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Luna Memory 1000 Pocket Mattress Review

Are you tired of waking up with a sore back? Are you looking for an affordable, supportive and comfortable mattress? If you do – you’ve come to the right spot because once you finish reading our Luna Memory 1000 Pocket Mattress review – you may just realize you’ve found yourself a mattress you’ve been searching for! At the first glance, Luna Memory 1000 might look like your run-of-the-mill mattress. But this one has a few features that make it stand out from the crowd.
To truly figure out if there’s something notable about this one, we took a look under the cover – so you don’t have to – and here’s what we’ve found out!


  • Supportive

    1000 pocket springs ensure even support & comfort.

  • Goo for side sleepers

    Side sleepers, especially due to edge support, will love it.

  • 10-year warranty

    You get 10 year warranty program,


  • A bit of off gassing

    Do expect a bit of off-gassing.

  • Too soft for stomach sleepers

    The majority of stomach sleepers will find it too soft.

Who is Luna Memory 1000 Pocket mattress for?

On the surface, this mattress is for everyone that is on the lookout for a supportive, comfortable and affordable mattress. It is a great choice for those who suffer from back pain as well as for people who are looking for a mattress that will last them for years to come. But, there’s more about this one than it initially meets the eye…

Namely, this one’s not exactly for everyone. Since this one’s a medium on a firmness scale, unless you’re a scrawny teen, this one’s going to be a bit too soft for you if you like sleeping on your stomach.

So, all things considered, what can we use this one for? We can:

  • Use it to get a comfortable night’s sleep
  • Use it to combat back, hip and shoulder pain
  • Use it to keep dust mites and other allergens at bay

And, who can use this one?

  • Side and back sleepers
  • Folks suffering from allergies
  • Those in the market for a medium mattress
  • Sleepers struggling with back, hip and shoulder pain.
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    Does Luna Memory 1000 Pocket mattress come in different versions?

    It’s not that uncommon for mattresses to come in different versions, and Luna Memory Pocket falls right into that category. You see how we didn’t say Luna 1000? That’s because that’s exactly where the main difference lies – the number of pocket springs.


    At 25 cm, this one’s perfectly thick. But that’s not where the differences end. This one’s also medium-firm and has more pocket springs – 2500 to be precise. That means it’s a bit firmer than the 1000, but not hard by any stretch of the imagination. It’s also a bit more expensive, but not by much. It’s comfy, supportive, motion-isolating, hypoallergenic – just like the 1000.


    • Comfortable and supportive
    • Excellent motion isolation
    • Great edge support.


    • No trial period
    • Off-gassing.


    The 4k is the thickest of them all, standing proud at 27 cm tall. It is also the softest out of the bunch. The Luna 4000 is a medium-soft mattress, which means it’s perfect for side sleepers. It has, you guessed it, 4000 pocket springs. The 4000 also has a thicker memory foam layer. 5 cm compared to 3 found in the 1000 and 2500. All in all, a good mattress.


    • Extremely comfortable
    • Great motion isolation
    • Great edge support.


    • Too soft for stomach sleepers
    • No trial period
    • Off-gassing.

    Features you should know about Luna Memory 1000 Pocket mattress

    Now, let’s take an in-depth look at our reviewee – layer-by-layer, feature-by-feature.

    1000 Luna pocket springs

    The mattress core of Luna 1000 is made of pocket springs.

    Pocket springs are a type of spring that are encased in their own fabric pocket. This allows them to move independently and contour to your body, providing total body support and comfort where you need it most.

    Generally speaking, the more pocket springs a mattress has, the better it will be at supporting your body and relieving pressure points (up to a certain number). In this case, there are 1000 of them.

    On paper, 1000 pocket springs aren’t all that much, but if made properly, they can certainly get the job done – especially when they’re full-sized like they’re in this case. In other words, spring count matters, but you’ll still get a good night sleep on these springs.

    3 cm of Luna Fusion Cool memory foam and high-density foam base

    On top of the pocket springs, there’s a layer of Luna Fusion Cool Memory Foam. This particular layer is 3 cm thick which is pretty standard for memory foam layers in pocket spring mattresses. What makes it special is the fact that it’s infused with cooling gel.

    The reason this is important is that memory foam often retains heat which can make you sweat during the night. The cooling gel in Luna Fusion Cool Memory Foam helps keep youcool and comfortable throughout the night, limiting tossing and turning and restless nights.

    Aside from that one, there’s another foam layer to look at. It’s a high-density foam base that provides support for the pocket springs. It’s also what makes this one single-sided – but more on that later.

