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Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress 2024 Review

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9 April 2024 4 min read

Are you waking up feeling tired? Is your lower back hurting? If that’s a yes – maybe you need a new mattress. The Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress is a solid choice for alleviating back pain – or is it? Well, we’ve tested it and we have to say – the results are very interesting…

Getting a new mattress can be rather difficult as there are literally thousands of different models all claiming to be the best. So, we've taken it upon ourselves to review as many mattresses as we can. And today the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress is on the chopping block!

So, let's see what makes this mattress so special and who it best suits. And don't worry, we'll also give you a few recommendations for different mattresses in case this one doesn't have everything you're looking for.

With all of that said, let's get into it and see what the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress is all about!


An icon depicting a man with pain in back
Good for back pain
Zoned support helps take the pressure off your back and hips.
An icon depicting different groups of people
Will suit most people
The mattress is neither too firm nor too soft.
an icon depicting a money bag, illustrating an affordable product
One of the more budget-friendly mattresses you'll find.


An icon depicting off gassing
Some off-gassing
A strong memory foam smell for the first night or two.
An icon depicting chain links indicating low durability
Some durability concerns
This mattress won't last nearly as long as a premium mattress.

Who is the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress for?

As you can tell by the name, the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress is a mattress with zoned support, designed to strategically provide support and comfort in much-needed areas. Therefore, we feel like it's safe to say that the people suffering from some sleep-related aches are probably the best suited to enjoy this product.

Now, that doesn’t mean that anyone in the market for a proper mattress isn’t a good candidate, because, we still haven’t met anyone who couldn’t benefit from a good night’s sleep. And for couples ot individuals looking for a bit more leg room, the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress Double is a very solid choice.

What do we use this product for?

Just like any other mattress, we use this one to sleep on, only this one is special. With this 7-Zone support system, we can use this mattress to help ease the pain in our lower back, shoulder, neck, hips and so on. As you know, proper alignment is key to alleviating sleep-related pain and that's exactly what this mattress claims to do.

Is the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress an upgraded version of a previous model?

Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress is one of the 3 mattresses in Silentnight's “Mattress-Now” lineup of memory foam mattresses and it is, in fact, an upgraded version of a previous model, 3-Zone Memory Foam mattress. As you can tell from the name, the one we’re reviewing has a much more detailed support system, which makes it a lot more supportive and comfortable than the previous model, at least in theory.

Features you should know about the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress

As we’ve mentioned earlier, every mattress has its own set of distinguishing features and elements and it is no different with Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress . To better understand what this mattress brings to the table, or better yet to the bedframe, here’s a brief overview of the key features.

Silentnight 7-Zones of memory foam in the mattress
7 Zoned support system

According to Silentnight, the 7-zone support system provides unparalleled support and pressure relief across core zones from head-to-toe, while also being luxurious and body moulding for the ultimate sense of comfort. Those are some very big words and from the looks of it, it just might be close to that.

At first glance, the 7-zone support system should be foolproof. It's strategically designed and made to alleviate pressure off of main pressure points like hips, shoulders and back, while still providing you with enough support and proper alignment, but more importantly, comfort. Sure enough, it did just that, but not as nearly as well as we had thought it might.

Non-removable cover

Just as is often the case with Silentnight's mattresses, we're met with a non-removable cover. Some find that to be good, some find it to be annoying. If you're someone that enjoys washing both your sheets and the mattress cover, you're out of luck. The cover does not come off of this mattress, but then again, it's not all bad.

The cover itself feels very premium and luxurious. It’s very well-made, it looks decent and is very soft to the touch. You could easily sleep on it without any sheets without having to worry about comfort. It’s not quilted, but the fabric is high-quality.

Purotex anti-allergy fibres

As is often the case with a quality mattress, the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress is also hypoallergenic. We wouldn’t expect anything less if we’re being honest, because that’s a fairly standard feature these days and you can’t really expect to sell a mattress that’s not hypoallergenic.

Due to Purotex anti-allergy fibres, this mattress is actively protected from all kinds of allergens, including dust mites. This is not just a claim, Allergy UK backs this claim up and we can also attest that we haven’t had any problems with allergens during our testing.

