Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper review

Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper Review for 2021

The design of this mattress topper mainly aims towards high breathability, and that’s exactly what you are going to get with this product. This topper is a perfect choice for those need highly hypoallergenic sleeping environment. So, if you are one of those who does require hypoallergenic conditions when it comes to mattresses and mattress toppers, you should definitely be reading this review!

This product comes from a quite famous British company with a great reputation. The price is reasonable, and the topper fully tested by the latest health standards. This product made quite of a boom on the market, so, let’s closely examine of its upsides and downsides, and find out why!

About the company

Silentnight Company is the leading British Company in mattress and bed manufacturing for the past 7 decades. This well-known Company from the UK follows and sets the latest trends in bed making and mattress design since the late forties. This company is one of the rare mattress manufacturers whose products have been scientifically tested and approved by the leading University experts from the UK.

The Silentnight Company always tends to combine its rich heritage and traditional approach to the modern breakthroughs in the field of mattress manufacturing. The company is environmentally conscious and uses only the high-quality and tested materials.

This British company has to offer various quality and sustainable products that can equip the bedroom from the bed to candles, fragrances and toys.

The company is famous for its many products, such as Geltex and Pocket Spring Mattresses, divans of various original designs and classic wooden beds. Among many other products, Silentnight also manufactures memory foam pet beds and pet beds with micro-climate fillings. Visit this link if you’re interested in finding more of their products.

About the product

Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper is a hypoallergenic topper that increases the free circulation of air. This topper benefits people who have a sensitive respiratory system the most. But, due to its high comfortability and warmth, it is well suitable for everybody who looks for better sleeping experience, from small children to the elderly.

This topper mainly aims toward providing fresher, warmer and more comfortable sleeping environment. It doesn’t have additional features that would help people who need greater, more serious back support. However, this topper does create an effect somewhat similar to the effect of memory foam toppers. This means that you can gain enough support for your spine from the Silentnight Airmax Topper if you don’t have serious back problems.

Silentnight Airmax Topper is designed to transform your mattress into a comfortable sleeping surface. It will most certainly meet your comfortability expectations, just think twice if you need a special support for your shoulders and/or back. In that case, maybe it’s better to combine Silentnight Airmax Topper with a firm foam mattress.

Due to its softness, it may not be suitable for co-sleeping with an infant. Older children can enjoy it.

Silentnight Airmax Topper is a great choice for people who are very sensitive to cold since it increases and maintains warmth. So, in general, this topper is a nice bedroom addition for the colder months of the year.


Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper materials

Silentnight Airmax Topper is made of polyester with highly breathable layers. This material can be washed at low temperatures, which is a big plus for this product. The material is soft, pleasant, easy to maintain, doesn’t absorb odours and it’s highly hypoallergenic. This material is a great choice for everyone who has problems with allergies. Silentnight Airmax Topper is made with a special design that provides certain hollowness in-between layers. This significantly enhances the breathability of the material.

Support (both middle and edge)

Silentnight Airmax Topper provides medium support, it keeps the firmness over time, but it is a softer type of toppers. For people who enjoy tender, gentle support, this topper is a perfect choice. You can combine it with foam pillows if you need firmer support for your neck but prefer the softer support in general. So, if your mattress doesn’t provide you with enough support and it’s not so comfy, this topper should solve the problem perfectly.


When it comes to comfort, Silentnight Airmax Topper will meet your expectations if you don’t require special support for your spine. The topper has an ability to make any mattress more comfortable, it’s soft and sleeping on it it’s very pleasant. But, this topper isn’t designed for people who have serious problems with back or neck pain. So, if you don’t enjoy softer sleeping surface, be sure to combine this topper with special, harder mattress.


Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper thicness

This feature is again one of the big upsides of this product. The topper keeps it flexibility over time and regular washing doesn’t spoil this feature. But, the topper isn’t particularly firm, so, again, the bounce feature is quite moderate. So, the bounce feature can be influenced by the type of mattress, also. You can use this topper with a mattress with stronger bounce feature if you prefer this feature to be more enhanced. This way you would get both, better bounce and more comfortability. (Because mattresses that have enhanced bounce feature tend to be firmer and react differently upon pressure.)


This feature is certainly Silentnight Airmax Topper’s best feature. This topper may be too soft or too warm for some people, but there is no questioning its breathability. The topper’s design allows completely undisrupted air-flow through its layers thus providing high breathability. So, this is for sure the No1 quality that this topper has.


Silentnight Airmax Topper doesn’t have strong chemical smell upon the unpacking. Plus, due to its high breathability, this topper doesn’t absorb moisture and odours, so its pretty easy to keep it fresh. Since the topper has a neutral smell itself, and its easy to clean, you shouldn’t have any issues concerning the smell.


Silentnight Airmax Topper is a long-lasting quality product, but the proper maintenance does influence its durability. The topper should remain in the completely unspoiled state for an at least 2-year period. You can prolong this period if you carefully follow washing instructions and keep the topper stain-free.

Although, some people did notice the decrease in support after the first year.

Price - quality ratio

The topper comes in a quite reasonable price range that depends on the size. It offers a hypoallergenic sleeping environment with very undependable maintenance, so, the price-quality ratio is great. Since the topper can transform any mattress into comfortable one, you can say that the price is quite sensible, even low.

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MATERIALSMade of polyester, hypoallergenic and quite breathable. The material is very pleasant upon touch and it doesn’t absorb odours.
SMELLThe topper has a neutral smell and it’s very easy to keep it that way with simple airing or washing in low temperatures.

If you want to learn about their trial period, warranty, shipping details and refunds, visit their Amazon page.

Single90 x 190 cm998 g
Double135 x 190 cm1.5 kg
King150 x 200 cm 2 kg


Silentnight Airmax Topper is a good investment in general because it can make any type of mattress a more comfortable one. It’s hypoallergenic and it demands quite easy and cheap maintenance. Since it has high durability, the price of a topper is quite reasonable. All in all, it’s a can be a great addition to your bedroom, it will meet your expectations regarding the breathability, comfort and fresh and healthy, hypoallergenic sleeping environment.

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