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How To Relax Before Bed Time?

Are you constantly trying, but failing to relax body and mind before bed? Let’s find out together how to relax before bed time and have a better sleep.

The amount of stress to which each individual is exposed is so high, regardless of factors such as social status, age and place of residence, that it is one of the main global problems. People do not manage to de-stress even before going to bed or during vocation. It leaves consequences both on the body, on the mind and on the sleep quality.

Some of the most common physical problems associated with stress are heart and digestive tract, diseases and when we talk about the mental health, anxiety and depression are the most common. It would be ideal if we could just disconnect and travel to the Maldives every few months, but 99% of people don’t have that opportunity.Β 

That’s why we need to master ways to quickly and easily relax in the evening, so that you can have a good night’s sleep, which is of utmost importance for overall well-being. In this article by The Sleep Advisors you can learn how to relax before bed time and avoid poor sleep.

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    The biggest enemies we encounter before bed time

    We are waiting all day for bedtime to come. But then it is not that easy to shut down our system, since we are not computer. We often suppress stress during the day in order to be able to complete tasks, and then we feel the consequences after the stressful situation has already passed.


    Stress is an umbrella term for the feeling of emotional and physical tension. It manifests itself in different ways. Some people cope much better with stress, while others easily crack under pressure. As our brain is connected to the gut, it may happen that before going to sleep you feel the well-known feeling of discomfort in the abdomen as a result of stress.

    an image of a woman having stress caused by nightmares


    Many make the mistake and consider that anxiety does not deserve attention unless it is crippling anxiety that prevents a person from functioning normally. It is quite normal to feel anxious from time to time. But if it is a daily feeling, then we are talking about high functioning anxiety which also requires to be treated, before it grows into an even bigger problem.

    an image of a woman suffering from anxiety after the childbirth


    The most common symptoms of sleep problems are inability to fall asleep, segmented sleep, waking up too early and difficulty falling asleep when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, for example. If you are very tired and can’t fall asleep, you are probably one of the nearly 20 million UK adults who suffer from insomnia or some other sleep disorder.

    an image of a woman suffering from insomnia problems

    So - how to relax before bed and get quality sleep?

    So far we’ve only talked about problems, now it’s time to focus on how to relax. Fortunately, there are many simple ways that are within our reach. It is possible that you already practice some of the following, but you definitely need to add at least a few more things to your bedtime routine in order to achieve the desired effect.

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    Dim your lights

    You should start slowly preparing for sleep by reducing the brightness of the lights. If you have a dimmer then it is very simple. However, it is not necessary to have a dimmer. You can put lower watt bulbs in the bedroom. That way you will rest your eyes and will not affect melatonin.

    a woman sleeps in the bed with the light on

    Take a warm bath

    Cold bath is for the morning, and warm bath for the evening. While a short, cold bath will be an ideal start to the day, a warm bath that lasts half an hour is ideal for calming down. The body and mind will relax, and you can add essential oils and then the aromatherapy will be complete. Remember, water should be warm, not too hot. You don’t want to raise body temperature too much.

    An image of a woman having a warm bath in a bath tub.

    Turn off electronic devices

    We mentioned melatonin. It is the sleep hormone that the body starts releasing when it gets dark. Electronic devices can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle because blue light suggests to the body that it is not time for melatonin. Therefore, as soon as it gets dark, turn on the eye comfort shield, and then, approximately an hour before going to bed, do not use electronic devices, but read a book or talk to household members.Β 

    An image of a man working from home in his bed.

    Keep your feet warm

    This advice may sound trivial to you, but it is very important that your feet are not cold. Warm feet influence the whole body to relax and vice versa. If you have a problem with cold feet, consider buying an electric blanket because it is a very effective solution or just wear socks during the winter nights.

    An image of a woman putting her socks on in bed.

    Drink warm drinks

    Warm drinks are just as good an option as a warm bath, and many people even prefer warm drinks to warm bath. Definitely the favourite beverage before bed for most people is hot chocolate. However, you should be careful about caffeine, although chances are slim that hot chocolate will contain enough caffeine to keep you awake.

    An image of a woman in socks on bed drinking tea.

    Practice yoga/meditation

    Yoga and meditation are relaxation techniques so there is no better way to de-stress. Keep in mind that yoga and meditation require practice. You cannot expect them to be highly effective the first time you try them. Be careful and over time yoga and meditation will become your magic methods for coping with stress. Those two techniques can even lower blood pressure.

    an image of a woman exercising yoga

    Read a book

    Instead of spending an hour on Instagram, read a book. Our advice is to read the paper version, not the PDF, using a tablet, because then you are again exposed to blue lights. Another tip – choose a relaxing novel. Evening is not the ideal time to read highly engaging books that will make you think about what you just read.

    Deep breathe

    Deep breathing can be part of meditation and yoga or a separate relaxation technique. You also have to practice deep breathing so that you can have even, deep breaths. You have to learn to engage your stomach while breathing. One of the most famous methods is the 4-7-8 method. Do not breathe too deeply, hyperventilation is not needed in such situation.

    an image of slow breathing exercise

    Self-hypnotize yourself

    Opinions about self-hypnosis or auto-hypnosis are divided. While they are the ones who believe that it is very effective in different situations, others doubt that it is so useful. You should try it and see for yourself. This auto-suggestive practice will help you learn to focus completely. Take one step at a time until you gain an understanding of all the necessary steps to self-hypnotize successfully.

    an image of a man sleeping well after the sleep hypnosis

    Have a worry time schedule

    Once you make worry time schedule, you will quickly notice that your whole day is more pleasant. Why is that so? If you let every situation worry you the moment it happens, you will spend most of your time worried and anxious because body are going to produce stress hormones all the time. But if you have worry time scheduled, then you will be able to ignore stress during the day and later, during worry time, devote yourself to analyzing and solving problems.

    An image of a depressed woman due to menopause.

    Avoid alcohol, nicotine and caffeine

    The National Sleep Foundation and all other relevant medical institutions advise to avoid alcohol and nicotine not only before bed, but always. One glass of wine is not harmful, but anything more than that is not recommended. Nicotine and all other substances that cigarettes contain are very harmful. It is fine to consume caffeine, but don’t drink coffee after 4 PM, otherwise you probably won’t be able to fall asleep in time.

    a young man refuses a cigarette

    Make your bedroom a sanctuary

    In order for the bedroom to be your sanctuary, you must first stop doing anything in that room except sleep and sex. Thus, your brain will make a connection between the bedroom and relaxation. Of course, it is also necessary for the bedroom to be perfectly adapted to your needs. Start by purchasing a suitable mattress, pillow and duvet.Β 

    An image of a modern bedroom with lights.

    Consider your sleep position and preferences before buying pillow and mattress. Don’t just go and buy products made by famous sleep company. Then implement blackout curtains, to make it dark and quiet. Bedroom lights with dimmers are also a great addition.



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