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Dormeo Mattress Reviews: The Best Picks by The Sleep Advisors

Dormeo – one of the UK’s most popular bedding companies, known for their value for money mattresses, EcoCell foam and Octaspring technology is up for a review.

Dormeo is one of the finest and most popular mattress companies in the world. They’re known all over the globe for their affordable products, but are their mattresses really good? Should you treat your bed to a Dormeo mattress? Will they bring you a good night’s sleep? All of those and several other questions concerning Dormeo mattresses – we’re going to answer today.

We’ve tried, tested and reviewed their products in the past, so we thought it might be a good idea to do a review of the whole company as well as a review of their finest mattresses. Let’s start with this mattress review!

Small product image of Octasmart Hybrid Mattress
  • Type: octaspring hybrid
  • Firmness: 6.5/10
  • Thickness: 22cm
  • Sizes: single, double, king, super king
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Small product image of Dormeo S Plus Evolution Memory Foam Mattress
  • Type: memory foam + octaspring
  • Firmness: 6-6.5/10
  • Thickness: 23cm
  • Sizes: single, double, king, super king
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Small product image of Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam mattress
  • Type: memory foam
  • Firmness: 6.5/10
  • Thickness: 17cm
  • Sizes: single, double, king, super king
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About the Dormeo company

Dormeo has been found back in the early 2000s, and to this day, they are one of the most well-known companies in the world. They are based in the UK, although all of the materials they use for manufacturing their products are imported from Italy.

They offer a wide range of products, from traditional memory foam ones all the way to pocket spring and hybrid mattresses. Any mattress search for, chances are, Dormeo has it in store for you.

Most of their models are pretty affordable, primarily because they import high-quality materials from Italy at an affordable price. Also, Dormeo claims to firmly believe in providing their customers with quality sleep without them having to break the bank.

Dormeo mattress features

Like every other company, Dormeo also has a set of unique, defining features, like Octaspring and Ecocell, that make their models different from the rest and allow their customers to sleep peacefully. Here are our reviews of some of them.

All-foam coil

All-foam coil or Dormeo’s Octaspring mattress technology claims to change the way you sleep forever. This tech is a combination of memory foam and springs, which allow for excellent support and comfort.

This patented technology is used across various models in their catalogue. For instance, models like OctaSmart Hybrid, which we’ll talk about in just a little bit, put together both Octaspring tech and EcoCell foam to provide pressure relief, comfort and support – all in one package.

Unlike traditional spring systems, the all-foam Octaspring memory foam coil from Dormeo is completely silent, and if we were to compare it to the memory foam mattresses – these are much more cool and breathable.

Aloe Vera Infusion material

Aloe Vera Infusion material

Every mattress needs a cover. The mattress cover is made from cotton in most cases, but Dormeo does this a bit differently.

Instead of regular covers, Dormeo has made covers on some of their models from luxurious materials enriched and infused with Aloe Vera. Just under an inch of memory foam is sewn directly into the cover, which has been infused with Aloe Vera extract.

Aloe Vera is known for its incredible properties, including but not limited to rejuvenating and soothing all skin types.

This does not only make the cover comfortable and soft to the touch, but it also gives it anti-allergenic and anti-microbial properties, thus making the outer layer perfectly safe for sleepers struggling with allergies.

Anti-allergenic foams

The anti-allergenic Aloe Vera infused layer isn’t the only thing that makes Dormeo’s mattresses safe to sleep on – it’s the high-quality foams as well. Memory foam isn’t naturally hypoallergenic, so anyone struggling with allergies should pay special attention when selecting their mattress.

In some instances, a memory foam mattress can be an ideal breeding ground for bacterial growth and moisture build-up if not treated properly. Fortunately, Dormeo takes its job seriously. On top of using the most high-quality, hypoallergenic foams, most of their mattress covers are infused with CleanEffect, thus making the mattresses hypoallergenic.

Multiple firmness options

To satisfy everyone’s needs, this company offers an extensive range of firmness options for their products. It doesn’t matter what your sleeping position, if you toss and turn in your bed or if you sleep with your partner – we’re confident you’ll be able to find a suitable mattress for yourself.

