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How to Sleep Like Wednesday Addams – Build a Bed

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Written By Alex Petrović

Certified Sleep Consultant

Featured image for How to Sleep Like Wednesday Addams

29 April 2024 6 min read

Thanks to Netflix, an entirely new generation is falling in love with Wednesday Addams and the rest of the Addams family. So as a homage to this great series, it's time to create our perfect Wednesday Addams bed.

It's no secret that the internet is currently in love with Jenna Ortega and her role as a more adult Wednesday Addams. The aesthetic of the show is jaw-dropping and just the first Wednesday season probably introduced thousands of people to goth decor and design.

So, today we're doing our part and creating a bed from top to bottom that will do Wednesday Addams justice! And if you want to feel like a part of the Wednesday Addams family, check out all the products mentioned and build your own Netflix Addams family bedroom. Let's begin.

Step 1: A bold bed frame

If we want to create a bed that Tim Burton can be proud of, we first need a bold bed frame! After all, the bed frame largely dictates the look (and even the feel) of the bed as a whole. So, we found two options that should do the trick.

The Vida Designs Barcelona

Product image of Vida Designs Barcelona Small Double Bed

If you search for “Wednesday Addams bed”, you can actually find a screencap from the original series where Wednesday is in bed. And while getting that exact bed frame was rather impossible (as not too many manufacturers offer Cathulu footboards), we think this bed is the next best thing. Both the headboard and the footboard have a very simple yet elegant design and as the entire construction is made from black metal, it seems like something Wednesday Addams would approve of.

Plus, the bed frame is extremely stable, with added mid-section feet and a wooded slat construction that will keep the mattress in place. And honestly, if you go for the King size, we could easily see Morticia Addams and Gomez Addams making themselves at home as well.

So, whether you're getting it for yourself, your kids, or your parents – this bed frame is the first step to becoming a Wednesday Addams family. However, it's not your only choice.

vidaXL Canopy Bed Frame

An image of vidaXL Canopy Bed Frame.

If you think that the previous bed frame was too subtle and really want to tap into the gothic aesthetic, we think this bed frame should be right up your alley. It also features an ornate headboard and footboard as well as a four-poster design.

Canopy beds generally look very luxurious and like they were fit for royalty, so we're pretty sure this is something that aligns with the Addams family values. And if you still think it's too bland for Wednesday Addams, we suggest adding the Nattey 4 Corners Post Canopy Bed Curtain on top!

Be honest – if beds had an Imbd score, this one would easily crack the top ten. And if you get a Wednesday Addams costume (like her uniform or the now-famous Wednesday Addams dress), you're sure to feel like part of the crew.

Step 2: A supportive mattress

Maybe Monday's child is fair of face, and Tuesday's child is full of grace, but Wednesday's child has the posture most can only dream of. We see that while Pugsley Addams somehow always manages to fall asleep inside a death trap, Wednesday sleeps perfectly still and on her back.

So, if we want to do the character justice we have to find a mattress for back sleepers that also has excellent motion isolation. And since it's Wednesday Addams we're talking about, adding some flare into the mix is also welcomed. Here's what we found.


The Millbrook Wool Luxury 4000 Pocket Mattress

an image of of Millbrook Wool Luxury 4000 pocket mattress in a bedroom

While it's difficult to make a mattress look gothic, this one definitely does everything we need it to do. First off, if you want a mattress that is luxurious enough for Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams or her child full of woe, Millbrook is the place to be.

Everything is done by hand and only premium-quality wool is used in the construction. Not to mention that the mattress features 4000 individually nested pocket springs that give your back all the support it needs and make for minimal motion transfer – which is quite important if Thing decides to walk around while you're sleeping.

Plus, the mattress fits in with the show thematically. Just as the show Wednesday deals with the concept of isolation, you can portray Wednesday and her plight as well. This is because this entirely white mattress has a single black tuft of wool that's supposed to signify quality. And we think that visual is just poetic and describes Wednesday's story perfectly.

Step 3: Getting morbidly comfy

Now that you have the bed set up, it's time to add all the other bedding products that can secure a good night's sleep – while also sticking to the theme of course. So, let's talk about how you're going to keep yourself warm. And depending on whether you'd like the Jenna Ortega or the Christina Ricci approach, we have two different suggestions.

Aeyla's The Chunky Weighted Blanket

Product image of The Chunky Weighted Blanket

In the old-school Charles Addams depiction, we get a glimpse of Wednesday in bed, covered in a thick wool blanket. This immediately made us think of The Chunky Weighted Blanket from Aeyla as it fits the aesthetic perfectly!

Plus, we think that weighted blankets in general fit with Wednesday's theme rather well. Not only do they allow you to calm down but they also let you be completely tucked in while sleeping. And considering how Wednesday feigns perkiness and sleeps like a cadaver, both of these traits seem ideal!