    Enhanced airflow

    The fabric that encases the pocket springs is also important. In this case, it’s a “breathable” fabric that allows for enhanced airflow. This means that the mattress won’t retain heat and will always feel fresh and cool to the touch – perfect for those hot summer nights.

    This is usually the case with pocket springs, mostly because there’s ample airflow between the springs themselves, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this one doesn’t sleep all that hot.
    On top of that, the Luna Fusion Cool reflex foam is also designed for enhanced comfort, cooler and fresher environment, and better airflow.

    Adaptive technology for hypoallergenic sleep

    The fabric of the mattress cover is the fabric is also adaptive (hence the name) which means that it will adjust to your body temperature and keep you comfortable throughout the night, limiting heat retention and controlling moisture levels.

    As an added bonus, the cover is also making the sleeping space hypoallergenic. This means that it’s resistant to dust mites, mould, mildew, and bacteria.
    This is important for people suffering from allergies as it can help them sleep better at night and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning – unlike their previous mattress.


    This is a single-sided mattress. This means that you get to sleep on one side and one side only and you don’t have to flip it over every few months like you would with a traditional mattress.
    Instead, you can just rotate it head-to-toe, once every three months (or more often if you want), and that’s it. Rotating is much easier and less time-consuming than flipping. Not to mention that it’s better for your back as well. Get it?

    The downside of single-sidedness is a shorter lifespan, but we don’t really see it happening in this case. You’d usually experience something like that with a memory foam mattress.

    20 cm depth & medium firmness

    At 20 cm deep, this one’s on the “thinner” side of the “average” spectrum. It’s not too thin, but it could still benefit from a few centimetres.

    As for firmness, it’s in the middle of the road. It’s not too soft, but it’s not too firm either. It almost strikes a perfect balance between comfort and support and should be suitable for most people, seeing how stomach sleepers make up for a small portion of the crowd.

    Review of Luna Memory 1000 Pocket mattress

    Now, it’s time for the main event – the Luna Memory 1000 Pocket mattress review.
    First off, let’s start with the design. This 20 cm deep mattress is white with a blue stripe running down the sides. It’s simple but nice and should fit in with most bedroom decor. And, if you don’t like it – it doesn’t really matter – a sheet will cover it up.

    The cover is quilted and made of a polyester fabric that’s also hypoallergenic. It features a nice and unique pattern that’s not too busy or overwhelming. More importantly, the cover’s smooth and cool to the touch. And yes, it is fully removable and machine-washable. The zipper’s on the bottom.

    As for comfort and support, the mattress is more than satisfactory. It’s cosy and comfy, it follows your body’s curves, and it doesn’t sag or sink too much. The pocket springs provide good support, but they’re not too firm – just right for side sleeping.

    One thing we did notice is that this one takes a while to “break-in”. Now, this may be a problem for some, but in our eyes, it’s just a testimony to the quality and longevity of these springs.

    The strongest suits of this one, in our own opinion, are motion transfer and edge support. The pocket springs and Luna Fusion Cool Memory Foam do an excellent job at isolating motion and there’s virtually no transfer. You could build a house of cards on one side, while your partner’s sound asleep on the other. As for edge support, it’s also exceptionally good. You can sit or lie near the edge of the bed without feeling like you’re going to fall off.

    All in all, the Luna Memory 1000 Pocket mattress is a great choice for people who are looking for a good all-arounder. It’s comfortable, supportive, and should last you a good few years. Not to mention that it’s single-sided and doesn’t require flipping.

    The big downside is off-gassing. Despite this one not being too “foam-heavy”, you will probably have to leave it out to vent for a day or two. The only other downside we could think of is the lack of a trial period. But, all things considered, these are minor gripes.

    • Type: Hybrid
    • Material: Luna Fusion Cool Memory Foam, pocket springs, polyester
    • Firmness: 5/10
    • Support: 8/10
    • Mattress depth: 20 cm
    •  Warranty: 10 years (12-moth warranty for cover)
    • Size: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King
    • Removable cover: Yes
    • Hypoallergenic: Yes
    • Trial: None
    • Care: Wash the cover at 40°C. Do not iron or bleach.

    What we like about Luna Memory 1000 Pocket mattress

    • One of the best value-for-money mattresses at this price point
    • Comfortable and supportive, with excellent motion isolation. Perfect for co-sleeping
    • A 10-year warranty makes us feel good about the longevity of this one
    • Luna 1000 pocket sprung mattress offers maximised sleeping space thanks to the reinforced edge.

