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Relyon Pillows – What Do You Need to Know About Them?

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29 April 2024 6 min read

Relyon is a well-known and very respected UK latex mattress manufacturer with a 150-year-old tradition, but did you know they also made pillows?

Yes, there are Relyon pillows now, and they're just as good as the mattresses coming out of the Relyon company.

And, just like their mattresses and divan beds, their latex pillows are more than beloved by the UK's consumers – they're adored! Just look at the Relyon pillows reviews!

But, are they truly Relyon pillows or are the Dunlopillo pillows?
Let's find out.

Who is Relyon?

The whole thing about this whole “Relyon pillow is a Dunlopillo pillow” is often misunderstood.
Most people have got it wrong thinking these two were the same company, but they're not. There was no rebranding done – these two were always separate entities.

In fact, Relyon is a company that's been around since the Victorian era while Dunlopillo only started in the 1920s. The two companies were, however, under the same group and they made some of the best natural latex mattresses UK has ever seen.

An image of Relyon Superior Comfort Slim Latex Pillow.

The confusion came from the fact that the famed Dunlopillo Super Comfort pillow became the Relyon Super Comfort pillow, so everyone thought “Dunlopillow” was rebranded.

What actually happened is the two companies are no longer part of the same group, but Relyon has kept the licence to use “Dunlopillow” latex to keep manufacturing the famed Superior Comfort latex pillow, only this time under their own brand.

The main characteristics of Relyon pillows

The Relyon Superior Comfort pillow comes in two versions – Deep and Slim. Both are identical in every way except size and loft, so let's talk about all the characteristics.

100% natural latex

The insides of both Relyon Superior Comfort pillows are identical. They're both stuffed with 100% natural latex, which is a good thing.

Natural latex is known for its bounciness and springiness, so it should provide excellent support for the head and neck and offer instant pressure relief.

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An image of rubber trees with bowls for collecting latex.

It's also very durable and should last for years without losing its shape or becoming flat.

But, what hot sleepers will likely be the most interested in is the fact that natural latex is very breathable and doesn't retain heat, so it should be a good pillow for those running hot.

100% cotton covers

To add to the overall comfort, both pillows come with 100% cotton covers, once known as a “smart material cover”. The only difference between the covers is the size.

Cotton is a soft and breathable fabric that aids moisture wicking and will further increase the comfort and softness of these pillows.

It is also machine-washable at 40 degrees Celsius, so you can keep it clean with ease.

Universal sizes

Speaking of size, both of these pillows come in standard sizes. The Relyon Superior Comfort Deep Latex pillow is 74x40x17 cm, and the Slim Latex pillow's 66x40x13 cm.

An image of two Relyon pillows on bed.

Now, as you can see, the “Slim” version isn't exactly slim. If anything, it is one of the deeper pillows on the market. So, keep that in mind when shopping.

5-year warranty

Both pillows come with a 5-year warranty, which is pretty good for a pillow these days.
It's not the longest one out there, but it certainly beats the industry standard, which is only 1-2 years.

The overall comfort of Relyon pillows

Generally speaking, Superior Comfort Pillows purchased from Relyon should provide excellent comfort for side and back sleepers.

Both Deep and Slim pillows will be great for side sleepers as they will support the head and neck very well, due to their high loft and bounciness.

Back sleepers will find the Slim pillow to be a slightly better option as it's not as lofty and won't push the head and neck too far forward.

Stomach sleepers might want to look for a different pillow altogether as both of these will be too thick and firm for stomach sleeping.

The overall pain relief of Relyon pillows

Due to latex's natural bounciness and progressive comfort, latex pillows offer excellent pain relief for those suffering from neck and shoulder pain.

Unlike memory foam which takes time to contour to your head, latex will do it instantly and very accurately, so you shouldn't feel any pressure points forming during the night.

Overall, these pillows should provide optimal support, sufficient pressure relief, aid with proper sleeping posture and encourage healthy blood supply to your muscles so you wake up fresh, chipper and pain-free.

The overall firmness of Relyon pillows

Relyon rates their pillow as a medium. A solid 5 on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest.
This is a pretty accurate rating as both of these pillows are quite supportive, but still leave room for some sinkage to ensure maximum comfort.

They have a good amount of give to them, which makes them perfect for side and back sleepers.
And, if we had to give our ratings – we'd say 6/10 for the Deep pillow and 5/10 for the Slim.
However, you might feel that the Deep is a lot firmer than the Slim. However, that's simply the effect of a higher loft.

The cooling technology of Relyon pillows

Unlike Relyon mattresses which rely on several different materials and cooling technologies, the pillows rely solely on latex's open-cell structure and innate breathability to promote constant air circulation and proper airflow.

Despite the “lack of effort” on Relyon's end, these pillows filled with microscopic air bubbles should stay cool and comfortable throughout the night, providing you with a very pleasant sleeping surface.
Cotton's naturally breathable, too.

Who should look for Relyon latex pillows?

Apart from folks allergic to actual latex, we'd say that pretty much anyone should give these pillows a try. But, just to make things even clearer and avoid sounding vague, here are the exact types of sleepers who will benefit the most from using Relyon latex pillows:

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FAQs about Relyon latex pillows?

Is the Relyon Superior Comfort pillow the same as the Dunlopillo Super Comfort pillow?

Yes. They are the same product only under a different name.

Do Relyon pillows offer instant pressure relief?

Pretty much. Latex will mould instantly to your head, providing improved sleeping posture and instant pressure relief.

Is Relyon Superior Comfort pillow bouncy?

Yes. Latex is naturally very responsive and follows your natural movement. In other words, once you move your head the shape immediately recovers to its original state.

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