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Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress Review

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8 April 2024 7 min read

Simba is known for its high-quality, award-winning products, so it is always a pleasure when we get to review one.

We’re going to be looking at the entry-level mattress from the Simba Hybrid range – the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress. So, is it as good as their other hybrid mattresses? Well, let’s find out in our Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress Review.


An icon depicting a firm & supportive surface indicating support & firmness
Edge-to-edge support
No matter where you lie on the mattress, you'll feel support from beneath.
An icon depicting air passing through a fabric
Breathable sleep surface
It's kind to your skin and you can feel a slight cool touch when you lie down.
An icon presenting perpetual motion balls indicating low motion transfer
Good motion isolation
You won't feel any movement while you're asleep, so you can sleep peacefully and undisturbed.


An icon depicting off gassing
his is expected with memory foam, but it's not too intense and will quickly disappear.
An icon representing a non-removable cover
Difficult maintenance
There's no washable cover that can be removed. Keeping your mattress clean can be harder.
An icon depicting a non ergonomic product
Not suitable for all sleep positions
It may be a little too firm for those who sleep on their side.

Who is the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress for?

It has been labelled as a medium-firm mattress which I would agree with, but definitely more towards the firmer end of the scale. However, sleeping on the Simba Essential might not be as comfortable for side sleepers as it would be for those sleeping on their back or front. It won’t be the ideal pick if you want to get additional comfort from a softer mattress.

What do we use this product for?

As is the case with any other Simba mattress, we’d use this one to get a good night’s sleep. As simple as that.

The combination of Aerocoil micro springs and Simba’s own foam layers is what we’d call a perfect match. This mixture is what allows for a comfortable, pressure-relieving sleep surface that we feel a lot of people might enjoy. In general, this product is ideal for:

Features you should know about the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress

As you already know, every mattress has its own set of defining features and characteristics, and this Essential mattress is no different. Let’s pick out a few and talk a little bit about them so you can have a better understanding of this mattress.

Five separate support zones

The zoned support base is a foam layer strategically cut to ensure the most comfortable sleeping experience and improve pressure and pain relief around the core areas like shoulders. This alone makes this Hybrid Essential Mattress a great option for all who like to sleep on their back.

As you move around, the mattress will adjust to your new sleep position and remain supported with the last of the mattress layers. Even though it is on the very bottom of the mattress, it does provide a key purpose.

Furthermore, because of the symmetrical comfort zones of the supportive foam layer, this Simba hybrid mattress does not need to be flipped or turned – only rotated from head to toe.

1500 Aerocoil Spring Comfort Layer

The Aerocoil comfort layer is Simba’s own patented conical springs technology that is found in all of their hybrid mattresses. When it comes to this one, in particular, there are up to 1,500 individually nestled titanium micro springs used to bring both comfort and support to Simba Hybrid Essential.

Being so small means you won't feel them while you sleep – even with there being a lot of them. The purpose of them is to move with you and your partner separately to adapt to your position without disturbing the other. It also pushes down and encourages airflow through the mattress to regulate your temperature.

Simbatex cooling system

Another way in which Simba achieves a cooling sensation from their hybrid mattresses is by incorporating a graphite-infused Simbatex foam layer.

Unlike a traditional memory foam mattress, Simbatex essential open-cell foam layer utilises both the open-cell foam structure, as well as thermo-conductive nature of graphite, keeping this one cooler than your old mattress.

Review of the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress


Now, let’s check out our Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress review!

Simba’s original hero product has made some happy sleepers, but is it outdated?  The Hybrid Essential Mattress is made up of four layers – half the layers of their Pro Mattress – and sometimes less is more, but maybe not in this case…

This mattress has all the features but significantly reduced them to fit into a cheaper alternative. This has its own pros and cons, so it really depends on what you are looking for. Although this mattress is not as deep or as heavy as the other Simba mattresses, it has no handles on the sides to make lifting and moving more strenuous.

