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Millbrook Beds 101 – Should This be Your New Mattress?

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Written By Alex Petrović

Sleep Consultant

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7 November 2023 6 min read

Today, we're going to take a close look at Millbrook beds in order to see what they as a company offer. We want to find out whether they should be your go-to when getting a luxury mattress.

When buying a new mattress, it's extremely useful to know a thing or two about the manufacturer. After all, a good mattress can stay with you for up to ten years. Therefore, you want to have the peace of mind that you got the best deal possible. So, what does the Millbrook brand bring to the table?

That's what we're going to discuss today. We'll go over their main selling points as well as the three products that blew us away the most. But first, let's learn the history of Millbrook Beds.

Top 3 products from Millbrook Beds

Firstly, let's take a look at some specific products from Millbrook that we think will be right at home in your bedroom. In particular, we choose three mattresses that stood out the most. With that being said, most of their products are definitely worth looking into. But for now, let's look at these three mattresses and discuss how they can transform your sleep. With different spring counts, materials, and price points, one of these mattresses is bound to be the ideal choice for you.
Blog 1
Product image for Millbrook Wool Luxury 4000 Pocket Mattress
Millbrook Wool Luxury 4000 Mattress
Blog 2
Product image of the Millbrook Smooth Tech Luxury 5000 Pocket Mattress
Millbrook Smooth Tech Luxury 5000 Pocket Mattress
Blog 3
Product image for Millbrook Nemo Eco-Friendly Mattress
Nemo Eco Friendly Mattress

Millbrook Wool Luxury 4000 Mattress

Product image for Millbrook Wool Luxury 4000 Pocket Mattress

Made with luxury Hampshire fleece wool and a soft viscose-cotton fabric cover, this luxury mattress is sporting the highest quality materials. It also comes with 4000 pocket strings, all nested in their own pocket, and the superior craftsmanship Millbrook is known for.

And if you'd like to learn more about this pocket-spring mattress and how it can permanently upgrade your sleep quality, read our full Wool Luxury 4000 mattress review.

Millbrook Smooth Tech Luxury 5000 Pocket Mattress

Product image of the Millbrook Smooth Tech Luxury 5000 Pocket Mattress

With a whopping 5000 individually-nested pocket springs, this mattress is the perfect choice for those looking for extra support. Despite this, the mattress comes with soft to medium firmness, meaning that it's ideal for all sleeping types (and especially combination sleepers).

Plus, with a spring count this high where the springs have also been individually nested, motion transfer is an issue of the past. So, if you share the bed with a partner who tosses and turns in their sleep, this mattress can save you some valuable sleep time.

Nemo Eco Friendly Mattress

Product image for Millbrook Nemo Eco-Friendly Mattress

Lastly, let's talk about the Nemo Eco Friendly mattress. If you're looking for a Millbrook Beds mattress that has that same luxurious feel as the rest but is a bit cheaper – this is the mattress for you. With breathable side walls to make sure you don't overheat and a respectable 1000 pocket-springs for support, it has everything you need.

Plus, It's by far the most eco-friendly option. Every mattress contains 300 recycled bottles and the mattress itself is easily recyclable. So, you can keep things green and sleep like a log at the same time.

Who are Millbrook Beds?

An image of a forest from a bird's eye view

Initially, an upholstery and bedding workshop that serviced English ships in the Millbrook area of Southampton, Millbrook beds have come a long way since then. With the tagline of “handmade English beds since 1946″, Millbrook mattresses offer a level of craftsmanship that very few other brands can compete with.

And with multiple green initiatives launched by the brand, you can also sleep knowing that your Millbrook bed is helping the planet. Millbrook mattresses are completely biodegradable. The company has even pledged to plant a tree for every single Millbrook Nemo mattress sold. Needless to say, they're doing right by their customers and looking out for Mother Earth.

The main advantages of Millbrook Beds

But when getting a luxury bed, history and green initiatives aren't the main selling points. After all, you want a high-quality mattress that can justify its price tag. So, let's take a closer look at the actual products. Let's see what sets Millbrook Beds apart and how they live up to the standard of high luxury.

Hand-made in Britain

An image of high quality cotton

Having a mattress that's hand-made and from Britain might seem like a minor detail. However, it's actually one of the main selling pitches for Millbrook mattresses.

First off, having the Millbrook mattresses be made in Britain means a distinctly lower carbon footprint. That's because they don't have to be shipped overseas in order to get you your mattress anywhere in the UK.

