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Slumberdown Climate Control King Size Mattress Topper Review

If you’re like us, you probably sleep hot and you really want to make sure you don’t, so you’ve stumbled upon this Slumberdown Climate Control Mattress Topper review. On top of it, if you’re like most people, you want to make sure that the time you spend in bed is as comfortable and restful as possible, which is where this topper comes in. Slumberdown Climate Control topper regulates your temperature so you don’t get too hot or too cold as you sleep, or does it? Well, it sure looks like it does, but we know better than to take manufacturers at their word. So, we’ve tested it! Here’s what we found out!


  • Comfortable

    Dacron fill is, besides being cooling, highly comfortable.

  • Breathable

    You wont get hot on this topper thanks to Dacron cooling fibres.

  • Easy maintenance

    Both washing and drying machine friendly.


  • Trial not available

    No trial available.

  • No warranty

    There is no warranty for this product.

Who is Slumberdown Climate Control King Size mattress topper for?

The target audience for the Slumberdown Climate Control King Size Mattress Topper is people who:

  • Sleep hot and want to make sure they don’t
  • Want an extra layer of comfort on their mattress
  • Have an existing mattress that they want to prolong the life of
  • Find the Airstream topper comfortable.

However, that shouldn’t stop anyone else that might be interested in a fluffy duvet from getting their hands on it.

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    What do we use this product for?

    Slumberdown Climate Control Single Mattress Topper is meant to be placed on top of your mattress and provides an extra layer of comfort while also regulating your temperature as you sleep.

    It’s important to note that this topper is not meant to replace a mattress, but rather to extend its lifespan by adding an extra layer of protection.

    With that in mind, we can:

    • Use it to get a restful night’s sleep.
    • Use it to breathe new life into an existing mattress.
    • Use it to regulate temperature on hot days.
    • Use it to make our existing mattress more comfortable.
    • Use it to help allergy sufferers sleep better.

    Features you should know about Slumberdown Climate Control mattress topper

    Now that we’ve gone over the basic use and target audience for this topper, we wanted to talk to you a little bit about its unique features.

    An insight into these features should help you realize what makes this mattress special, but also help you understand what we judged this topper on as we were testing and reviewing it.

    Climate Control by ADVANSA

    Slumberdown Climate Control topper is filled with a material called Dacron. Dacron is a polyester that’s known for its breathability and ability to wick away moisture.

    ADVANSA, the company that manufactures Dacron, claims that their product is “scientifically proven” to help regulate temperature and carry excess moisture away from your body. In essence, the hotter it is, the better this technology should work.
    With that in mind, the Climate Control range provided by this topper should be more than enough to keep you cool during the summer.

    Dacron fill

    Dacron is a synthetic fibre that was created by DuPont during the mid-20th century. It is made from polyester and is most commonly used in pillows, duvets, and in this case, mattress toppers.
    Dacron is known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, which make it a good choice for regulating temperature. It is also very durable and bunch-resistant, so you can rest assured your topper will remain in the good condition for a very long time.

    Soft-touch microfibre cover

    Slumberdown Climate Control topper is covered in a soft, microfibre polyester fabric. Microfibre is a synthetic fibre that is known for being extremely soft and comfortable. It’s often used in bedding because it’s gentle on the skin and helps to wick away moisture, which is exactly what this topper should do.

    Washing machine/dryer friendly

    This topper is machine-washable and dryer-friendly, which means it’s very easy to keep clean. Simply pop it in the washer on a gentle cycle at 40°C and then tumble dry on low heat.
    This topper shouldn’t be ironed, but since Dacron fill dries easily, and is, just like the soft-touch cover, wrinkle-resistant, you don’t have to worry about ironing it.


    Slumberdown Climate Control topper is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, which means it’s a good choice for people with allergies. Now, by hypoallergenic, we don’t mean it’s anti-bacterial, but rather highly unlikely to cause allergies or harbour allergens.

    So, yes, it’s safe and suitable for those suffering from allergies, but then again, it won’t kill bacteria or anything of sorts.

    Review of Slumberdown Climate Control King Size mattress topper

    Will you sleep well on a hot summer night with the Slumberdown Climate Control King Size Mattress Topper? Honestly, we’re not so sure.

