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Spundown Pillow Review: Get a Better Night's Sleep

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Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

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10 June 2024 7 min read

The Fine Bedding Company is a British sleep company with over 100 years of experience. From its inception until today, company always used finest fabrics, innovative technologies and subjected each product to a series of serious tests to provide customers with a great night's sleep. We have already tested some of their products, and Spundown pillow caught our attention too. So here is your review of is Fine Bedding Company Spundown pillow by The Sleep Advisors.

Who is Spundown pillow for?

Spundown pillow is for side and back sleepers. Spundown medium support pillow ideal for these two sleep positions, both because of the support and loft. It will provide support, comfort and enable spine alignment, which is most important for pain-free nights and mornings.

It is also recommended for allergy sufferers, as it is made of hypoallergenic material and it is machine washable at 60 degrees C. Breathability is fine, so many hot sleepers will find it suitable and achieve good night's sleep.

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£45 for a Pair


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Perfect pick for people with allergies.
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Machine washable
Super easy to maintain, thanks to being washing-machine friendly.
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Thanks to high quality cotton/Smartfill, it will last you long time.


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Non-removable cover
You cannot remove the cover and wash it, but you need to wash the entire pillow.
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One-size only
Available in only one size.

What do we use this product for?

We use Fine Bedding Company Spundown pillow for medium support, comfort and hypoallergenic features. Anyone who wants a supportive pillow that is not too firm and allows you to sink in it to some extent will find this pillow suitable for a night's sleep. We also use it to always have a clean and allergen-free sleeping environment. In a nutshell – it offers:

Features you should know about Spundown pillow

In this part of our review we will tell you more about Smartfill compressible fibres that make up 100% filling of this pillow, then about 100% sustainably-grown BCI cotton from which the cover is made of and we will address maintenance of Spundown pillow.

Smartfill compressible fibres

Spundown pillow is 100% filled with Smartfil fibres, which is a special type of synthetic fibres designed by Fine Bedding Company. This fibres are very small, so they can move freely and ensure even distribution of softness and support. The bounce of these fibers is great so no matter how much and for how long the Smartfill fibers have been compressed, they will return to their original shape.

Those fibers are highly durable, among other things due to the silky coating so causes no friction or matting, so they will retain all its characteristics even after more than 20 washes. Air flow is unobstructed.

100% sustainably-grown BCI cotton

This pillow is encased in a 100% sustainably sourced BCI cotton blend cover. Cotton is very pleasant for your facial skin, even if you have sensitive skin, prone to acne and pimples. Also, cotton is breathable and durable.

What is important to explain is that the cover is made of BCI cotton. BCI stands for The Better Cotton Initiative which is a non-profit organization that promotes better standards in cotton farming. Farmers and companies that are members of BCI must pay attention to water consumption, minimize the harmful impact, take care of soil health, do not endanger indigenous plants and animals, process cotton fibers in a special way and provide workers with good working conditions. That’s why it’s important to buy products that contain BCI cotton, and the Spundown pillow is one of them.

Washable at 60 Celsius degrees

You may wonder why we singled out this feature. In addition to the fact that it is very important to buy a machine washable pillow or a pillow that has a removable, machine washable cover, you should know that this is one of the few pillows that you can wash at 60 degrees Celsius.

90 percent of all available pillows are washable only at 40 degrees Celsius, especially if they have a synthetic fill like this one. But Smartfill fibres are very durable and you can wash them at 60 degrees Celsius. This is the quality wash temperature at which dust mites cannot survive, so your pillow will be 100% clean and allergen-free. It will not be damaged by repeated washing. It will retain its original plump shape.

Review of Spundown pillow

An image of Spundown pillow by The Fine Bedding on a white background.

The Fine Bedding Company Spundown pillow is a medium firm pillow suitable for side and back sleeping. It provides medium support and the loft is 14 cm. It is very comfortable because you will sink in it, but not completely. In order not to hurt your neck and place your spine in the wrong position, innovative technology called Smartfill will bounce and give you support when you sink enough to be very comfortable. The cover is made of 100% sustainably-grown BCI cotton. Both fill and cover are hypoallergenic.