Lower back support

Due to the 7-Zone support system, this mattress feels very good on your lower back. Regardless of your sleeping position, the zoned support will keep your back straight and aligned during the night, which means that your chances of living pain-free will increase significantly.

We’ve experienced proper support in the lower back area and the memory foam contours nicely around the edges. Now, we don't claim that the lower back support will make the existing pain go away, but it certainly won't make it worse and if you haven't had any problems so far – you won't start having them now.

Review of the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress

a product image of silentnight 7 zone memory foam mattress

Now that we've gotten the main features out of the way, it's time for our final verdict. What this mattress does exceptionally well is keeping your body in a nice, proper position if you lay on your back or side. The memory foam reacts really nicely, contouring along your body and the 7-zone support system really shows its colours around the hips and shoulders.

As far as firmness is concerned, it’s right there in the middle, around 5.5 out of 10 in our opinion, but the feeling varies due to zoned support.

On the other hand, off-gassing with this one is kind of an issue. It took a while for this one to vent out, so keep that in mind. Furthermore, we found that sinkage could pose a significant issue with this mattress if you're a bit on the heavier side.

All in all – we’d give this mattress a solid 3.5 out of 5. It does some things fairly well, but there are some things that worry us.


  • Type: Memory foam/Euro top
  • Firmness: 5/10
  • Mattress depth: 20 cm
  • Size: UK Single, UK Double, UK King, UK Super King, Euro Single, Euro Double, Euro King

What we like about the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress

What we didn’t like about the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress

Check the alternatives to the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress

If you have doubts about Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress, maybe we could recommend you an alternative option. Here’s what we feel might be interesting to you, if Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress isn’t the right choice.

Simba Premium Seven-Zoned Foam Mattress

Product image of Simba Premium mattress

If you liked the Silentnight 7-Zone mattress, the Simba 7-Zone should be just as tempting. After all, if the name didn't give it away, it's rather similar in construction!

In other words, it offers great zoned support to relieve some of your back and hip aches. Plus, since this is another memory foam mattress, you can expect a large degree of comfort in general. Although this also means some off-gassing will probably be present.

The mattress is also hypoallergenic, which is a big plus for allergy-sufferers. You might be wondering how exactly the Simba 7-Zone is different from the Silentnight 7-Zone.

Well, at a surface level, the Simba mattress has a 100-night trial, is a bit thinner, a bit firmer, and a bit more expensive.

For a fuller picture, we suggest reading our review of the Simba Premium Mattress.


An icon depicting a leaf indicating hypoallergenic properties
Great for allergy-sufferers.
An icon depicting a man with pain in back
Great for back pain
Zoned support for your back and hips.
An icon depicting trial or warranty
100 nights trial
You get to try the mattress out first.


An icon representing a non-removable cover
No removable cover
This makes washing the mattress a bit more annoying.
An icon depicting negative warming properties
Possible overheating
The mattress can trap heat.

Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

Product image of Silentnight - 3 Zone Memory

As the name suggests, the Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress is a slightly “downgraded” version of the 7-Zone memory foam mattress. But why would anyone want this version over the 7-Zone?

Well, for one, this mattress is a tad cheaper. So, if you want to keep your expenses as low as possible, it could be worth opting for this version.

Plus, while three is less than seven, the fact remains that this mattress still has zoned support. In other words, it can still help with some of your aches – although it won't be as refined as with the original model.

This mattress is also slightly thinner and comes rolled, which will be a lot more convenient for some people. This is especially true if you're working with very little space.

Click here to read our full review of the the Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress.


An icon depicting a good value product
Great value
One of the cheaper mattresses that still offers good quality.
An icon depicting a man with pain in back
Solid pressure relief
While not as refined, the zoned support is still decent.
An icon depicting a small room
Great for small rooms
The mattress is thin and rolled.


An icon depicting negative warming properties
Overheating possible
The mattress can trap heat.
An icon representing a non-removable cover
Non-removable cover
Washing is a bit more difficult.
An icon depicting chain links indicating low durability
Some longevity concerns
This mattress won't outlast a premium mattress.

