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OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper with Charcoal Review

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Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

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4 June 2024 6 min read

A mattress topper can add a lot to your mattress, and OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper with Charcoal promises to do just that. But will that be the case? Let’s find out in our OTTY Mattress Topper Review!

Who is OTTY Mattress Topper for?

OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal is for everyone out there that is struggling to get a good night's sleep. In other words, OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper with Charcoal is for:

  • Sleepers struggling with an uncomfortable mattress
  • Sleepers looking for extra pressure relief and motion isolation
  • Hot sleepers.

What do we use this product for?

As is the case with any other mattress topper, we’d use OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal to spark some new life into an old mattress. Naturally, if the mattress is quite old and dingy – the mattress topper won't be helpful, at all. But, if you're just looking to make some subtle changes, we can:

  • Use it to rejuvenate an old mattress
  • Alleviate pressure and pain
  • Keep things cool during the night.


An icon depicting a leaf indicating hypoallergenic properties
100% safe for people suffering from allergies.
An icon depicting air passing through a fabric
Breathable & cooling
Thanks to natural materials, you get enough breathability.
An icon depicting microbe, illustrating anti-bacterial product
Forget bacteria and sleep peacefully.


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Not machine washable
It is not machine washable. Dry cleaning only.
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On the expensive side
Premium products usually come with a matching price tag.

Features you should know about OTTY Mattress Topper

OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal is not your everyday, regular memory foam mattress topper, and you’re about to see why. Here are a few words on some defining features and characteristics of this topper.

An image of OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal bottom.

Bamboo & Charcoal infused layers

OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper with charcoal is made from three separate layers – infused embroidered cover, charcoal bamboo memory foam and bamboo memory foam.

Charcoal and Bamboo-infused memory foam layer is a 2 cm thick layer that helps keep the temperature in check. It is quite breathable, and it will also help wick away excess moisture.

Bamboo-infused memory foam is the bottom, 3 cm thick layer designed to provide extra support and comfort. It is made from specially designed Reflex foam, used across various OTTY products.

Infused embroidered cover

OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal comes with a removable, antibacterial cover that is also infused with charcoal. It is super soft and comfortable, embroidered, and quite noticeably thicker compared to a regular mattress topper cover.

It is made from polyester, which is what makes it hypoallergenic and antibacterial. However, considering it is infused with charcoal and contains memory foam – it is not machine washable.

Anti-slip base

The bottom portion of the OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal is covered with an anti-slip base. This sticky, anti-slip base is what allows the OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal to perfectly sit on top of any mattress, no matter the depth or the type.

Also, this eliminates the need for elastic straps to help keep the topper in place.

The UK mattresses size-friendly

The OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal comes in four different sizes – Single, Double, King and Super King.

All of these are standard UK mattress sizes, not standard EU sizes.

However, thanks to the anti-slip base – you could use this mattress topper on top of a mattress that is not of the same size.

Our Review of OTTY Mattress Topper


And now, for the main event – our OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal review.
First things first, we have to say that the build quality and design of this mattress topper are quite incredible.

OTTY is known for having a bit of an edge when it comes to design and branding, but we really love the way this one looks. With that being said – some might not appreciate it. More importantly, we also love how this one feels.

OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal is very comfortable. At only 5 cm tall, it really does a great job of relieving pressure and adjusting to your body. Since the memory foam inside this one is infused with charcoal and bamboo – the topper also manages to stay quite cool during the night, which is always great to see.

As far as the firmness goes, we'd rate it 5.5 out of 10, but keep in mind; this will vary based on the mattress you're using the topper with.

This is not a double-sided topper, which could in some way affect its durability, but if you just rotate it, head-to-toe, once a month – you should be more than pleased with it for about two to three years.

The bottom part of the cover is the non-slip layer, and we were pleased to notice that it didn’t make any weird, sticky sounds.

On the other hand, we would've really liked it if the topper had a machine-washable cover.

That would’ve made it far easier to clean, especially considering all the design features. Those creases are magnets for dirt, and they could be hard to clean up if left untreated for a while.


What we like about the OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper

What we don’t like about the OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper

The common problems with OTTY Mattress Topper & how to solve them

One problem we've noticed with this bamboo and charcoal mattress topper is keeping it clean.Since you can't remove the cover and wash it in a washing machine, we'd recommend getting a separate mattress protector and encasing both the quality topper and the mattress underneath it in a protector to keep them nice and clean.

This will not only keep the dust mites away, but if you get a waterproof protector, it will also prevent stains, whether they're those yellowish sweat ones or spills from your breakfast in bed.

Check the alternatives to OTTY Mattress Topper

Let's take a look at an alternative U-shaped option.

Rejuvopedic Microfiber Mattress Topper

Product image of Rejuvopedic New Microfibre Mattress Topper.

Rejuvopedic Microfiber Mattress Topper is a solid pick for anyone who prefers a soft, feather and down-like, lightweight topper.

This one comes with a 230 thread count cotton cover, which is very soft and comfortable, but not removable, therefore – not machine washable.

All in all – this is a solid budget option for those that prefer a fluffy topper.


an icon depicting a money bag, illustrating an affordable product
Solid price-quality ratio
You get a decent quality product for a reasonable price.
An icon depicting lightweight properties
Comfortable & fluffy
You get the fluffy comfort that you'll fall in love with.
An icon depicting a cotton plant, illustrating a product that contains cotton material
Cotton cover
The cotton cover adds more comfort and softness.


indicating no hypoallergenic properties
Not hypoallergenic
The topper is not hypoallergenic.
An icon depicting a negative moisture properties
Does retain some heat
It does retain some heat and it might ne suitable for hot sleepers.

What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

What makes OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal stand out from all the other mattress toppers has to be the temperature regulation.
Charcoal and bamboo-infused foam really work together wonderfully, and even if you do have a slightly warmer mattress underneath this topper – the topper should make a noteworthy difference.

How did we test the product?

Now, let us guide you through our testing process. Our tests are split into three categories:

Here's how we tested the temperature regulation of this topper. Paired with an OTTY Pure Hybrid Mattress, we:

Is OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper with Charcoal eco-friendly or sustainable?

While OTTY Sleep isn't too transparent about its sustainability efforts. But, we can easily dissect this one product and see if it's sustainable or not.

At first glance, these are not the most sustainable materials overall – apart from bamboo.

All in all, this topper isn't the most sustainable product ever, but at the same time – it's not a threat, either.

Overall impressions of the product after the testing

Overall, we are more than pleased with the OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal.

It's an excellent topper that will provide you with great comfort and support, while also ensuring a good night's sleep, thanks to the temperature regulation properties and excellent pressure and pain relief.

A solid 9 out of 10 from us.

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FAQs about your OTTY Mattress Topper

Are bamboo charcoal mattress toppers safe?

Yes. All foams used by OTTY are CertiPUR certified, which means they’re completely safe.

Is bamboo charcoal memory foam toxic?

No. Bamboo charcoal memory foam is not toxic.

How do I care for my OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal?

You can rotate it once a month to make it last longer, use a mattress protector or dry clean the topper.

Is OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper with Charcoal washing machine friendly?

No. The removable cover contains charcoal-infused foam, therefore – it is not machine-washable.

Is OTTY Mattress Topper harder or softer?

OTTY Mattress Topper is rated at 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it medium firm.

Does OTTY Mattress Topper come with a warranty?

Yes. OTTY Mattress Topper comes with a 1-year warranty.

Does OTTY company have a trial period for OTTY Bamboo Mattress Topper With Charcoal?

Yes. This topper comes with a 14-day trial period.

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