability.

What TOG are hotel duvets

When choosing the duvet that will make you sleep like in a hotel, one of the most important things to consider is its TOG, or its thermal overall grade.

So, what is TOG and why is it important for improving the quality of our sleep?

TOG is a unit of measurement used to gauge the warmth and insulating properties of duvets and other bedding. It represents the ability of a duvet to trap heat, with higher TOG values indicating greater warmth.

Hotel duvets typically vary in TOG ratings to accommodate different guest preferences and seasonal changes, offering a range from lightweight, lower TOG options suitable for warmer climates, to thicker, higher TOG duvets designed for colder temperatures.

Setting a comfortable temperature

The body's systems run properly during deep sleep, but you cannot control body temperature. You have to assist your body in that task. The ideal temperature range for sleeping is between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. You might think it is too cold, but actually, that is perfect.

Why is sleeping in a colder environment a better choice? Higher temperatures stimulate the release of the stress hormone – cortisol. It is responsible for disrupting sleep health and causing nightmares. Using sheets made of natural materials is a good idea. They are effective at regulating temperatures.

Tip: Consider trying with different temperatures to determine which suits you the best.

Eliminating noise and light pollution

It often turns out that you forgot to put the fan off, or your partner's snoring is so loud that it could wake the dead. Of course, that doesn't mean you should kick your partner out of own bed. However, there are things you can change to eliminate the noise and make your own quiet room similar to a high-end hotel room. Those are:

Light pollution is another cause of poor sleep. Melatonin, a hormone that controls the circadian rhythm, is directly affected by it. To minimize its harmful effects, do the following:

Bedtime routine

Creating a bedtime routine is an easy lifestyle change that may help calm the body and mind before bed. The usual bedtime routine is just drinking hot chocolate/tea, brushing your teeth and showering at the same time daily. However, you can spice things up a bit. Add a warm bath, a scalp massage, or reading a soothing book to the list.

Consistent sleep schedule

In a world before alarm clocks and calendars, how did we manage to wake up on time? The answer is circadian rhythm. But we have to maintain it. You need certain things to happen on a daily basis and at certain times consistently. To begin with, turn off electrical devices 30 minutes before going to bed.

The most important rule is to set a time for “lights off”. Then, go to bed at the same (similar) time every day. The same applies to waking up in the morning. This is a life changer for anyone who needs to be more disciplined. Try to limit or reduce the intake of caffeine and a heavy meal. Do these things until you succeed.

Relaxing activities before bed

After a long day of being an adult, are you prepared to unwind and relax? Well, you're where you need to be. We're going to recommend some chill activities. They will help you forget about the chaos and tension of the day.

Let's get right to the point:

So, grab your favourite blanket, put on your cosiest pyjamas, and prepare to enter the land of sweet dreams!

Avoiding blue light

Oh, that blue light that comes from our electronic devices and messes with our sleep. How to get rid of them? We can not. However, we can reduce the harmful impact. So put down your phones, turn off your TVs, and get a good night's sleep.

To begin with – limit phone use before going to bed. Instead of endlessly scrolling through the homepage of Instagram, read a few pages of a book.

Maximising comfort and luxury

Hey, have you ever considered updating your bedroom to sleep comfier and to make it like a hotel room? That would definitely help on your quest ‘how to sleep like in a hotel'. If your current setup is as ineffective, it's time for changes. Leave the couch and neon lava lamp behind and shift into a cosy bed. Trust us; you will love to sleep in a hotel-like environment!

a woman that has just got up

Investing in a high-quality mattress and bedding

What affects the price of mattresses and bedding? These are the materials used, the brand name, the customization, the level of comfort provided, etc.

But if you invest in a high-quality mattress and bedding, you will experience many health benefits. You'd probably want to get a good night's sleep first! And don’t just spend money, also spend time to research and find the best mattress.

A good mattress can improve your sleep quality, help reduce back pain, and promote healthy spine alignment. On the other hand, outstanding bedding can offer better temperature control, moisture wicking, and breathability.

Adding luxurious touches

Luxurious touches can dramatically enhance your comfort and sleep quality. How?

A comfortable sleeping surface will prevent nighttime tossing and turning, promoting deeper sleep. You are likelier to feel lulled when you surround yourself with plush, soft fabrics and cosy bedding. So, you can make your sleeping environment look expensive by using interior design tricks.

Back to the start: texture, texture, and more texture! These include materials that you instinctively want to touch. However, this will only matter if you have high-quality bedding and mattress. Look for materials like Egyptian cotton, silk, or bamboo for a luxurious feel.

A little light makes a big difference. Therefore, choose soft, dim lighting. It can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Remember to add decorative touches. For example, place a rug—and then another.

Aromatherapy and soothing scents

Aromatherapy is a method of treatment with plants and some of the best essential oils from plants that can promote better sleep without the need for sleep medicine.

