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Silentnight Wellbeing Copper Mattress Topper Review

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Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

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2 April 2024 8 min read

Are you an impartial Silentnight Wellbeing Copper Mattress Topper review? We sure are ready to give it to you. So, what can you expect from this Silentnight Wellbeing Copper Mattress Topper review? You can expect unbiased thoughts and findings derived from a series of rigorous tests. We'll give you the pros and cons, we'll discuss performance, we'll go in-depth on each individual layer and feature, and we'll help you figure out if this thing's worth it or not. Sounds good? Alright then.

Who is Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper for?

So, who's Silentnight targeting with this product? Well, the name gives it away a little bit…

This is a product designed for those who are looking to improve their sleep and wellbeing by providing them with a more comfortable, supportive and most importantly, healthy sleeping surface.

The copper-infused technology is aimed at those who are looking for natural ways to improve their health, as copper is naturally anti-bacterial and is known to have many positive health benefits, which we'll discuss later on.

All in all, this topper is for:

  • Folks aching for a restful night's sleep
  • Allergy-sufferers
  • Hot sleepers
  • All sleeping positions.


Fantastic thermoregulation, regardless of the season.
An icon depicting a leaf indicating hypoallergenic properties
Copper is naturally hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial.
Easy maintenance
Easy to maintain as it is machine-washable.


Not that supportive
Considering it is filled with hollowfibre, it is not that supportive.

Features you should know about Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper

If there's one thing we always advocate for here at The Sleep Advisors, it's that you should know exactly what you're getting for your money.

This is why we've put together a list of features that we think you must know about before deciding whether or not this product is for you.

An image of Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper close up.

Copper infusion

It is obvious that the main selling point of this mattress topper is copper infusion. Copper is a widely-praised element for its positive health benefits, and it is these benefits that Silentnight is banking on to sell this copper-infused mattress topper.

Copper is known to be anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and pretty much anti-everything-that's-bad-for-you. This means that it can help to reduce things like pain, stiffness, swelling or even speed up the healing process.

What's more, copper is a great conductor of heat. This means that it can help to regulate your body temperature while you sleep, keeping you fresh and cool in the summer but also warm and cosy in the winter.

With that being said, we honestly don't have a clue why Silentnight hasn't said anything about the thermo-regulating properties of their “deeply filled” topper.

So, you heard it here first – this topper can and will help you sleep cooler.

As for whether you'll look cooler or not – you'll have to find out for yourself. That's beyond our expertise.

Naturally Anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic

Both of these are the direct result of the copper infusion.

The copper content of this topper will help to keep dust mites, mould and mildew at bay. This is ideal for those who suffer from allergies as it will provide them with a safe and allergen-free sleeping surface.

To be fair, there's only so much you can achieve with some copper fibres. Unless you do your job and keep your bedding (and bedroom) clean, no amount of rejuvenating covers will help you maintain your health and/or looks.


Joint pain-relieving

Due to copper's anti-inflammatory properties, this topper is “believed to help relieve joint pain and improve circulation” – that's what Silentnight believes in.

And, that’s fair. To each their own. We’re just a little more evidence-oriented. Here’s why.

While it is true that copper is a vital nutrient and its anti-inflammatory role is well known (although very much unexplained), simply sleeping on some copper fibres most likely won’t yield any benefits. Even though there's more copper in this one than in some other, alternative copper toppers.

So, if that's why this topper has piqued your interest, we're sorry that we have to be the ones to break it to you, but there’s a good chance you don’t experience any of the potential benefits. You could, but it’s definitely not a guarantee.

To be fair, Silentnight is of the, if not the, UK's most trusted sleep brand, and they never did make any outlandish sleep wellness claims other than they've said: “Believed to help relieve joint pain and improve circulation”.

So, don't get us wrong. We're not bashing. It’s just that no one knows for sure and you should be made aware of that.

Review of Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper

An image of Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper package.

So, let's take a look at the actual review of this topper, starting with the design.

Right from the start, you'll notice the distinct colour. The soft knitted cover is white, pierced with copper-coloured dots. You also can't miss the word “Copper” embroidered several times over. Not our favourite look, but someone might appreciate it.

As for quality and feel, you get a knit polyester cover infused with copper fibres, so it will feel pretty good. The cover is nicely knit, it feels soft and refreshing to the touch, and since it's made of polyester, it should last you quite a long time.

As for the other design features, we also have four elasticated straps in each corner, keeping this topper in place all night long.

Overall, this topper feels alright. It's about 3 cm deep and filled with slick hollowfibre.

The topper feels rather firm for such a slim profile piece of bedding, but then again – it is generously filled. You won't get much give or cushioning from this one, so don't expect to feel any heavenly goodness from hollowfibre. We know it sounds soft and fluffy, but in this case, it's not. It's medium-firm.

On other hand, you won't get any support whatsoever. But then again, no one said you were. Silentnight certainly didn't. “Supremely comfortable night's sleep” is also out of the question. It's decent at best.