As you know, mattress firmness is rated on a scale from soft to firm. Dormeo makes mattresses on both sides of the spectrum. Whether you need a soft mattress for pressure relief or a firm mattress for support – you’ll be able to find it in their catalogue and fit it onto your bed.

Cooling features

Breathable matherials in Dormeo mattresses

It is known that memory foam mattresses can get quite hot. That is why Dormeo has paid special attention to creating cool and breathable products, not just comfortable.

Both EcoCell and Octaspring technologies were designed with excellent airflow in mind, amongst other things.

Naturally, latex, hybrid and spring models will undoubtedly be cooler than memory foam ones, so keep that in mind if you’re someone that gets hot during the night. Either way, whether you get hot or not, you can expect a cool mattress with excellent airflow if you buy one of Dormeo’s products, regardless of whether they’re made from latex or memory foam.

Tips for buying and using Dormeo mattresses

As a customer, you could always use a helping hand when shopping for a new product. Over the years, as we were doing our Dormeo mattress reviews, we’ve found out a dozen of helpful tips for buying and using them.

The first tip is a universal one and goes like this – your safest bet is a quality medium firm mattress, if you’re not confident what level of firmness will work best for you. Even if you end up not enjoying it, there’s a 60 night trial period for you to fall back on.

Next up, make sure you know the differences between various mattresses. Compare them against each other and inquire about the level of support they offer and other essential features. Also, knowing the difference between memory foam, hybrid, latex and other kinds of mattresses will help your decision.

Finally, even though you have a 15-year warranty on your Dormeo mattress, it does not mean you shouldn’t do all that’s in your power to extend its life expectancy. You can do this by using a mattress topper, which Dormeo has an extensive selection of. You can even use these to add some additional comfort or support to your mattress.

  • If uncertain – choose medium-firm
  • Know the differences between different types of mattresses
  • Use mattress toppers

The advantages of owning Dormeo mattress

As someone who has done their fair share of Dormeo mattress reviews, we felt compelled to share some of the most significant advantages these mattresses have to offer. After all, what’s the point in buying a new mattress if you’re not aware of its benefits.

First of all, Dormeo’s Ecocell foam is one of the most comforting and most comfortable surfaces you can sleep on. Paired with their Octaspring memory foam coils, it brings more to the table than just a good night’s sleep. This patented technology will do wonders for your back, shoulders or hips. Its pressure relief properties are astounding – just make sure to find the perfect firmness setting for your sleeping position and preferences.

Next up, when they’re discounted, Dormeo products offer incredible value. While it is true that they’re not the most inexpensive products on the market, they’re often on sale, so you can snag yours without breaking the bank.

Finally, since you can never be sure whether you’re going to enjoy the mattress or not, Dormeo offers you a 60 night trial period, money-back guarantee and a 15-year warranty on all of their vacuum packed mattresses.

  • Fantastic comfort and pressure relief
  • Great value
  • 60 night rial period, money-back guarantee and a 15-year warranty

Who are Dormeo mattresses suitable for?

Quality sleep is vital and Dormeo knows it. However, some sleepers have it harder than others to get a good night’s sleep. That is why Dormeo has an extensive catalogue of different types of mattresses, at various price points – for all kinds of sleepers and their sleeping preferences.

Side sleepers and stomach sleepers often have issues finding the perfect mattress. More often than not, their beds don’t offer enough support or pressure relief, so they end up with lingering pain in their backs, shoulders or neck.

Fortunately, Dormeo’s products are tailored to everyone’s needs and even if you’re suffering from sleep-related pain or you just have trouble finding the right mattress – you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect mattress for you, as that’s exactly what Dormeo products are most suitable for.

The 3 best Dormeo mattresses you should consider

Now for the most important part of our article – the Dormeo mattress reviews. We’ve handpicked what we consider to be the finest products out of Dormeo’s extensive catalogue. We’re going to compare them, review them and highlight some of their most important features so you can select the best mattress for you.