Night Owl Coverless Duvet

An image of night owl duvet testing

On the other hand, if you prefer the new Addams family and their adventures at Nevermore Academy, we think the Night Owl Coverless Duvet is more up your alley. For one, the name of the product sounds like something Wednesday Addams would think of herself.

Secondly, if you go for the cloud grey set, it balances out the rest of the bed rather nicely while still looking somewhat sinister. It can be the visual Goody Addams of your bed and add that slight pause from the darkness, thus making the whole bed seem more balanced.

Step 4: Being prepared for the Addams family pillow fight

When it comes to the pillow there are two things we need to keep track of. First off, just like the mattress, it needs to be a pillow for back sleepers so that you can imitate that classic coffin pose. Secondly, depending on which duvet you got, you need to coordinate the colours accordingly. So, here's what we think.

WOOLROOM – Quilted Wool Pillow

Product image of the WOOLROOM - Quilted Wool Pillow

If you decided to go for The Chunky Weighted Blanket, this pillow is perfect as is. It's the same kind of white pillow as in the show with a solid loft that can keep your head up high and supported. And seeing how it's also made from wool, it goes nicely with the mattress and the luxurious feel you've established so far.

However, if you went for the Night Owl Coverless Duvet, we suggest getting a pillow cover as well. Small breaks from black are always good but we think Wednesday would never feature more than a 50/50 split between black and white. Plus, a black pillowcase should be extremely easy to find.

Step 5: Make it a Wednesday Addams bed 24/7

Even though you might want to watch upbeat family films during the day, your bed still needs to stay in character! That's why getting a good bed sheet is essential when crafting this bed. And while it might sound like a minor detail, we think this bed sheet ties everything together perfectly.

DuShow Black Satin Bed Sheets


Getting black bed sheets was a no-brainer but we wanted to take it a bit further. That's why we settled on these satin sheets. They simply ooze elegance and are sure to make your bed look fit for royalty even when you're not around.

Plus, satin is incredibly soft to the touch, so it's not all about appearances either. And if you've already made it this far, it only makes sense to finish things up with a bang!

Step 6: Finishing touches

Now that you've made your bed, all you have to do is lie in it! And considering how elegant and comfortable we've made it, that shouldn't pose any issues. However, you can always add some more flare to the rest of your room in order to immerse yourself further. So, here are some of our recommendations that are sure you get your creative juices flowing!

Alchemy Poe's Raven Candle Stick

Product image of Alchemy Poe's Raven Candle Stick

This piece of decor works on so many levels. First off, ravens have always been a staple in the goth aesthetic. And the same could be said of candles – since there's hardly a sinister atmosphere without a few candles being lit and then suddenly extinguished.

But this candle stick works even better in regards to Wednesday as it's Edgar Allan Poe themed, which as we know is also central to Nevermore Academy. So, a must-have if you ask us.

Alchemy Gothic Kraken Mirror

An image of Alchemy Gothic Kraken Mirror.

From the same company that gave us the candle stick, we also have a mirror. Since we couldn't find a bed frame featuring Cthulu, we thought this mirror was the next best thing. After all, Lovecraftian terror and gothic design are like two peas in a pod!

The mirror isn't too big but it definitely adds to the aesthetic of the room. But if you do want something a bit more grandiose that could still fit in the Wednesday Addams world, we suggest the Meerveil Dressing Tables, as they stick to the goth aesthetic but also lean towards elegance.

T&S 5 Light Chandelier

An image of T&S 5 Light Chandelier.

If candles aren't your thing but you still don't want to live in complete darkness (at least not all the time), there's no better option than a chandelier! However, you don't want one that would fit in at a wedding or a museum – you have to stick to the theme of the room.

And that's what makes this chandelier so perfect. It's not too big, so it can easily fit inside most bedrooms, but it still gives off the feeling of being larger than life – or in this case, larger than death. Setting it up can be a bit tricky but we think it's worth the end result.

vidaXL Solid Wood Coffee Table

An image of vidaXL Solid Wood Coffee Table.

Lastly, let's talk about coffee tables! Although not on the same level as your bed, tables do contribute quite a lot to the overall vibe of your room. So, you don't want to break the immersion with a normal wooden table or something brightly coloured.

That's where this table comes into play! At first glance, it looks like a very tiny coffin, which is an impression that sits well at home with Wednesday Addams. Not to mention that it's also quite useful, as it adds a significant amount of storage space. So, definitely a product worth looking into.

Other additions

From this point on, you can go pretty crazy. Things like black-out curtains, a large dark rug, or some abstract paintings would all feel right at home in your new Addams family room. And if you also happen to play the cello, you're practically living the Wednesday life. So, go out there and see what else you can find!

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