    This topper is filled with a material called Dacron which is known for its breathability and ability to wick away moisture. ADVANSA, the company that manufactures Dacron, claims that their product is “scientifically proven” to help regulate temperature and carry excess moisture away from your body.

    However, during our testing, we’ve come to realize this topper isn’t really this amazing. Sure, it’s not overly hot and it does offer a solid sleeping experience, but if you’re expecting to get a topper that’s actually going to keep you cool during summer – this is not the one.

    On the other hand, Slumberdown Climate Control topper is also covered in a soft, microfiber fabric which is gentle on the skin and helps to wick away moisture, just like Dacron, so you won’t sleep sweaty – we’ll give it that.

    An image of Slumberdown Climate Control mattress topper in a package.

    As for comfort and support, at 2.5 cm deep, this topper is very comfy. The filling is quite soft and plush, and if paired with the right mattress, it will feel cloud-like, sleeping on this one. On the other hand, you won’t get an ounce of support out of this topper. It simply isn’t made that way. What bugs us more than the lack of support is the fact that Slumberdown’s advertising this one as “firmer support”, and that’s simply not true. It’s medium-firm at best.

    As for which sleeping position is suitable for this one, the answer is – every single one. This is a 2.5 cm deep topper – you can sleep on it any way you like.

    Finally, this one’s also available in Single and Double, so pretty much standard UK sizing. It’s also machine-washable and dryer-friendly, and hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant, so at least you’ll be able to keep it squeaky clean for a long time.

    • Size: Single, Double, King
    • Fill material: Dacron
    • Cover material: Polyester
    • Thickness: 2.5 cm
    • Firmness: 4/10
    • Removable cover: No
    • Trial: No
    • Warranty: No
    • Care instructions: Machine washable at 40°C, Tumble dry at low temperature.

    What we like about Slumberdown Climate Control King Size mattress topper

    • Despite not living up to its description and being a luxury mattress topper, this is still a good value product
    • Very soft and comfortable when paired with the right mattress. It’ll deliver you with a good night’s sleep
    • Comes with elasticated corner straps that can secure the topper firmly onto a mattress up to 35 cm deep – all night long
    • Super easy to keep clean.

    What we didn’t like about Slumberdown Climate Control King Size mattress topper

    • Temperature regulation is a bit over-hyped. It won’t make your mattress significantly cooler, but it will prevent overheating
    • Not being able to enjoy neither trial nor warranty isn’t a good look
    • Despite being advertised as “firmer support”, this one offer no support whatsoever
    • A King-sized topper might be too big for your washing machine. We’d like to see a removable washable cover.

    Consider these two if you are buying Slumberdown Climate Control King Size mattress topper

    If you’re interested in the Slumberdown Climate Control topper, you may also be interested to add to your Climate Control collection with these two products.

    Slumberdown Climate Control Duvet

    If you’re in the market for a breathable duvet that you can snuggle under all year long – you may have just found it.

    At 10.5 TOG Slumberdown Climate Control duvet is filled with Dacron, a material that’s often used in sportswear because of its ability to wick away moisture and move away excess heat.

    So you can sleep comfortably without feeling sweaty or too hot. This duvet is available also in 4.5, and 13 TOG ratings, depending on whether you need a warmer or cooler duvet.


    • Breathable

      Dacron fill wicks away moisture and ensures optimal airflow.

    • Hypoallergenic

      Safe to use for people with allergies.

    • All-around year

      Suitable for all seasons though the year.


    • Cold spots

      Some sleepers reported problem with cold spots.

    Slumberdown Climate Control Pillows

    If you want to complete the set and have high quality pillows with the mattress topper and duvet, Slumberdown Climate Control pillow is also filled with hollowfibre.

    It’s quite soft and plush, but not too thick – so it should suit most sleeping positions. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and unpleasant to dust mites, so it’s ideal for people with allergies – just like the topper.

    Don’t forget to check our review of Slumberdown Climate Control pillows.


    • Great value for money

      You get a fantastic product at the reasonable price.

    • Easy maintenance

      Pillows are washing machine and dryer-friendly.