Shop Now £25
£45 for a Pair

It is machine washable at 60 degrees C, which leaves no room for allergens and bacteria to survive. Durability is great, so we expect it to last you a few years.


What we like about Spundown pillow

What we didn’t like about Spundown pillow

The common problems & how to solve them

We have to say right away that we didn't encounter any major problems while testing The Fine Bedding Company Spundown pillow. Filling, made of Smartfil fibres , is softer and loft is higher than most stomach sleepers would like. Although softness is a positive thing in this case because the head can sink and then the loft is not that high, we still think that many front sleepers will not find it suitable. This problem is practically impossible to solve. It is necessary to look for a pillow with different characteristics. Other than that problems may arise on a personal level but nothing in general.

What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

Most pillows are either machine washable or have a machine washable cover, and you can also use a pillowcase. But very few pillows, especially those with synthetic filling, can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. This is the primary thing that makes the Spundown pillow better than some other similar ones. If you are wondering why this is so important, then you should know that the pillow will be much better cleaned of dirt and allergens at that temperature than at lower temperatures. In addition, this pillow is comfortable, supportive and durable, and also does not belong to the high price range, which makes it a very good purchase overall.

How did we test the product?

Be aware of the fact that you will have to pay standard delivery service £ 4.65 because free UK Mainland delivery is only for orders over £ 50 so if you order one Spundown pillow, you will be charged extra. The product will be delivered to your address within 3 to 5 working days by delivery team.
Since more than 95% of customers give 5 stars to this product, we were really keen to start testing. It arrived in 3 days and as soon as we unpacked it from original packaging, we checked for any visible signs of damage. No significant off-gassing is present, but it is best to wash it before use. We washed it at 60 degrees C in the washing machine, as recommended by the manufacturer and although we had little doubts, after washing the pillow was in the same condition. We then tumble dry it thoroughly until it was completely dry and ready for the overnight test.

An image of 2 Spundown pillows by the Fine Bedding on stool.

Several members of our test team who tried it while sleeping on side could not hide their enthusiasm for this pillow. They also said it was comfortable for sleeping back. We tried it while lying on our stomachs, but the result was not satisfactory, as expected. Breathability is good, we can’t say it’s the best on the market, but more than good enough for the general population.

Overall impressions of the product after the testing

Our impressions after testing The Fine Bedding Company Spundown pillow are positive. We focused the testing on side and back sleepers because all the features of this pillow are intended for them. Smartfil fibers stand out due to bounce, which is very important for combination sleepers. As soon as you move your head, the part of the pillow that is no longer under pressure expands fast and does not stay flat.

It is easy to maintain plus it is hypoallergenic which is very important when we know how prevalent allergies are in the UK and around the world. Smartfil microfibre is not sustainable because it is made of virgin polyester and that is of course something we cannot praise. But the 100% sustainably sourced BCI cotton cover certainly raises this product on the sustainability scale.

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FAQs about your new Spundown pillow

In our FAQs section you can find some more important information about your new Spundown pillow.

Is Spundown pillow good for people with allergies?

Yes, it is great for allergy sufferers since it is made of hypoallergenic materials – polyester fibres and cotton, and it is fully machine washable at 60 degrees C.

Should side sleepers use Spundown pillow?

Side sleepers should definitely use Spundown pillow because it has perfect level of support and loft for side sleeping.

Is Spundown pillow good for neck pain?

It can alleviate neck pain problems because it is comfortable and medium firm.

Does Spundown pillow contain any toxic chemicals?

No, it contains the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, meaning it's free from toxic chemicals.

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About the author

As a CPD certified Sleep Consultant I know how important sleep is. And as a combination sleeper, I have found it difficult to get products to suit my sleep style. I have more than 2 years product testing experience with The Sleep Advisors which means I have slept on, with and under more than 500 products with varying degrees of success. This is added to more than 2 years experience as a product reviewer for Closer, Heat and Grazia magazines, so I've got a rigorous process. I love sharing my sleep testimonials with our readers and hearing their experiences too.
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