It has a soft cover, however, it isn’t removable which can make maintenance a little difficult. The grey base fabric can be spot-cleaned – other than that, you will need to use a mattress protector to prolong the life of the mattress.


  • Size: Single, Small Double, Double, King
  • Depth: 20 cm
  • Cover material: Polyester
  • Layer(s) material: Foam and springs
  • Firmness: 7/10
  • Support: 8/10
  • Breathability: 6/10
  • Motion isolation: 8/10
  • Pressure relief: 6/10
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Removable cover: No
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty
  • Trial: 1-year trial

What we like about the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress

After reviewing this mattress, we found a few standout factors that made us enjoy trying it out. These are the things I would recommend to others who are looking for a new mattress. Here they are:

What we don’t like about the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress

It's an affordable mattress so you can expect some downsides to the product, but nothing too major. There are a couple of things that could change your decision, depending on your sleep style and the maintenance. Here are the not-so-good factors:

Simba's customer service and company information

Delivery – When ordering from Simba, you will get free next-day delivery on all orders. After we placed our order, we had a confirmation text with our chosen delivery date and later received another text with a two-hour time slot. So, you’re informed every step of the way. 

Payment – PayPal and standard card payments are accepted. There's the option to split the cost of the mattress using Klarna, DivideBuy or Splitit. Make sure you look at their specific terms.

Online customer service – If you have any queries or problems, there is no live online chat but you can open up a chat with a bot on their website. This has selected questions and answers so you might find what you’re looking for. Otherwise, there’s a wide range of FAQs or a form to fill in for an email response. And of course, there’s always the option to ask us any questions in the comments section.

Check the alternatives to the Simba Hybrid Essential

If this Simba Hybrid mattress isn’t cutting it for you, and you need to choose another mattress to fit your needs- we’ve prepared a few pocket spring/foam alternative picks for you. You may find a thicker mattress with more layers is more suited to you, rather than a thinner mattress like the Essential mattress.

As an alternative, you can always check our comparison tool, and compare top mattresses on the UK market head to head.

Simba Hybrid Luxe

A corner of Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress.

Without a doubt, Luxe is the best mattress Simba has to offer. 10 layers of unparalleled comfort and support are what this Essential mattress brings to the table. The luxe design also provides a luxe sleeping experience.

Equipped with up to 6000 individually nested pocket springs, Simba Hybrid Luxe is guaranteed to transform your sleep in more ways than one. The top line of mattresses from Simba Sleep company that you don’t want to miss! You can also compare Simba Hybrid Luxe to Simba Hybrid Essential.

Do check our Simba Hybrid Luxe review.


An icon depicting a firm & supportive surface indicating support & firmness
Edge-to-edge support
Thanks to the high-definition Simba-Pure foam layers.
An icon depicting a hand pressing a memory foam, illustrating a comfortable product
Very comfortable mattress
Experience a great night's sleep from the breathable sleep surface to the foam base.
an icon depicting a removable cover
Removable cover
Easy maintenance with the convenient zip-off washable cover.


An icon depicting a kettlebell on a surface indicating a heavy object
Not for heavier sleepers
The top layers of this Simba mattress are quite soft to sleep on so you may find yourself sinking.
An icon depicting off gassing
Slight off-gassing
It’s completely normal and the smell from this one isn’t as bad as others. It will air out overnight.
An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
Expensive when compared to similar products.

Simba Hybrid Pro

a product image of simba hybrid pro mattress

A step underneath the Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress, the Hybrid Pro is like an older brother to the Hybrid Essential. This medium-firm hybrid is everything that our reviewer is – only better. You can feel the difference right after you lay down on it and check how firm it is.

It’s anti-allergenic, comfortable, has up to 5000 individual pocket springs, offers great full-body support, and is noticeably cooler than the Essential Simba mattress.