    • Cooling

      Dacron Hollowfibre fill makes sure you stay cool all the time.


    • No trial

      This pillow does not come with a trial period.

    • No warranty

      There is no warranty for this pillow.

    What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

    The price is what makes this product special. You can find cheaper toppers, of course, you can, but they usually skimp on quality. In this case, the quality’s up there. It’s well-made, the materials used are up to standard, and you can’t really buy anything remotely close to this one at this price point.

    How did we test the product?

    Testing a topper can be a tricky thing. Unlike other pieces of bedding we test over at our “lab”, as we like to call it, mattress toppers are highly dependent on, you’ve guessed it, mattresses. But, that never managed to slow us down.

    The first thing we did was order the product. Since this one’s coming from Amazon, you’ll get free delivery. However, you will most likely wait 7-10 days – just like we did.
    Slow delivery aside, our package came in pristine condition. It wasn’t kicked around or thrown at our doorstep, so that’s a plus.

    Upon unpacking, the first thing we did (even before we let the topper fully expand) was inspect the build quality, look and feel of the materials, stitching, whether the elastic straps are securely attached and so on. And, as expected, everything was more than fine.

    Despite this one being filled with cuddly soft fillings, you’ll still need to let it expand. It won’t take as long as it were memory foam, but a few hours are necessary. Also, you may get a whiff of that new product smell, but we wouldn’t categorise it as off-gassing. And even if we did – it went away after a couple of hours, so don’t worry.

    After the topper was fully expanded and ready to be tested, we pulled out a couple of mattresses and we got to work. To make sure this one works well, we’ve placed it on a memory foam mattress, a hybrid and a pocket spring. We’ve also made sure that our test mattresses were at different firmness levels, to fully grasp the performance of this topper.

    As for testing itself, we’ve slept, we’ve lounged, and of course, we’ve simulated long-term use, tested for motion isolation (or lack thereof) and so on.

    So, what have we learned from all this testing? Let’s find out…

    General impression after testing the product

    Our general impression is that Slumberdown Climate Control is a good mattress topper if you’re looking for something soft and comfy that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With that being said, it’s good if you know what to expect at this price point. In other words, this is not a life-changing product, but we doubt you’ll be unhappy about it, considering how affordable it is.

    On the other hand, don’t expect it to keep you cool on a hot summer night, despite what the company claims. Every single one of our testers noticed that, while initially cool and pleasant to lie on, this topper won’t keep you cool. It just won’t. It won’t retain heat, far from it, but it’s not cooling.

    So, if you’re looking for a topper with better temperature regulation, we’d advise you to check out our list of the best cooling mattress toppers and maybe take your pick from there.

    Overall, it’s a good topper. Especially at this price point.

    What are the common problems with Slumberdown Climate Control King Size mattress topper?

    Well, we’ve talked about cooling too many times now, so we’ll skip that.

    What bugs us the most about this one is the lack of support. Not because we’ve expected it to be there, but because it literally says “firmer support” on the package. At best, this is a medium-firm topper, but since it’s made with hollowfibre – you’ll simply sink into it. That’s just not “supportive” in our book.

    Another thing that we noticed was that this one isn’t as long-lasting as it should be. Despite Dacron being relatively durable and long-lasting, it’s just not “strong” enough for you to sleep on for an extended period of time. After two years or so, this topper will just feel more like a duvet than a topper. The filling will get squished and it won’t come back, no matter how many times you wash and fluff it.

    FAQs about your Slumberdown Climate Control mattress topper

    In the end, just to make sure we cover all grounds, we’ll answer some FAQs.

    Yes, Climate Control duvet is good for side sleepers.

    Back sleepers will comfortably sleep and rest on this topper.

    Yes. As long as they pair the topper with a firm mattress, the Climate Control duvet should be more than comfortable for them.

    All you need to do to wash this duvet is to fold it up and toss it in a washing machine at 40°C. That's it.

    It depends on factors like body weight, how often you wash it, and on which mattress you use it. But, in general, we don't see this one making it past year three in the best-case scenario.

    Sort of. But, you'll have to wait for the Slumberdown Airstream topper review to find out.

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