It can also be used in scented sticks, candles, scented flowers, and fragrant lamps. The scents used in aromatherapy have positive psychological and emotional effects on calming and balancing the mind, spirit and body.

For example, a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow will soothe you before bed. They must be of high quality, pure herbal without chemical additives.

Taking care of yourself

For the sake of your physical and mental well-being, it's crucial to take care of yourself. Self-care is an ongoing process. Therefore, check yourself regularly and make improvements that will lead to a good night’s sleep.

Good sleep hygiene

It's a set of behavioural habits that promote good and restful sleep. A person with good sleep hygiene practices goes to bed and wakes up at the same time every day, including weekends and holidays.

What is more, they replaced the use of electronic devices with calming activities. Can you make it happen?

To make it easier to establish good sleep hygiene, create a comfortable sleep environment. It is equally important to engage in stress-reducing activities – yoga or meditation. A healthy, balanced diet also improves sleep quality.

Physical activity and a healthy diet

a woman sitting at the able and eating a healthy meal

It's the ultimate combo for a happier and healthier you. Physical activity encourages your body clock to work correctly. In this way, it regulates sleep and wake cycles. It also reduces stress which is the leading cause of insomnia. So, exercise makes it easier to get deep sleep.

On the other hand, a balanced diet stimulates the production of melatonin. These include nutrient-dense foods so your body gets enough magnesium, calcium, and tryptophan. They are important allies of the sleep hormone (melatonin).

So, put down the doughnut and pick up a set of dumbbells, please!

Managing stress and anxiety

We are aware that it can be upsetting and difficult. Stress and sleep are so closely related because our brains work overtime at night. There are attractive forces between them, almost like between a piece of metal and a magnet.

Stress, however, is a normal part of living. It's a typical reaction to challenging situations. There are different ways to reduce nervousness. So, take a deep breath and explore some stress management strategies. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, if you feel you need it.

Welcoming the hotel experience

Let's play Mr Quality Sleep is your guest, and you are the hotel's owner. Do you want to make him want to return? Behave like a real-life business owner. You want to make a good impression on him so he'll come back, right?

Overall, the goal is to create a friendly, comfortable and inviting atmosphere for guests. And that is the key to success.

Trying new things and exploring different sleep options

Sleeping is like dating – you think you've found the right one, but soon you realize it's not quite like that. However, it's essential to keep exploring options and trying new things. That's the only way you can know what works for you. Let's consider some sleeping positions together.

If we had to single out the best position, it would definitely be sleeping on your back. It is suitable for preventing neck and back pain, minimizes the appearance of wrinkles on the face and reduces acid reflux. If you don't snore, this position will significantly improve your sleep!

On the flip side (literally) is sleeping on your stomach. It may be more pleasant for snorers but also causes neck and back pain.

Next, the fetal position – not great, not terrible. You will feel its flaws if you have an artistic back or wrists. This curved body position also limits diaphragmatic breathing. However, you can use the pillow as if sleeping on your side. In this way, you will establish a good spine and pelvis position.

Relaxing and enjoying the moment

A woman having a self-care moment.

Enjoying the moment sounds simple and logical, but why is it impossible for many? We cannot wait for the stars to align, but we should create the most pleasant environment for ourselves. A favourite piece of furniture, a cup of coffee, a flower or a book can greatly help. Sometimes it requires a conscious effort. Here is an example for you – meditation. It is a means to return to the present moment, to bypass thoughts, imagination and mind. Why would you value 10 days off more than others? Discover how to enjoy the moment regardless of location by trying new relaxation techniques.

Conclusion – How to Sleep Like in a Hotel

Have we answered the question hot to sleep like in a hotel? Well, yes we have – you can take the hotel experience back home with a bit of imagination and smart shopping.

So, get ready to fluff those pillows, add details and bring the hotel experience to your doorstep (or rather, your bed)!

Most importantly: invest in high-quality sheets, comforters, and pillows.

The hotel provides a restful feeling due to the ability to block out the light completely for their hotel guests. So, buy blackout curtains ASAP!

Get fresh flowers to add some nature to your space. Last but not least – keep your space clean. That way, you will create a similar feeling of calm and order.

And don't stress if you can't fall asleep right away. Sometimes the harder you try, the harder it is to actually nod off. Subjective sleep quality might not be the most realistic one. Just relax and remind yourself that taking a little time to doze off is normal.

We hope these tips have answered how to sleep like in a hotel and helped you on your quest for a better night's sleep. Sweet dreams!

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Saul Morgan 04/08/2023

Admin, this was just stunning.

Marvin Malone 07/08/2023

Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Many thanks for providing these details.

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Sleep Consultant
A CPD certified Sleep Consultant with more than 2000 hours of research into all the different ways we can get a great night's sleep. As a former insomniac, I know how difficult life can be without a nightly recovery and I love that I get to share everything I've learned with you all. So hopefully we can all sleep soundly!
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