Check out our Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review.


an icon depicting straps included
Handles for rotation
An important design feature is being able to lift the mattress with ease.
an icon depicting a removable cover
Has a removable cover
This makes the cleanliness and maintenance of the mattress much simpler.
An icon presenting perpetual motion balls indicating low motion transfer
Good motion isolation
No motion transfer so you won't feel your partner moving during the night.


An icon depicting a non ergonomic product
Less practical for combination sleepers
It's not too quick to bounce back to shape so it takes time to adjust to change of position.
An icon depicting a non-firm & supportive surface
Initially quite a firm mattress
It takes a little time to soften and for you to sink into the mattress.
An icon depicting off gassing
Slight off-gassing
But it is bearable and will soon air out.

What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

As far as we’re concerned, the strongest point of this Simba mattress is its durability and longevity. With proper care and maintenance, we are confident that you could get around 10 years' worth of night sleep out of this mattress, which is quite fitting considering the 10-year warranty you get when you purchase this vacuum-packed hybrid mattress from Simba.

Is the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress eco-friendly or sustainable?

Hand pressing on the edge of the mattress.

Simba has got you covered from the purchase and beyond. Their mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee so you’re reassured that it’s going to last you a long time. However, if you find the product isn’t for you, they have a 200-night trial for you to return it.

Not only are there benefits for you, but they help the environment too. All deliveries from Simba are 100% carbon neutral. And for those who are wondering what to do with their old mattresses, they can be recycled! Simba will collect the old mattress – no matter what brand it is – so there’s no waste. However, there is a £40 charge for this.

All the materials used are 100% recyclable. The mattresses are made from recycled materials and the mattress materials can be recycled after use too. Any excess materials are sold on to be used for carpet underlay and pet beds.

Eco-friendly – tick.

How did we test the product?

Now, onto how exactly we test our products. This allows us to be transparent about how we come to our final opinion and the experience we had. Bottom line, all the products we review go through the following tests:

When it comes to the Simba's Essential Mattress, in particular, these are the tests conducted to gauge its key features and usability:

Overall impressions of the product after the testing

Someone lying on the mattress as a front sleeper.

When testing out the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress, I found it to be quite a firm mattress. It isn’t the most comfortable option but it’s a comfortable price. There isn’t a lot of bounce to it but it does have good motion isolation, as well as edge-to-edge support.

Of course, the Simba mattress is breathable and has a cool touch from the graphite-infused Simbatex foam. There are 1500 Aerocoil micro springs that allow airflow throughout the mattress, plus a 5-zoned foam base for extra support. They claim that their Simbatex foam allows thirty times the airflow of memory foam.

For those who are new to hybrid mattresses, this Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress is a good starting point. It has everything you would expect and need, all for a cheaper price. Remember to check if it’ll suit your sleeping style, plus you have a trial period to test it out.

Spread the word

FAQs about your Simba Hybrid Essential mattress

In case we have missed some of the important information, we have summarised it with a few popular questions. Hopefully, these will clear up any queries but feel free to comment below for any more details.

What type of sleepers should use the Simba Hybrid Essential mattress?

This mattress would be most comfortable for people who like to sleep on their stomach or back.

How do I clean my Simba Hybrid Essential mattress?

This mattress does not come with a removable cover, so you can clean it by vacuuming or wiping it with a damp cloth.

What's the difference between Simba Essential and Simba Hybrid?

The Simba Hybrid has an extra two layers – one of which is an extra spring layer and it features double the amount of springs too. It has a mattress cover that can be machine-washed and 13 zones of support. However, it is more expensive than the Simba Essential.

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As a CPD certified Sleep Consultant I know how important sleep is. And as a combination sleeper, I have found it difficult to get products to suit my sleep style. I have more than 2 years product testing experience with The Sleep Advisors which means I have slept on, with and under more than 500 products with varying degrees of success. This is added to more than 2 years experience as a product reviewer for Closer, Heat and Grazia magazines, so I've got a rigorous process. I love sharing my sleep testimonials with our readers and hearing their experiences too.
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