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National Inventor's Day – Top 3 Sleep Inventions in 2023

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Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant


29 April 2024 5 min read

Inventions have changed the way we sleep and we should give the inventors the recognition they deserve on National Inventor's Day. Throughout history, more concepts are being developed and many have helped out with our sleep cycle.

Celebrating the World's Brilliant Minds

National Inventor's Day honours Thomas Edison, on February 11 every year, the same day as his birthday. President Ronald Reagan declared the date. Thomas Alva Edison invented the incandescent electric lamp (the light bulb) and the motion picture projector, along with other inventions. Hungarian inventors and german speaking countries celebrate National Inventor's Day later on in the year.

It is a time to appreciate and celebrate many inventors from around the world such as Benjamin Franklin (inventor of electricity), Nikola Tesla (inventor of AC power and the radio), Eli Whitney (inventor of cotton gin) and George Washington Carver.

Top 3 sleep inventions of the 21st-century

New inventions are always being created, improving and changing how things work around the world. Some of which we couldn't imagine living without. New methods of sleeping are constantly being introduced – whether it is mattress technology, sleep accessories or devices.

The Smart Mattress

To start with, we are going to talk about smart beds/mattresses. It is a product that will blow your mind. There are so many features that you are able to get now, that anyone and everyone will be able to have the best night's sleep.

The smart mattress can help snorers – a perk for someone and for their partner. Your mattress can tilt your head into a position that opens the airways while you sleep, to stop you from snoring. Others come with under-bed lighting which is ideal if you tend to get up during the night. You will see a subtle glow under your bed to help you see where you are going. This always stops you from waking up your partner if you usually use a brighter light. A backrest adjustment is available, meaning the top end of your mattress can rise so there is no need to prop up pillows to support your back. For those who are prone to aches and pains, you can find soothing massages with some mattresses. The perfect way to have an at-home pamper session to keep you relaxed. Lastly, you can get a wake-up feature for those who always hit snooze and struggle to get up in the morning. You'll feel the backrest incline and a stirring massage.

If all of that wasn't enough, you can even connect them to smart devices. You can just ask them if you want the mattress adjusted.

The Sleep Tracker

Next up is the sleep tracker. You can get sleep trackers in different variations, it all depends on how advanced you want them to be. The most popular choice is a smartwatch, many of which link up to an app. Using one is a great way to notice any sleep patterns or behaviours and understand yourself better.

A sleep tracker can inform you of your sleep duration and the moments you stir. You will be able to look at where you have lighter sleep or fall into a deep sleep. Some of the trackers will use heart rate sensors to detect your sleep. Others have features where it records any sounds during the night. You are able to playback the audio to hear if you snore, have unusual breathing patterns and talk in your sleep.

This is an amazing invention that allows you to get a better idea of your sleep habits.

The White Noise Generator

Lastly, people who struggle to fall asleep due to environmental noise will feel the benefit of using a white noise generator. You can access white noise through specific devices that have been invented for that purpose, or you can find apps with that feature. The idea of them is to help you focus on that background noise rather than any other distractions. From this, you will be able to relax and dose off to sleep.

It is best not to keep it on all night. If the white noise generator is for your little one, then make sure you turn it off once they are asleep or before you go to bed. However, if it is for you then it is ideal to have one with a timer so it can automatically turn off after a period of time.

Invention will lead to better sleep

Products are always being trialled and tested to find what works to help you sleep at night. Technology is constantly improving and finding ways to make daily tasks a little easier. The advancement in the sleep industry is continuously moving and there is no doubt that we will see new inventions arising. As more things get discovered about sleep and more knowledge is available, inventors are able to apply it to the current gadgets.


To conclude, inventions are constantly evolving and becoming smarter. People are becoming more intelligent by finding out more about the sleep world. By being aware of sleep disorders, patterns and habits, they are able to decipher what is usual or unusual. From this, an inventor can work towards adapting an aid to suit or inventing a new product to assist. There are many devices on the market at the moment to help you get to sleep – this is just a selection of a few to celebrate National Inventor's Day.

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