    What we didn’t like about Luna Memory 1000 Pocket mattress

    • It’s not that it’s pungent, but the off-gassing is present upon unpacking
    • It’s said to be for everyone, yet we know that a good number of stomach sleepers might find this one modest at best
    • Not having a trial period is not a good look. Everyone’s offering it these days, so Luna should, too.

    The common problems with Luna Memory 1000 Pocket mattress & how to solve them

    One common complaint we’ve seen people make, and the one we can attest to is how “firm” the mattress feels right out of the gate. So, here’s a PSA.

    This is a mattress that needs some time to “break in”. This is perfectly normal and will occur with any new mattress. To be fair, most other mattresses don’t take this long to break in, but if you just wait it out for a month – you’ll start noticing a big difference.

    Other than that, the only thing that concerns us is the smell coming off of Luna Fusion Cool Memory Foam. As far as we know, the foam isn’t OEKO-Tex certified, which could mean it’s not the finest of the bunch. However, the mattress is certified to be hypoallergenic, so there’s no need to worry about health. Just leave the windows open for a day or two.

    What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

    This mattress is better than some other similar ones not because it offers a variety of features that the others don’t – it’s because they do it better.
    For example, this product has stunning edge support, which is not that common for mid-range pocket spring mattresses. Kudos for that.

    Additionally, the pocket springs and Luna Fusion Cool Memory Foam work together to isolate motion and there is virtually no transfer. Most foam mattresses are good at this, but once you break this one in – it’s tranquil time. Movement not detected.

    Finally, we have to talk about the price. Or better yet value. Namely, if you’re in the market for a big bed (King or Super King) – this one’s the one you’re looking for. You won’t find a better deal on a large form-factor mattress anywhere else. Believe us.

    How did we test the product?

    Now, why would you trust us? After all, we’re just a bunch of people on the internet. Well, that’s a valid point, but we want to assure you that we take our testing process very seriously and that any old mattress that comes our way is properly tested.

    We start by reading as many user reviews as we can get our hands on. This gives us an idea of what people like and don’t like about a product. We also take note of any common problems that people have been having, so we can specifically target those (like off-gassing and break-in time with this one) during our testing.

    Once we have a good understanding of the product, we order the mattress online, and we then proceed to test it ourselves. This is where we really put the product through its paces and see if it lives up to the hype.

    Our testing process is generally the same for all mattresses. We start by unboxing the mattress and checking for any visible defects. Once we’ve done that, we take note of the smell (off-gassing), and we proceed to test the mattress for comfort, support, edge support, motion isolation and all the other important factors.

    We also sleep on the mattress for quite some time, so we can get a good feel for how it performs over an extended period of time. And oh, we also simulate long-term use with our trusted roller. After all, what good is a good mattress if it is only good for a while?

    And that’s pretty much it! After our testing is complete, we compile all of our findings into this comprehensive review that you’re reading right now. We write up our findings in an easy-to-understand way, focusing on feel and performance, rather than the promises manufacturers make. You can read those on their websites.

    So, rest assured – we know what we’re doing. We’re confident you can make an informed decision about which mattress is right for you after reading one of these.

    Overall impressions of the product after the testing

    After using the product and testing it, we found that the manufacturer’s suggestions and promises aren’t empty. They’re actually quite on point – other than the one that it’s suitable for all sleeping positions. Although, in a way, you could sleep on this one in whichever position you like. We simply feel like your lower back wouldn’t like that very much after a while.

    Overall, the mattress is comfy and offers adequate support. The pocket springs, in conjunction with the Luna Fusion Cool Memory Foam, provide motion isolation and little to no transfer, making it a perfect co-sleeping mattress. And at this price point, we strongly believe it would be hard to find a better deal.

    We would rate this mattress a solid 8 out of 10.

    FAQs about your Luna Memory 1000 Pocket mattress

    To round up and sum up this review, we’ve answered some FAQs.

    Luna 1000 is very good for side sleepers as it provides adequate support and comfort.

    Not unless they're lightweight. After a while, the hips will start to dip and your lower back might end up hurting. If you're a stomach sleeper - get a firm mattress.

    Absolutely. This mattress provides ample support for the lower back, which is essential for back sleepers.

    All you need to do to keep this one clean is to remove the cover and wash it in a washing machine. If you want to clean the mattress underneath the cover, use a vacuum - don't get the foam wet.

    Very much so. The polyester fabric used for the cover is anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic. Foam and springs, too.



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