when to get a new mattress topper
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When Is The Right Time To Get A Mattress Topper?

People confuse mattress pads with mattress toppers. It’s quite common despite them being two different products with different functions for the sleeper. Mattress pads are there for protecting the mattress from wear and tear while marginally improving upon the quality of comfort. The mattress topper is purposefully made to take the comfort of the mattress to the next level.

If you have already spent top dollar for your mattress, a mattress topper will give it additional longevity and comfort for your sleep. Mattress toppers are a great add-on as they come in various sizes and materials. This means that even if your mattress has some downsides, a well purchased mattress topper can turn a good mattress into a great mattress.

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    Why are they worth it?

    The rewarding aspect of a mattress topper is that it increases the longevity of a mattress. The sheer fact that they are placed on top of the mattress reduces the pressure applied to the mattress springs. Benefits of having this combination increase by flipping your mattress over from time to time. This lowers the stress put on a specific part of mattress springs.

    The management of mattress toppers is a lot more forgiving than a full sized mattress. They are smaller in size and usually come with covers that can be washed and replaced. It works like a barrier from staining your mattress and preventing the general decay that happens over time. Smaller size also makes the mattress topper a travel-friendly solution. They can be rolled up and transferred from mattress to mattress.

    a mattress topper on a mattress

    If you own a lower quality mattress, buying a mattress topper is an inexpensive solution when comparing it to a cashing out for a completely new mattress. In addition to skyrocketing the quality of your underperforming mattress, the topper will give a couple more years to the mattress’ life.

    Mattress toppers change how an existing mattress supports you, improve the quality of sleep comfort and increase the durability of your bed in general. They are an extra investment, which is true, but they are sometimes even a quick fix for a troublesome mattress. It’s really a versatile product that is definitely underappreciated.

    Can a mattress topper replace a mattress?

    The issue is with the obvious difference in design between a mattress and a topper. The mattresses have springs and can absorb a lot more weight in comparison to a topper. While the toppers are there to ease some discomfort from a worn-out mattress, they cannot absorb the same amount of pressure. Additionally, they are a lot thinner and can’t even fit by themselves in some bed shapes.

    Toppers exclusively work in tandem with mattresses. The effect they have together is amazing and splitting them up, especially to use only a topper, is simply doing a disservice.

    can a mattress topper replace a mattress

    Types of mattress toppers

    There are three main kinds of mattress toppers on the market right now:

    Egg crate mattress toppers – They are called by various names, but they have an egg box kind of surface. You can always tell one by seeing the bumpy nodular foam that is usually in a padded cover. The main benefit of this product is that it is travel-friendly for everyone. The egg crate can be stacked or rolled up, making it a great topper if you are changing mattresses a lot. The final benefit is that they are usually cheaper and more flexible.

    an image of egg crate memory foam

    Memory foam mattress toppers – Made out of the same material as memory foam mattresses. They essentially do the same thing. Much like the mattress, a topper made out memory foam has the contouring and heat retention abilities. Comfort and support are the prime qualities of this kind of mattress topper.

    an image of a mattress topper made of memory foam

    Wool or fleece mattress toppers – Natural materials are a great solution if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to some synthetic materials. Such toppers are super soft and not as itch as one might think. The nature of such materials makes them an expensive buy however, especially if you are looking for high quality wool.

    an image of lamb wool mattress topper


    Mattress toppers are a great improvement for any kind of mattress at any point in time. A bold statement indeed, but unless your mattress is perfect (and I mean perfect), a topper will improve it. Additional support is almost always worth it, especially if weight support is an issue.

    Their low cost, low maintenance and versatility make them an obvious buy if you are seeking comfortable sleep. The choices are numerous between the kinds of toppers allowing the pickiest sleeper to find something for their comfort or support. In all honesty, if you haven’t tried it, give mattress toppers a go – especially if you aren’t sleeping tight.

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