Octasmart Hybrid Mattress

Our first mattress review is of Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid – one of the most premium products Dormeo has to offer. This mattress boasts a system of three layers of smart technology – a luxurious memory foam top layer, supportive Ecocell foam base and a smart Octaspring layer for full-body support and comfort.

Arguably the best mattress Dormeo has to offer, Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid also comes with an anti-allergenic smart performance cover, allowing for optimal air circulation and all-hight cooling sensation.

Not only is it allergen-free, but Dormeo also claims that due to the Octavent system, this mattress is also 8 times more breathable than pure memory foam. However, we had no way of quantifying that claim, but sure enough, when compared to a regular memory foam mattress – it is quite a bit cooler and more breathable.

Also, Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid has smart body zoning, specially designed to support shoulders back and hips for all types of sleepers. This smart zoning alongside Octaspring helps with motion isolation, as well, so you won’t feel your partner moving during the night.

  • High-quality product, excellent durability
  • Excellent full-body support
  • Anti-allergenic
  • More expensive than some similar products in the same category
  • It could be too soft for some heavy stomach sleepers
  • No removable cover

Dormeo S Plus Evolution Memory Foam Mattress

Our second Dormeo mattress review is of Dormeo S Plus evolution. Dormeo S Plus is a fully customizable mattress and some would say the best mattress Dormeo has to offer and we just might agree.

Unlike Dormeo Memory Plus memory foam mattress or Octasmart Hybrid mattress, S Plus evolution comes with two unique Ecocell foam layers and an Octaspring layer for a fully customizable experience.

The Climalite silver cover of this Dormeo mattress is easily removable, allowing you to personalize your side of the mattress with great ease, moving around both Ecocell layers around the Octaspring layer. We’ve certainly done our fair share of reviews, but we haven’t ever seen a mattress this personalizable.

Every layer of this mattress is “S-Shape”, designed to follow the curve of your spine to provide optimal support and comfort for your back, neck, shoulders and hips.

Furthermore, this is an anti-bacterial and allergen-free mattress, engineered to wick away the moisture and provide a hostile environment for all the allergens that might disturb your sleep.

  • Excellent durability
  • Full-body support
  • Customizable
  • No significant difference between soft and firm Ecocell layer
  • Limited size options
  • It could be too firm for side sleepers

Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam mattress

For our final Dormeo mattress review, we’ve chosen the Dormeo Memory Plus memory foam mattress.

Once again, we’re looking at an Ecocell mattress, only this time with 2 different layers of foam and without an Octaspring layer. This is a fairly budget-oriented option from Dormeo and some consider this one a “best buy” option, although we would disagree.

Don’t get us wrong, the Dormeo Memory Plus memory foam mattress is a solid option. The breathable Ecocell layers make it quite cool and pleasant to sleep on. Still, it doesn’t offer the same amount of full-body support compared to the previously reviewed Dormeo S Plus Evolution and Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid.

Additionally, the Dormeo Memory Plus memory foam mattress doesn’t come with a removable cover, albeit it is anti-allergenic and dust mite-free due to carbon fibers used to make the cover.

  • Quite cool and breathable for a memory foam mattress
  • Affordable price point
  • Anti-allergenic mattress cover
  • A thin mattress; you may need a mattress topper
  • Some durability concerns
  • No removable cover

FAQs about your new Dormeo mattress

Finally, we wanted to wrap things up by answering some FAQs as everyon who reads mattress reviews would have some questions to ask. As a customer, you will undoubtedly have some questions about a mattress you’re interested in and we wanted to get some of those questions out of the way, so you can make an informed decision before you purchase a new mattress.

Dormeo mattresses offer excellent support for your whole body, making them exceptionally good for bad backs, provided that you choose the mattress that suits your exact needs.

Yes. Dormeo will take away your old mattress and deliver your new one to you, completely free of charge.

This brand, in general, has no durability issues with their products. All of them have 15-year warranties, but realistically, you should expect yours to last about 6 to 9 years, depending on various factors.

Every traditional memory foam mattress will have some issues with off-gassing, but that's a short-lived problem. Your Dormeo mattress shouldn't have any odor after a few days.

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