Consider the Panda bamboo mattress topper if you are buying Silentnight 7-Zone memory foam mattress

Sleep Advisors presenter sleeping on Panda mattress topper

Considering that the main drawback of this mattress is some sinkage, not the greatest temperature regulation and the lack of a removable cover, you should probably consider pairing it up with a Panda Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

This added layer of comfort should solve the sinkage and breathability issues right away and you won’t have to worry about staining your mattress with a topper lying over it.

Plus, this topper is eco-friendly and completely hypoallergenic. This could be a major plus for people with allergies or very sensitive skin.

And having a high-quality topper could also prolong the life of the mattress underneath. So, it can also solve the durability issue. Although we do have to note that this topper is half the price of the entire mattress!

Click here to learn more about the Panda mattress topper.


An icon depicting a leaf indicating hypoallergenic properties
100% hypoallergenic
Great for allergy-sufferers or people with sensitive skin.
an icon depicting straps included
Elastic straps
This topper isn't going anywhere.
An icon depicting a hand pressing a memory foam, illustrating a comfortable product
Comfortable memory foam
The memory foam is sure to keep you comfortable.


An icon depicting off gassing
Possible off-gassing
The odour won't stick around for long but it will be present.
An icon depicting a heavyweight person, illustrating a product that is not suitable for overweight people
Not ideal for heavier sleepers
Heavier sleepers might need a firmer topper.

What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

What Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress does better than the others are, it really keeps you locked in place once you lie down. Far from it being restrictive to movement, it’s just that it contours and supports your body in such a good way – you’re almost guaranteed to stop tossing and turning.

How did we test the product?

Silentnight 7Zone Memory Foam mattress

Finding a mattress that perfectly fits your needs isn't easy by any means. You've undoubtedly witnessed and/or heard people rave about a particular mattress, only to have someone else say the complete opposite. It's not that one of them is telling a lie; finding the ideal mattress is a pretty subjective process. What works for one person will not work for another, and vice versa.

As a result, when we review these mattresses, we try our hardest to pay very close attention to them. And though we understand that we can't possibly predict whether you'll like it or not, we do know that we can carefully test the mattress and paint you a clear picture.

Every mattress has different attributes, and it is these characteristics that define it.

We strive to be as thorough as possible in our evaluation, making sure to cover all of the important aspects including firmness, support, edge support, pressure and pain relief, weight distribution, motion transfer and bounciness, breathability and airflow, hypoallergenic properties, longevity, reliability, trial period, warranty, and so on.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on having a diverse team of experts that test these products. By diverse, we mean we have a team of individuals that differ in height and weight and sleep in different positions. That allows us to paint a broader picture and take a look at a mattress from all kinds of different perspectives, which ultimately leads us to the objective, all-around evaluation of the product.


And that's all you need to know about the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress! So, are you going to get one for yourself or a loved one? Let us know in the comments! And if you have any questions about the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress, check out the FAQ section or contact us directly.

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FAQs about your new Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress

Finally, we thought we’d answer some FAQs that might be of importance to you. We couldn’t possibly answer all your questions, but we can at least answer some of them, so you can make your decision when it is time to buy.

What is a 7-zone memory foam mattress?

It is a memory foam mattress, with a support layer divided into 7 zones for improved, whole-body support.

Are there differences between 3-zone and 7-zone memory foam mattresses?

Yes. The 7-zone memory foam mattresses offer noticeably more support and comfort in the key body areas such as the back, hips and shoulders.

Is there off-gassing upon unpacking the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam mattress?

Yes. With this particular mattress, there are some off-gassing issues in the beginning.

How long does the Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam mattress last?

This one does seem to have some sinkage and longevity issues; therefore, we’d say you can expect this one to last somewhere between 3 to 6 years.

About the author

As a CPD certified Sleep Consultant I know how important sleep is. And as a combination sleeper, I have found it difficult to get products to suit my sleep style. I have more than 2 years product testing experience with The Sleep Advisors which means I have slept on, with and under more than 500 products with varying degrees of success. This is added to more than 2 years experience as a product reviewer for Closer, Heat and Grazia magazines, so I've got a rigorous process. I love sharing my sleep testimonials with our readers and hearing their experiences too.
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