One thing we did find very cool is how breezy this thing is when you lie down, even though it's filled with hollowfibre. Copper does a pretty decent job of moving the heat away and you shouldn't have any issues falling asleep.

To be fair, copper is moving that heat away directly into the hollowfibre which is sort of heat-retentive, so you will definitely feel it getting warmer as time goes by. But, at no point during our testing did we think “this thing's not breathable enough”.

Finally, let's touch on the maintenance a little bit.

You don't get a removable cover here, which is fine, considering the entire topper is fully machine-washable.

One thing to note is – hollowfibre is known to bunch and become lumpy after some time. We didn't see any evidence of it happening during our testing, but it will probably happen at some point, especially if you wash it frequently.

All in all, this is not the ultimate sleep product by any stretch. But, it's a good product for the right customer.


What we like about Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper

What we didn’t like about Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper

The common problems with Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper & how to solve them

The biggest issue we face here is actually with the approach to both marketing and the product itself.

Silentnight's approach to this topper was a bit all over the place and we feel like they could've done a better job at selling it.

People tend to overestimate the capabilities of copper when it comes to bedding. Yes, it's great at thermoregulation and it's naturally antibacterial, but, it's not a magic fibre that will make all your dreams come true. But, that's kind of what's pitched every single time.

But, that's not the biggest issue. That's just marketing. You're trying to sell a product, we get it. The bigger issue is focusing on that instead of trying to make the topper a bit more comfy and supportive.

After all, that is the main point of a topper, isn't it?

As for how you can solve this issue – you can't.

Check the best alternative to Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper

We have found the best alternative to this Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper so do check it out!

Silentnight Deep Sleep Ultimate Mattress Topper

Product image of Silentnight Deep Sleep Ultimate mattress topper in a package.

The 5 cm Deep Sleep Ultimate topper from Silentnight offers a mid-range, comfortable & microfibre sleep experience that won't hurt your budget. With soft hollowfibre filling and quilted microfibre top layer, you will enjoy the cloud-like softness.

It is machine washable at 40 C, making the maintenance a piece of cake. It does not come with a trial but it comes with 2-year warranty, which is huge for the price you pay. The biggest downside is that it does not come with a removable cover.



An icon depicting the product that is soft to touch
Cloud-like softness
The hollowfibre filling & quilted top layer ensure cloud-like softness.
Easy maintenance
Thanks to being washing-machine friendly, it's easy to keep it fresh & clean.
An icon depicting a medal indicating a warranty
2-year warranty
You get 2-year warranty plan.


An icon representing a non-removable cover
No removable cover
There is no removable cover that you can remove and wash.
An icon depicting no trial or warranty
No trial period
There is no trial period for this product.

What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

If the thing you want is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and natural beauty benefits, then sure, this product is better than some other, similar ones.

But the thing is, there aren't that many similar, noteworthy products. Two, at most.

So, what makes it better is the fact that it is pretty unique. Other than that, we can't really tell you because you can't quite compare this one to the Silentnight Airmax mattress topper.

How did we test the product?

As is always the case, it all started with an order. We ordered the topper, alongside a copper-infused pillow and some other things, and waited for them to come so we could collect. Free delivery was available.

The first thing we noticed was the complete absence of any chemical or otherwise unpleasant smell. You still get hints of that “new product” smell, but who doesn't like that?

After unpacking and testing the overall look, quality of stitching and the overall state of the product (nicks, tears etc.) we moved on to the next thing, which was testing the topper itself.

An image of Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper in bedroom.

We slept on it, rolled around on it, jumped on it (not too high, mind you), and did everything short of setting it on fire to see how well it holds up. We've tested it on different mattresses, to see how it behaves in different situations, and of course, we've washed it more than a few times to check for lumps and whatnot.

We also took some time to test its temperature control capabilities by cranking the AC on and trying to figure out how it will handle the heat. And, as expected it did pretty well.

After we've done all that, we just got together, shared our findings, went over them, and then sat down to write the review for you.

That's about it.

Overall impressions of the product after the testing

You could probably get a feel for this by now, but let's just reiterate it one more time – we were not impressed.

The product, itself, is fine. It's a decent topper and it will probably serve you well if you're looking for something to control the temperature or fight the dust mites. But that's about as much as this “premium copper infused topper” will get you.

It's not overly comfortable, it's not supportive and it doesn't really offer anything else that would make it stand out from the crowd.

So, our final verdict is – if you're looking for a comfy topper – look further. If you want to try out something different and maybe hope to experience some of copper's natural health benefits – give this one a try.

5/10 as far as we're concerned.

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FAQs about your Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper

In the end, let's wrap this whole thing up with some FAQs that might be helpful to you.

Is Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper good for all types of sleepers?

Yes. Regardless of your sleeping position, this topper will perform the same.

Is Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper suitable for couples?

While the topper itself isn't motion isolating – it's too thin to make an actual difference in that regard. So, if your mattress is suitable for co-sleeping – the topper will be the same.

How do I wash my Silentnight Wellbeing Copper mattress topper?

Easy. Just take it off your bed, roll it up and put it in a washing machine. Easy peasy.

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