And the mattresses being hand-made is a perk that you should always strive towards. This doesn't only push their green initiative even further (as there are fewer giant machines involved). It also speaks volumes about their quality craftsmanship.

Knowing that every Millbrook mattress has hand side-stitching and hand tufting means that you'll always get the premium experience. Traditional hand side-stitching secures a level of firmness and stability that you rarely see with other mattresses. And with the fillings also being put in by hand, you don't have to worry about an uneven spread or lumps within the mattress.

The brand even goes so far as to manually put in all the pocket springs, making sure that they don't interfere with one another. Needless to say, having a Millbrook mattress means getting one of the best.

The superb craftmanship

As touched upon previously, all Millbrook mattresses are made by hand and therefore exemplify the high level of craftsmanship present at the company. Every new Millbrook mattress can be slightly different from the last (with the mattress, divan, and even headboard being customisable), meaning that you can get a perfected mattress just for you by picking from the Millbrook mattress range.

And the craftsmanship is nothing short of amazing, with each mattress being made by hand, ensuring ultimate support, comfort, and the absence of any manufacturing kinks other mattresses may come with.

The pocket spring technology

Millbrook's pocket-sprung mattresses are another showcase of their craft. Although their spring mattresses don't offer any new technologies that would blow away the competition, they stand out due to their meticulous design philosophy.

There are a few main things to keep in mind when talking about Millbrook pocket-sprung mattresses. First off, the number of springs. While most mattresses make do with 1000 or maybe 2000 pocket springs, Millbrook goes all the way up to 4000. This means that the mattresses offer a level of support very few mattresses can even dream of.

But that's not all. As opposed to having a giant machine put all the springs in at once, Millbrook stuck to their traditional methods and had every spring be individually hand nested within its own individual pocket. This revolutionary encapsulated spring system makes it so the mattress has superb motion isolation – as the springs absorb your weight individually and without affecting nearby pocket springs.

The luxurious & natural materials

If you were already impressed with Millbrook, you're about to be even happier. Not only are their mattresses expertly made, but they also feature natural fillings. And these sumptuous natural fillings aren't only luxurious, but also very practical.

Sticking to Millbrook's design philosophy, they've been using the same materials for decades now: lambswool, cotton, and silk. Not only are these natural fillings biodegradable, but they also give the mattress a cushy and comfortable feel. When coupled with the double pocket spring system, a Millbrook mattress checks off every positive a mattress can have.

Lastly, to push the envelope even further and showcase that every Millbrook mattress is a natural mattress, those made from Hampshire wool will have a single black tuft on the bottom right-hand corner – which is quite a nice touch.


Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, Millbrook lays out another reason to get their luxurious mattresses – the warranty.

Warranties generally differ quite a bit from brand to brand, with some offering nothing, others a year, and big names like Simba offering 10 years. And while UK customers can't enjoy the full 20-year warranty (which is present in the US), they can get a five-year warranty with an added five-year extension, which is still a respectable amount of time.

All you have to do in order to register is to fill out a short online form, and you're good to go! How can you not get perfect sleep with this level of security?

What types of products are available in Millbrook Beds?

Now that we know why you should look into the Millbrook range, let's check out what types of products they're offering and see whether there's anything that catches your eye.

Divan sets

The Millbrook divan beds offer everything you might need. With free reign to choose between different mattresses and different divan styles, you can get a Divan set that's perfect for you. Even the sizes are customisable as each divan bed is made by hand.

And if you live in a small apartment or just want some extra room, a divan bed is the best solution. After all, they offer added storage that's easy to access while also keeping your sleep comfortable.


From different pocket spring counts to alternative tufting procedures, you can make your Millbrook mattress the perfect choice for you. Very few brands can offer the same spring count as Millbrook, meaning that you're getting the best motion isolation and back support on the market!

And we can't stress enough how important a good mattress is in the long run. From alleviating back pain to increasing your sleep quality and even your overall health – a good mattress can change your life. 


With customisable divan bases and customisable mattresses, it only made sense to have customisable headboards as well. With options for many different designs, sizes, and materials, even the Millbrook headboards managed to achieve premium quality. After all, if you're already getting a new bed, why not craft it into your dream choice?

Not to mention that a good headboard can make your bed seem a lot nicer. It gives the bed a sense of elegance. And since it's also customisable, you can fine-tune it to be perfect for your bedroom.


And that's all you need to know about Millbrook Beds! So, is your new mattress going to be from Millbrook Beds? Make sure to let us know why or why not in the comment section. And if you have any questions about Millbrook Beds or mattresses in general, get in touch with us directly.

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